September, 2015

Steps To Take Before Becoming An Activist

People like Yeonmi Park are rare who find their calling at an early age. There are some causes that speak personally to some people while others have to find out what appeals to them. Either way is fine because ultimately, as Yeonmi Park says, everyone wants to do some good in the world and doing good should not be a guilty pleasure.

Becoming an activist at an early age and being just 19, Yeonmi Park has a lot of experience with the do’s and don’ts of becoming an activist. The most important thing, according to her, is taking certain steps before making the decision which would ensure that human rights activism (or any other kind of activism) is the right decision for an individual.

Talk To Other Activists – The first step is finding out other activists to get some much needed first hand information. For people who choose to be activists, there are many local avenues to explore. Yeonmi Park recommends starting with organizations and then checking out their list of volunteers. Certain organizations also have a help desk who help volunteers make up their mind and reach a decision that would be best for them.

Read About Important Activists – There are many important activists who have helped shape the world. From wars to revolutions, these activists are the reason why most of the luxuries that the current generation of the world takes for granted are available. It is important to read about them to get an idea about the challenges that an activist has to face. These books are also a great way to get motivated by becoming an activist because the perks – in Yeonmi Park’s case, human right protection – are worth it. New volunteers and activists should visit their local library to check out various books on the cause they are supporting.

Understand The Life Of An Activist – It is one thing to talk to fellow activists and read about historic events where important activists have played a part and quite another to actually live that life. The life of an activist is in no way easy and Yeonmi Park wants everyone to use that as their strength instead of a scary topic. She wants people to know that nothing worth having ever comes easily and important issues are just like that.

Find Online Forums and Workshops – Because of the immense popularity of the internet, it is not difficult to research about activism and the life of activists. There are multiple forums, often provided by organization themselves, to help new volunteers get their doubts cleared by current members. These forums and workshops aim to not only educate new volunteers on current issues but also equip them to deal with certain problems they would eventually have to face.

Finally, Yeonmi Park adds that activists should try and understand the cause and the reasoning behind it before they join it.

How To Be An Effective Leader Like Kenneth Griffin

The growth at Citadel LLC founded by Ken Griffin on insidermonkey is undeniable and is one of the fastest growing financial institutions in the world. It is a group that includes Citadel an alternative asset management business, Citadel Securities a liquidity provider for capital markets as well as Citadel Technology a solution provider of technology related to investment management. Citadel has seen its growth of 100 percent in the last decade with offices all over the United States. The fund it manages, currently estimated at $26 billion continues to rise at a significant rate each year. The company predicts explosive growth for the finance professionals for the current year. Because this is such an incredible performer in the finance industry, there is a great need to talk about its founder Kenneth Griffin.

Kenneth Griffin graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering He is an active supporter of technology as well as educational causes. He serves as the board of director at Chicago Public Education Fund. Griffin is a member of many organizations and business communities in and around the country. He is an active participant at Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago and Economic Club of Chicago. Griffin is also a member of the Board of Trustees at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Institute of Chicago and the most famous University of Chicago

So how did Kenneth Griffin achieve his goals and what one should posses in order to become an effective leader like him? Effective running of a company starts with an ego check. The person in the top position such as a business owner or the CEO of the company must be prepared to take every questions and criticisms and give the correct response or direction to any level. In every department, there is a primary person responsible for the team. This person should make sure that right message is delivered to the rest of the team. The overall result of an effective leadership could be as simple as change in perspective to as big as change in corporate culture.

A good leader uses high successful techniques and method of communication that can be applied to any environment. They are tried and true that have worked in a multitude of different fields. Kenneth Griffin’s strategies for managing a company is intended for those who want to follow the principles of company management but has been unable to bridge the space between text book theory and practical application. His strategies may not be the way a company do things at the current moment. These are for those who are seeking a different way to run a company successfully and are ready to accept new challenges. Griffin’s way of leadership do work and is able to improve a person as a leader. The mistakes, the stumbles and the hard lessons learned by Griffin throughout his career has made him a better leader and a great example for future leaders. His strategies are a culmination of what he has learned from his experience.

How To Succeed In Corporate & Commercial Law

Phatsima Diamond is a firm based in Bellville, South Africa and Frans Schoeman is the Director at Phatsima Diamond. With years of experience under his belt, Schoeman has worked with a specialization in corporate and commercial law. He also has ample experience in environmental law because his work touches closely on the subject of sustainable development. When it comes to corporate and commercial law, however, Frans Schoeman believes that not everyone can succeed in the field. Why? Because it takes a special something to make it as a corporate and commercial lawyer.

