Fertile Investment Ground in Brazil

Brazil being the world’s fifth largest country by area, population and being Sixth largest economic country of the world, is overwhelming for the investors worldwide. The re-election of Brazil president has made investors worldwide cautious about the investment in Brazil but there is still a ground for investors which poses as a vital option for worldwide investors. Brazil has enormous investment opportunities still inviting investor on a positive note to set their businesses in the field of agriculture, industry, energy infrastructure, transportation and other businesses.


The reasons for which Brazil can be considered as giant investment hub are broad but some will be taken under consideration. The largest population of the Brazil is providing the internal biggest market and customers for any investor and according to statistics the Brazil C class population unlike other countries is way up to the consumption of every new gadget and product that pop-up in the market. The Brazil companies and people have enormous wealth, which is why International Monetary Fund (IMF) placed them as Sixth largest economic country of the World. Being a populated country it offers a competitive ground to the investors for investment in energy and industrial sector, which is the need of time and population. The agricultural sector is a fertile ground for its diversity in flora and fauna, to provide opportunities for medicine-plants, Agri development businesses.


Already known for its production of most wanted goods worldwide Brazil is holding a status of leading exporters. The case study of a potential investor Zeca Oliveira as a CEO of the Bridget Trust Administrator (BTA) shows the growth of economy and positive outcomes of choosing Brazil to invest one’s capital. Zeca Oliviera contested in the Election for capital of Sergipe state of Brazil in 2014 in which he received 0.08% of the votes only. Being a CEO of the BTA the Oliviera form a joint venture with a company named Gradual Investments for synergies, cost reduction and revenue generation in January 2015. The joint venture quickly evolved by seeing the growth of assets into new agreements that will increase R$ 6.5 billion in assets.


Zeca Oliviera was initially managing R$900 of funds for which company has shown growth in assets to 2.5 billion already in less than a year time span. He is currently celebrating the development and success of the company. The strategic alliance between two companies would allow cross-selling and maximizing loyalty with its customers, says Zeca Oliviera.


Therefore it is an exciting time for start of investment in Brazil for its attractive qualities. The top research investment has been made on agriculture sector, which has allowed Brazil to develop production and export in agribusinesses. The investment climate is fair for industrial and transport sector as well with developed air transport and local and international courier services.

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