Kenneth Griffin Basks In The Glow Of Citadel Succes

Citadel CEO Kenneth Griffin is a famous entrepreneur and businessman. But there are many things some people may find surprising about him. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Ken Griffin revealed a softer side to his persona. Many know him as a tough, shew billionaire, but his company is repeatedly voted among the top 10 places to work in Chicago. Griffin has a lot to be proud of. He built a company from scratch and it is now one of the largest hedge fund companies in the U.S. Becoming a billionaire before you reach the age of 30 is no easy job. It takes a lot of hard work and even more dedication. Griffin as all that and then some. He’s tough, fearless and doesn’t give a hoot about what others say.

Griffin believes in offering the best possible service for his clients. “When they make money, I make money,” says Griffin. He says he also believes in keeping a happy workforce. He offers a number of incentives to keep them happy, healthy and less likely to quit. Griffin says he’s not a tyrant, but he lets people know that he’s the one in charge. Not one for extravagance, Griffin says he will call a meeting while walking down to the local McDonald’s in a heartbeat. “My people know the routine. When I say let’s take a walk, they know where we’re going,” he says with a chuckle.

There was a short time back in 2008 when he wasn’t even sure if he would have a company. The banking crisis almost did him in. He says it was painful watching companies like Lehmann Brother close down. He took the necessary steps to ensure his survival. He says some of his decisions can still be felt today.

When Griffin isn’t wheeling and dealing in the boardroom, he is collecting art or giving endowments. The Bill and Melinda Gates charity is one of his favorites. Although Griffin has never really divulged his political stance, he gives to many candidates. He has also given to , Bill Clinton, Mark Kirk, Eric Cantor and even Mitt Romney.

For now, Griffin says he’s satisfied with his life. When asked if he will ever give it up, he responded: “I’m not finished yet.”

  1. Emmalynn Aryan says:

    Griffin’s personal wealth has grown to over $6 billion. He gave to both Rahm Emanuel when he was running for Chicago’s mayoral seat. It is also very surprising that could also have a lot of these things done for them in a short while too.

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