August, 2015

Beneful Helped Save My Dogs Life

I absolutely love my dog. I adopted Bailey from the local Humane Society. At the time, he was not in the best of health, so I took him to a veterinarian. She gave him some medicine and said I should buy him only Beneful on samsclub dog food. She maintained that it was the best on the market.

I listened to her expert advice. As a result, Bailey is as vibrant as ever. His coat became a pristine, smooth color. His energy level is now as fantastic as it was when he was a puppy. By feeding him Beneful, I believe that he has grown into the best dog he could have. I can take him on long walks, and he is always ready to go. He has been in great overall health, and I attribute it to Beneful brand dog food.

All dog owners want their pets to be healthy and energetic. I wholeheartedly recommend Beneful for all dog sizes and breeds. There are many different types to satisfy all dogs. Make the right choice for your best friend.

Beneful also has many kinds of treats for your dog. These treats taste excellent, and will have your dog continuously coming back for more. I know from personal experience that these products are the best of their kind. My dog loves them. He will sit or rollover now, its great. These treats are the main reason he can now do these things. He has increased intelligence and awareness. His listening skills are as great as ever. Now, he is a teachable, respectable dog, all because of Beneful brand dog food.

When choosing a dog food, you must choose one that consistently provides quality taste and nutrition. Beneful is the brand that I have chosen for years now. Try it. You will not be disappointed. It gave me back my dogs health, and for that I am grateful.

Eucatex Advantage in a Growing Market

When it comes to investments, Brazil is the next big business hub that any investment should lay their focus on. Flavio Maluf is one of the keen investors who have been very vigilant to cease any upcoming opportunities that the growing Brazilian economy is creating. He has been in the business industry for years now and his entrepreneurial skills are really coming through for him. His business knowledge and expertise is actually drawn from his father who is a renowned businessman in Brazil and former political leader. However, Maluf does not ride on his father’s glory because has achieved his greatness in business through his personal input.

He is the current CEO of Eucatex, business venture that deals wood products. One of the great strategies that have been developed by the company under the leadership of Maluf is the sustainable product of wood products. Eucatex has been on the forefront in promoting global conservation of the environment and natural resources. Understanding that the destruction of our natural resources would be a calamitous endeavor, the company has been very cautious on the way it deals with its raw materials. Dealing with wood materials means destruction of forests and ultimately the destruction of the ecosystem.

Eucatex takes environmental issues very seriously and the company has been conducting g various researches to come up with sustainable strategies on how to deal with the environment threat that its production presents. As a result, Eucatex has come up with a new product which is a pioneer product in the market that seeks to reduce the strain on the Brazilian forest and natural resources at large.

Luckily for Eucatex, the product has been positively received in the market and Brazilians are currently preferring using the new thin blocks. This has been an advantage to the company and it is a great breakthrough. Eucatex prides itself as the first company to produce the new thin block material that has taken the Brazilian market by a storm. Incidentally, the demand for the new product has been growing not only in Brazil but also in the surrounding Latin countries. As such, the company is experiencing a great monopolistic advantage as well as economies of scales for mass production.

Shoes Make the Man

Sneaker heads, hipsters, whatever label you use for those newly obsessed men there’s no denying how their appetites for foot fashion are now rivaling their female counterparts. And women are not complaining. With exposed ankle and daring socks men are owning their personalities in ways that haven’t been seen since the dapper men of the 1950’s, a time when men put on their best suits to take their partner out for a night on the town, or when driving shoes weren’t a thing of the past. Only this time around not only is the brand important, expert workmanship now plays a key role in making a luxurious shoe.

From the classic brown oxford to the new high end sneaker, men are spending serious time and money on their footwear, and they aren’t finding them in the traditional sense.

One brand, Paul Evans NY, has been able to quench the thirst that so many have been seeking by doing the unthinkable and cutting out the middleman. They have created high end luxury men’s leather shoes, with affordable prices, without compromising the quality and integrity of their brand, while simultaneously snubbing rival brands that charge thousands of dollars for similar quality shoes. Paul Evans hand selected their factory in Naples, Italy. This way they were able to ensured that only the best calfskin leather would be used and crafted by the most skilled workers.

It would be easy to settle for any old shoe but with today’s competition and craftsmanship offering so many quality options there are no excuses for men not to step up their game. This is what brings the men of yesterday and today together. They actually care that so much time and effort has been put into the manufacturing of their shoes. There is something about a well put together man stepping out of their car that commands the attention of the people nearby. And why not? Today it’s easier than ever for the modern man to walk around sporting works of art.