The following points list out some important traits that individuals need to possess to be successful in corporate and commercial law –

Ability To Work Well In A Team – Even when students and candidates apply to law schools and firms, they are supposed to show how well they play in a team. Past experience in team work is always helpful but the main characteristics that help a candidate to work well in a team include the ability to see different points of view and being flexible. This trait can come in handy when a case involves different branches of law to make their contribution. Often, teamwork is interdepartmental as well and thus, lawyers need to be social and extroverted in order to make a mark.

Good Written and Verbal Communication Skills – The communication skills needed in a lawyer’s personality are both professional and interpersonal. This means that clients should be comfortably able to communicate their case to the team of lawyers. Also, when it comes to official paperwork and documentation, written communication skills come into play and the lawyer needs to be adept at that. It is because of great communication skills that brilliant lawyers have been borne. Exceptional technical skill has to be communicated to the client in the form of body language to ensure that they trust their lawyer.

Commercial Awareness – Commercial acumen is something that was previously not noted in a lawyer but now, the legal industry cannot function without this trait. The important thing is – lawyers are not just fact or legal aid dispensing machines. They are people who are intelligent and must prove that they would add value to whichever firm they choose to work in. The greatest requirement for a lawyer these days is, thus, the ability to advise on commercial matters and be commercially sound. In a way, lawyers act as financial advisors too because they have great knowledge of the legal side of things and they can enhance their position by supporting it with financial knowledge.

Detail Oriented Approach – When contracts are drafted by lawyers, every little thing can make a difference – both positive and negative. Even if a word is out of place, a clause can read in a different manner and the client could be facing a different outcome altogether. As such, attention to detail is extremely important in a lawyer. A candidate should be able to concentrate properly and provide perfection in every job they undertake.

With these features, candidates would find that they get success quickly in the field of corporate and commercial law.

What Makes Android Apps So Great

Before Android apps, the only types of software were Microsoft downloads and Apple software. Back then, they were good enough for the user. Eventually, android came out and what eventually followed are the apps. These apps actually surpassed the products that were released for download on windows products. For instance, Microsoft software only included Internet browsers. Whereas the apps actually included mobile apps for websites. There are many websites that have actual apps for the android optimized version of the site. There are also browsers to go along with the other apps that are available for users.

While Microsoft devices could access sites like Google and YouTube from an Internet browser, Google and YouTube actually have their own separate apps. This makes it very convenient in that one does not have to go online and type the web address into the browser or search for it. All that is needed is for one to search for the app on his Android device and click on the shortcut and he will be taken directly to the site.

This is also a disadvantage in that if one does not have access to a network or the Internet, then he can’t really use the app in most cases.

One type of app that is not available on Microsoft devices are social media apps. This includes dating apps such as Skout. Skout apps make it convenient for people that want to socialize and date online. They don’t have to sign on every time they turn on the device. The device keeps the user signed on as long as he or she access the site from the app. This means there is no need to type in the extra long username and the almost impossible to remember password. The device remembers it for the user. This is also a disadvantage in that anyone that can access the site from someone’s device will also have access to the accounts that the person has signed up with his phone or tablet.

Android apps are some of the best inventions for computer devices. They are so good that Microsoft and other companies are looking for different ways to compete with an Android device. The convenience and the economical nature of the apps that are available will make a user forget about the days of waiting a few minutes to an hour to download the file that he is eager to view.

The Highland Village Was Made To Give People A Special Experience

The Highland Village is a place where people can come to in order to have a good time. Whether they want to visit a good restaurant, or just to get some shopping in, they will find all that they need and want when they visit the Highland Village. The Highland Village offers a variety of unique shops and restaurants that allow people to have the experience of a lifetime.

The Highland Village has become a popular place thanks to all of the work that the owner, Haidar Barbouti, has put into it. It takes a lot of thinking and dedication in order to make a shopping center into something unique and good, and that is just what the owner of the Highland Village has put into it. He has taken care to make sure that it is a place that people will leave talking about and wanting to come back to, and he deserves a lot of credit for the things that he has done with the Highland Village.

The Highland Village is a place where people can get away for a little bit to enjoy life. They can go there to get a good meal, or just to do some shopping, and no matter what they decide to do, they know that they will have a great experience. The Highland Village was made to be a place where people can come to get some unique items, or a unique meal for themselves, and people enjoy it because of that. They appreciate all that the shopping center has to offer them, and they are glad that it has been made the way that it was.

Kenneth Griffin Basks In The Glow Of Citadel Succes

Citadel CEO Kenneth Griffin is a famous entrepreneur and businessman. But there are many things some people may find surprising about him. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Ken Griffin revealed a softer side to his persona. Many know him as a tough, shew billionaire, but his company is repeatedly voted among the top 10 places to work in Chicago. Griffin has a lot to be proud of. He built a company from scratch and it is now one of the largest hedge fund companies in the U.S. Becoming a billionaire before you reach the age of 30 is no easy job. It takes a lot of hard work and even more dedication. Griffin as all that and then some. He’s tough, fearless and doesn’t give a hoot about what others say.

Griffin believes in offering the best possible service for his clients. “When they make money, I make money,” says Griffin. He says he also believes in keeping a happy workforce. He offers a number of incentives to keep them happy, healthy and less likely to quit. Griffin says he’s not a tyrant, but he lets people know that he’s the one in charge. Not one for extravagance, Griffin says he will call a meeting while walking down to the local McDonald’s in a heartbeat. “My people know the routine. When I say let’s take a walk, they know where we’re going,” he says with a chuckle.

There was a short time back in 2008 when he wasn’t even sure if he would have a company. The banking crisis almost did him in. He says it was painful watching companies like Lehmann Brother close down. He took the necessary steps to ensure his survival. He says some of his decisions can still be felt today.

When Griffin isn’t wheeling and dealing in the boardroom, he is collecting art or giving endowments. The Bill and Melinda Gates charity is one of his favorites. Although Griffin has never really divulged his political stance, he gives to many candidates. He has also given to , Bill Clinton, Mark Kirk, Eric Cantor and even Mitt Romney.

For now, Griffin says he’s satisfied with his life. When asked if he will ever give it up, he responded: “I’m not finished yet.”

Skout and Nixter Join Forces

Social networking app Skout has acquired the nightlife app Nixter, which may lead to even more exciting nights out for all of us.

Originally reported by TechCrunch, Skout CEO Christian Wiklund said he went after the deal primarily as a way to expand Skout. The app, which currently works as a social networking app, will use Nixter to take what were once online interactions into the real world. Nixter has focused it work up to this point on nightlife. With the app you can not only figure out what’s going on in the two you’re in, but also buy tickets to events, check out the guest list of who already plans on attending, and coordinate VIP accommodations.

Wiklund told TechCrunch that he thought that the acquisition of Skout Nixter would constitute a huge value add for the company. He said that he thought the addition of some of Nixter’s functionality would make it easier for Skout to monetize its users in the future. Wiklund also think that the added functionality in Skout from the Nixter acquisition will help build more loyalty amongst its users.

While a specific amount wasn’t shared with TechCrunch or otherwise, they did share that the sale was a mixture of both cash and stock. That means that some Skout Nixter employees and investors are now stock holders of Skout.

Nixter is Chilie-based company that was founded in 2012. Since its launch it has been able to raise close to $20,000 in angel funding, primarily from investors who are also based in in home country of Chile. The company competes directly with a number of apps, notably the app WillCall, which focuses specifically on live events.

For the time, Skout and Nixter will continue on as separate apps. However, at some point some of the functionality in Nixter might be added into Skout while also maintaining its separate brand and app. That means users of both apps can continue to use them as they already do.

The company makes money through selling a digital currency within the app. The currency can be used to unlock individual features within the app, for instance the ability to see who has viewed your profile within the app.

The majority of Skout’s current user base is located abroad, while 30% of the company’s users are currently located in the United States.

Get Very Reliable Home Cleaning Services With Handy

Parents are often very busy. They may have a lot to do in any given day. Someone will often need to spend one part of the day driving their kids to school and then perhaps come home and watch a small child who may need constant attention. Later on in the day, the parent may need to take the time and make sure that their kids are going to various after school activities.

A parent may also find that their children are wonderful but also very messy at the same time. Keeping a house clean is often extremely difficult when they have young kids on hand. Kids will quickly spill things on the floor, write on the walls and leave clothing all over the house. A parent may be utterly exhausted looking after a child as a result of such actions. These are reasons why people who have young children often look for help form outside sources in order to make sure that they have a house that is not falling apart and is clean all year round even when the owner of the house does not have time to clean their house.