Ashley Madison Hack Increases Status Labs Business

For almost two weeks, phones in the offices of Internet reputation and public relations consultants, have been ringing off their hooks as people alarmed about the breach of security within the risque site of Ashley Madison.

Mixed Bag

Courtney Fitzpatrick, media director of Status Labs online reputation protection enterprise, advises in a 26 August Yahoo interview that the new clients needing Status Labs intervention are a mixed bag of clients of various backgrounds, culture and financial statements. However, she adds that they seem to be all men.

Men who at one time had registered with the “affair” site are now shaking in their boots over the release of their having been interested in the site, even if years ago. Status Labs has already accepted approximately 50 cases of victims of the Ashley Madison hack.

Status Labs Best in Industry
A reputation repair service that can quote Forbes and prominent celebrities as client testimonials must know what it is doing and do it very well. That is the secret of Status Labs Online reputation service. They are the only service of its kind with a guarantee. That certainly addresses their confidence in their procedures.

One watching from the sidelines must wonder if the fact most victims of the recent website hack are male means men cheat more than women. If so, the next question must be with whom are the men cheating, if not women? The answer must lie between the lines and between the registration forms of the subject website.

Status Labs Online Protection Procedures

The methods of Status Labs Online are to turn the same briars of the internet that are scratching their client today, and send them back into the browsers and Google paths to smooth the briar thorns away. If you have been “outed” in this website snafu or have had an unfavorable statement made about you that requires quieting, Status Labs will make it an intensely motivated goal to post bright and favorable information about you until the rogue statement or story is null and void, covered nicely by complimentary pieces.

Elizabeth Taylor’s famous quote was, “Success is the world’s best deodorant.” The lady certainly should have known the truth in that statement. Obviously, Status Labs know some industry truths and magic, as well. If the Business Wire and Forbes are going to be for Status Labs Online, who will be gauche enough to defy them?

Image Recognition Technology Sees World Clearer Than Ever Before

Product recognition technology by slyce is some of the most important technology that exists today. Law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and retailers have begun taking advantage of this software. It affects everything from keeping a community safe to giving you the best deal at the store. This software is able to detect what is in a digital picture after you take it. The computer uses lines and the edges of objects to determine the shape of the image. The software compares the original photographs with the sample images. Image recognition technology comes with sample pictures programmed into the software. The software determines the contents of the original picture. This occurs after a certain number of points match the sample pictures. This field is a growing industry that is bringing “convenience” back into your life with a quick press of a button.

The technology industry is one that is uses innovation to push an industry to places it has never been. Slyce Inc. uses recent advancements in image recognition technology to revolutionize shopping. The Toronto-based visual research and recognition company launched in February of 2013. This Neiman Marcus partner has hit the technology and online shopping industries by force. With smartphone technology brought to you by Slyce you can find any product you want. Take a picture of an item you see. The app will search for the product and allow you to buy it on your phone. Start by taking the picture using the Snap-to-Buy app offered by Slyce. The app will redirect you to that company’s website. You now have the option to read reviews on the product, find information on the product, or search the site for other merchandise. “The Shazam for shopping” is how many are referring to Slyce after their app made online shopping easy.

It is possible to detect logos, buildings, and people with this software. The capabilities depend on the customer’s needs. This software is becoming available into smartphones, tablets, or any device with a camera. Improvements in cloud software is making image recognition easier for computers. This technology can now sort through a larger mass of digital pictures faster than it ever could before.

QNet and Co-Founder Joseph Bismark Offer A Different Perspective

Founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran in Hong Kong, QNet is a direct–selling company, based in Hong Kong and is the largest subsidiary of the QI group of companies. The company’s line of products includes fashion accessories, nutrition products, home care items, weight management products, luxury goods and personal care products. Offices of the company extend to the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, India, and Thailand.

QNet business model is that of a multi-level marketing company and the company employs independent representatives to market their products to others who are interested in becoming representatives themselves, and also to consumers who are interested in purchasing the company’s products for their own personal consumption. Representatives are paid a commission that is based on the volume of sales they make for the company. This direct selling strategy has generated for the sales representatives, a means of self-employment that can contribute to the country’s economy. Regulation is being formulated in many of the countries QNet operates, to set clear guidelines for the operation of MLM companies, to regulate their operations, provide assistance for the direct selling industry and ensure their business interests are being served.

One of the co-founders of QNet is Joseph Bismark, who is not only a corporate businessman but also a spiritual leader who has inspired many of his corporate employees with his dynamic leadership style. Bismark’s early years as a child, from age nine years until he was seventeen, were spent in an ashram monk retreat in the mountains of the Philippines. His education there included classical guitar, yoga, and martial arts. These skills are a far cry from what are typically needed in the corporate boardrooms, yet he was able to apply the principles he learned as a child to the corporate world he entered at QNet.

Bismark believes that teamwork brings great strength to an organization. His wants to see all his employees succeed and wants them to grow along with him and the company. He feels that can be achieved by providing the encouragement and the helping hand his employees need to excel at whatever they wish to master. His employees acknowledge the respect with which he treats them and they recognize that his success has in no way tainted his core values for which he is well recognized. Bismark has established many philanthropic associations and gives a lot of his time to the Rhythm Foundation, a Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the QI Group of Companies.

In December 2008, Joseph Bismark was appointed the group manager and director of a multimillion dollar Qi group of companies which is a worldwide company. Upon his appointment, he completely changed the face of the company which he co-founded together with Eric Eswaran in the year 1998. Joseph Bismark Qi group of companies managing director is very dynamic, talented and a complete leader who is driven by an adage that every person has the capability to do things that are extraordinary. He is a true believer of people working as a team and he repeatedly keeps on saying that his capability is good as long as his team is good.

He is a man who offers wonderful spiritual and divine guidance to his family, comrades and business partners from across the world. His leadership is in a way exclusive as the man himself. He strongly believes that life does not only run behind material things but also a journey that needs one to grow spiritually thus helping one to have exclusive gratification and serenity. Bismark has a personal blog called ‘Gem of Wisdom’ which is dedicated to all his employees and customers so that they can read and contribute their views. In addition to this blog, he has also written a book called ‘Gems of Wisdom’ which is more about his journey in life.

His core intention on this blog Gem of Wisdom is to keep reminding and letting everyone the employees and customers to keep the candle burning on the key measures active and awakened amongst them to for them to provide better services to the people. In RYTHM foundation, he is among the many trustees and he appreciates that fact of being associated with helping human to raise and get to do well to the human nature.

Is has been viewed as a true leader who is scaling Qnet toward new heights. Being a social person, this character has made him to be approachable by all his employees, staff so that they can be happy and not only with material things but also inner peace that can only be feasible by helping others when they are genuinely in dire need of your help.

Squaw Valley: Premiere Skiing in California


When it comes to the sport of skiing, very few facilities can match the beauty and wonder of Squaw Valley. Located in Olympic Valley, California, it is known throughout the world as one of the premier ski destinations.

Squaw Valley has a unique story in its origins. Wayne Poulsen, a skier with the University of Nevada, fell in love with the area, and bought 2000 acres of Squaw Valley land from the Southern Pacific Railroad. He already had a history with the area, having competed in an Olympic trial in Tahoe City in 1931. Shortly after purchasing the 2000 acres, he met a fellow Harvard alum and lawyer, Alex Cushing, who also found great potential in the area. He brought the idea of an entire ski resort in Squaw Valley to prominence, and in 1949, opened the Squaw Valley Resort to the public.

Andy Wirth currently holds the position of president and CEO of Squaw Valley. Wirth has worked in the hotel and mountain resort industry for over 25 years. He began his career at Steamboat Springs Resort in Colorado in 1986, working in various leadership and marketing positions. In 2010, he left his position at Steamboat to become the President of Squaw Valley.

Squaw Valley is an amazing facility. Serving as the home for the 1960 Olympic Winter games, it is the second-largest skiing facility in Lake Tahoe California. The facility has 30 chairlifts, and is situated on over 3600 acres of land. Every year, over 600,000 skiers come to visit the ski resort and partake of its magnificent slopes.

There are several outstanding assets that Squaw Valley provides, including a tramway that allows breathtaking scenic views, rising 2000 feet to High Camp, situated 8200 feet above sea level.

Cushing is credited for many of Squaw Valley’s particulars, many of them firsts for a ski resort. Its exposure to the world through the Olympic Games in 1960 is said to be responsible for the increased interest in skiing in the United States, a trend that still exists today.

Today Squaw Valley is still inviting individual and skiing thrill seekers to visit and experience what it has to offer in thrills and beauty. Even after all these years, it is recognized by travelers and serious skiers as one of the best ski resorts in the world.