Locating a cleaning company like Handy to provide such help is not always the easiest of tasks. A busy mother may not have time to sort through a stack of applications and locate the right cleaning service for their needs. A working mother may not have the time to set aside and interview multiple candidates in order to help them figure out which particular company is able to do exactly what they need when they need it done.

Using an app such as Handy on facebook can be extremely helpful for someone who wants to locate a list of cleaning companies in their area. The user is able to enter in very specific information into the app and then find a list of companies that have been vetted by the company and verified as providers who are likely to give the user the kind of services they are seeking. They do not need to interview the company or look up the kind of services they need done. The app has done it for them. Each company that is listed in any given search has been examined closely by Handy in order to make sure that they can provide the kind of services the user needs to get the job they want done.

The Growth of Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a widespread company that specializes in educating others on the importance of maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle. Organo Gold is a company that sells health oriented beverages including coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. All of these beverages are healthy remedies for the day due to the fact that they contain a secret ingredient. This ingredient is called Ganoderma and is an ancient Chinese herb.

Ganoderma is currently being used by Organo Gold for the purpose of educating others on how to live a healthy life. The first step in living a healthy life is to consume the beverage in the morning. By consuming the beverage, one will feel energetic, yet relaxed for the rest of the day. Not only is this the perfect remedy for the day time, but it is the perfect remedy for the night time. This ancient Chinese herb is a great remedy to help one fall asleep.

Organo Gold is a company that was founded in Canada in 2008. Founder and CEO of this company, Bernardo Chua, has initiative to expand this company as well as this product throughout the globe. As of now, Organo Gold has spread to over 35 different companies.

In recent news on the EmpowerNetwork, Organo Gold has opened up a new branch in Turkey. What makes Turkey an ideal place to have a Organo Gold headquarters is the fact that it connects Europe to Asia to even Africa.

CEO and founder of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, has extensive knowledge of the business world. With Organo Gold, he created a company that includes what he loves the most: business and coffee. Organo Gold is a multi-level marketing company that is geared towards not only providing a great experience for the consumers for is also geared towards welcoming anyone into the Organo Gold family.

Organo Gold is the perfect company to become a part of if one is ever in need of a consistent salary. The company stresses the importance of educating others while at the same time being loyal to the consumers as well as the company. These main focuses that Organo Gold has is what makes this company a fast growing company that will soon spread to the rest of the countries in the world.

The Growing Business of Pet Care


There are millions of people in the United States that own at least one pet. These people are willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars per year keeping their pets healthy and strong. One of the biggest costs of pet care today is dog food. There are many different brands of dog food on the market today that pet owners can choose from. One of the highest quality brands of dog food today is Beneful on youtube. Beneful is known to be a high quality dog food in the market for several reasons. Their commitment to providing quality products to their customers has earned them a reputation for being the best dog food that anyone can buy. Here are several reasons why the pet care business is one of the fastest growing in the United States today.

Population Growth

One of the biggest reasons for the growth in the pet care industry is the total growth of pets in the United States. There are few homes today that do not have some form of pet. The number of pets in the country is much larger than the total number of children. There are many people that have no desire to have children and choose to own pets instead. As more people decide to delay having kids, many people expect that the population growth of the pets in the United States will continue to increase. This bodes well for the future of the pet care business.

Increased Awareness

Another factor that is contributing to the growth of the pet care industry is an increased awareness in the health of pets. In the past, people would simply put animals down when they got sick. Today there are many more options for pet owners to take on in the event that their pet is sick or hurt. There are also many preventative options that people can take on for their pets. Pet insurance is actually a product that is being sold in the market today for people that own pet breeds that typically have health issues. With all of the increased awareness about increasing the health of pets, it is no wonder that the pet care business continues to grow.


Beneful is the premier brand of dog food in the world today. Whenever a pet owner wants to buy the best brand of dog food for their pet they choose Beneful. With the recent trends in the market, people are wanting to spend more money on their pets than ever before. Beneful is a great way for pet owners to invest in the health and wellness of their dog.

Final Thoughts

Overall, pet care is a booming business in the United States. The population of pets continues to grow along with the willingness of pet owners to spend more money on their pets. As this trend continues. premium dog food brands like Beneful stand to gain the most market share in the world of pet food.

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