Check out more on Andy and Squaw Valley on Powder

Fighting Back Against Slander Of Online Reputations

Sometimes the online community can be tough for people or businesses to thrive in because while the internet has become a great source for information, sometimes that information can be damaging or even untrue when it comes to publishing it. Because of the free medium that the internet provides, not only major media publications like the New York Times can publish information, but everyday people can post blogs and start websites that bring out all kinds of information whether they have credibility or not. People and businesses need to be aware of such information and take steps to address it when necessary.

For businesses, customers are going to review products on websites and review boards all over the internet and sometimes what they say is true, sometimes it isn’t and other times it’s a total misunderstanding between company and customer. For issues that are true, it’s best to handle those issues internally and put out a bulletin to your customers that they have been fixed. For issues that are not true, sometimes competitors or disgruntled former employees try to use sites like Ripoff Report or other consumer complaint boards to try and ruin a company. In this case, the company should point to other review sites or social media pages that show honest and unbiased reviews to pinpoint their reputation. For misunderstandings, a company owner should not lash out at the customer publicly, but if possible they should offer to listen to the customer offline and seek to resolve the issue.

Public figures often come under scrutiny when something goes wrong for them, but Darius Fisher the president of Status Labs has been working to help restore reputations for clients everywhere. Fisher has developed a publishing tool that not only helps his clients get the real story out there, but helps return their good name in the event that they made a mistake in their life and have suffered because it. Fisher also helps them take steps to protect private information that should not be published, and advises them on how to minimize the risk of their personal devices being hacked. He’s let people know that by monitoring what they are associated with on Google, they can have a plan ready in case something wrong is published.

The Importance of Spirituality in Business


The road to success can lead us astray from our spirituality. We have to make sure that we get the next promotion, the next raise, the next big client. Losing our sense of self is something we don’t even notice, mostly because we are too busy trying to reach for the stars. The stars are sought by reaching to that place inside of us. That place that gives us inner peace and serenity. That place of comfort and confidence. Real success in the business world comes from understanding who and what you are. What your strengths are. What your weaknesses are. The ability to feel a sense of connection with yourself. This is what many business leaders do when faced with life changing decisions.

Joseph Bismark has been bringing spirituality to business all his life. He spent years studying with monks at an ashram in the mountains. It is this unique perspective that sets him apart from his colleagues. He believes in the philosophy of treating your employees the way they want to be treated. It makes them more productive. A positive attitude in the workplace can do wonders for morale. Helping others to receive a spiritual awakening has been the goal of his life.

A healthy lifestyle will carry over into your work habits. Mr. Bismark believes that creating these habits will transform lives for the better. Positive imagery is also important. You must believe you will be successful, to be successful. It is this fresh and dynamic leadership style that makes his businesses flourish. His innovative approach to business, mixed with his supportive nature, keeps his style upbeat. He also believes in giving back to humanity. A philanthropist to the core, he will always give his time or money to aid an organization.

Being spiritual, and at the same time, being prosperous, may seem impossible. Joseph Bismark proves that it is not. Spirituality will bring you closer to that feeling of tranquility we all long for. To be comfortable with who we are. Bringing that ideology into the world of business benefits everyone.

Want To Reach Your Goals? Start By Writing Them Down


Have you ever realized that you were breaking promises you made to yourself? Sometimes, I think that the world is moving way too fast for me to keep up. A rowboat caught up in a tidal wave of information. I also have a tendency to procrastinate. Sometimes, without even knowing I’m doing it. With this in mind, I stumbled upon a blog post by philanthropist Marc Sparks. He is responsible for more than 60 start-up companies. Apparently, he knows exactly what he is doing in life, and how to get there. I read the article with an open mind.

It was interesting to read that he uses simple methods to keep his thoughts in order. He maintains that the very act of putting pencil to paper makes you accountable to the most important person: yourself. I can picture it vividly. Marc Sparks, a successful entrepreneur, sitting at his desk and writing on a fresh white pad of paper. It makes for a humbling experience. In this ultra high-tech world, this man still creates a list of goals the old-fashioned way.

Pardon the pun, but something then sparked inside of me. I realized that to reach my goals I had to first understand what they were. Day after day, I was zipping back and forth from one client to another. Comfortable in my complacency. I was working toward nothing because I hadn’t committed to anything. He makes the point to habitually update the list as a constant reminder, and he is correct. Without a constant reminder, I am prone to forgetting. Letting the ideas slip casually through the fingers of my mind. In that instant, I pledged to write out, by hand, what my goals in life really were. The amazing thing is, I am surprised at what I wrote down.

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