October, 2015

Dan Newlin Gets Quick Results

I appreciate and respect law enforcement officers, as well as personal injury attorneys. Both must receive extensive education and considerable training before being able to practice in their respective fields. Attorney Dan Newlin has proven experience in both professions. His law firm began in the great state of Florida, and now has recently opened in Illinois to serve residents of both states. Experience is vital in a successful practice. Dan Newlin’s team of qualified lawyers specialize in many areas of personal injury.

Recently, a friend of mine was injured in a truck accident. He was not critically injured, but there was negligence on the part of the trucks operator. Dan Newman was able to get him the results he rightly deserved. Turnover time for the verdict was prompt and without prejudice. His experienced team has won cases involving wrongful death, medical malpractice, motorcycle injuries, and wrongful imprisonment. You need to hire a lawyer with a deep understanding of the justice system. I recommend Dan Newlin wholeheartedly to any man or woman with a case that wants quick and positive results.

His practice is recognized in Florida as a Super Law Firm. This accomplishment does not come lightly. A record-setting 100 million dollar verdict was awarded to the family of a brain injured teen in 2014 . His team will work diligently to fight for your rights. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Make sure you have an attorney like Dan Newlin. For over 30 years now, all types of injury cases have been tried and won. If you are suffering from the uncertainty that an injury can cause, hire the best qualified attorney you can find. Your quality of life will improve tremendously when you win your injury case. Doesn’t it make sense to go with a lawyer who has proven himself time and again? Of course it does. Don’t look back wishing you would have chosen differently. Make the right choice and hire Dan Newlin.

The Most Successful Business Leaders

There are tons of business leaders everywhere. However, the business leaders that experience the most success are people who really enjoy what they do and are willing to offer something valuable for others. In other words, they are not in their business just to make money. They also have other goals in mind that they want to achieve with their business. Often times, the hardest goal in any business is to make money. Money often comes after the other results are achieved. However, when the money comes, it makes the experience even better for the business leader which encourages him to continue.

Among the business leaders that are really successful is Majeed Ekbal. He is an example of one who has gone into business not just to make money. Even though money was on his mind when he was working his business, he had other goals. These goals had to do with the improvement of people’s lives and their communities. He has shown that, if one does not offer anything to his clients, then he is not going to be a successful businessman. No one is looking to give away money for nothing. When they go to a business, they are hoping to get something from the business.

Fortunately, Majeed Ekbal’s Twitter page has something for people to get from the business. Even though people may not have recognized what he has to offer right away, they have eventually learned more about his product or service. They have given what he had to offer a try and have seen that it is actually a good offer. As a result, other people have heard about what Majeed is offering and have gave the service a try. As a result, Majeed’s business grew, and he became a success in many ways. He has also helped build his community in Chicago.

This is the very important aspect of a business. The business owner has to offer something that people want in order to become a success. It also takes time to run a successful business. In many cases, one has to have capital in order to pay for the equipment needed as it depends on his business. Online business cost the least to start up. However, there are still plenty of costs that come with advertising and other services. If the user understands how to market his site, then he will be able to gain a lot of money without having to spend a lot.

There is a lot that goes into success as a business leader. If one is able to handle all of the aspects of being a leader in his business, then he is going to go very far. It takes a lot of patience and work.

Why Yeonmi Park Is a Leading Human Activist

Over the years, many citizens across the world have been suffering from poor leadership regimes. Many governments are known of undermining the human rights by disobeying the constitutional processes. These countries are often led by leaders who are dictatorial in nature. Therefore, most individuals have suffered in the hands of poor governance and regimes across the world. This has led to emergence of many human rights activist bodies in the world. The human right bodies have tried to combat the situation by championing for the respect of the constitutions. It has led to individuals rising up and fighting for the rights of many oppressed people in different countries. Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector who has continued to champion for respect of human rights. At 13 years old, Yeonmi Park was forced to flee North Korea with her family due to the inhuman treatment they were receiving in their homeland. The country was unbearable and human rights were being violated by the ruling regime. She was forced to exile with her family after her father was found selling metals to China which was against the government policies. During the journey to exile, Yeonmi Park experienced a lot of horrifying ordeals and her mother was killed in the process of protecting her from being raped. The Chinese soldiers raped her mother and later killed her living her to face the world on her own. While in exile, her father also died in China where the conditions were very harsh and could not even mourn the father due to fear of deportation.
Before moving to exile, her mother often encouraged her to keep quiet that even the walls and grass had ears. The conditions in North Korea were very bad that at one point she was forced to eat grass and insects to survive. This ordeal gave her strength to develop courage and start championing for the rights of North Korean citizens. Yeonmi Park is currently residing in South Korea and is undertaking a criminal justice degree Dongguk University. This has been her stepping stone towards the fight against inhuman injustices committed to many people. She talks promptly on how over 21million North Korean citizens are living under hardship conditions with poverty levels on the rise. Her championship for human rights has made her appear on many notable media houses to explain her situation. After interacting with the outside world like the United States of America where the parents encouraged their children to speak about their rights, she developed the confidence of emerging from the dark to champion her course.  The books have generated a lot of debate that has attracted many followers from every part of the world. Park is a media personnel hosting different television shows in South Korea to try and bring the two nations together.

FreedomPop Offering New Motorola Deal

FreedomPop has been winning over customers for the better part of three years thanks to its free services. The company, which started up in Los Angeles in 2012, offers customers 200 minutes, 500 text messages and 500 MB of data for free, every single month. For individuals who need more than this allotment, they are able to pay a small amount of just $10.99 for unlimited voice and text messages, or they can bump that up to $19.99 for 1GB worth of data. Most companies charge nearly $100 for this amount, so for anyone who wants an inexpensive smart phone service, this is the way to go. However, Itunes app FreedomPop is taking this to a new level by offering even more services, one of which is with the phone developer Motorola.

Motorola has been around the phone market for several decades now, as it once served as the most important mobile phone designer with hits including the Motorola Razr. Now, it has teamed up with FreedomPop in order to offer the Motorola Moto E (2nd Generation) to customers for $49.99. This gives the customer a smart phone for under $50 while it also provides a free month of the unlimited talk, text and 1GB worth of data plan. At the end of the month, this plan can continue on or someone can alter it down to one of the different plans.

This is just another way FreedomPop helps customers save money. The phone is valued at $250, so customers are saving $200. With the additional money customers save over the course of a year with the data plan, they are likely to pocket well over $1,000 every single year they use FreedomPop. So, when it comes to saving money and having a nice phone, the new FreedomPop service is the way to go.

For anyone wondering, the 2nd Gen Moto E comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop, a 5MP camera, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB worth of storage, plus they can store more on an inserted MicroSD card. All of which is pretty good for $50.

Lime Crime Helps People To Create Unique Looks

Lime Crime is a brand that only the bravest of individuals are going to want to get into. It is a brand that is all about being bold with one’s look, and many brave and unique people have come to love it for that. People have come to appreciate the different items that are sold from this brand and how they can help them to express who they are inside.
When someone is trying to do something different with their look, and when they are trying to stand out from among their peers, then they are going to want to take a look at all that is offered to them from Lime Crime. They’re going to want to consider what they can purchase from this brand, and then they are going to want to put on a look that is all them and own it. There is no reason for anyone to ever feel ashamed of doing their own thing with their look. Makeup is supposed to be about letting one’s personality be known, and that is what the founder of Lime Crime firmly believes.
So, everyone who purchases a product or two from Lime Crime makeup on tumblr should keep that in mind. They should remember to always be themselves with their makeup, and they should remember to have fun as they are putting it on, as well. They should never feel that putting their makeup on is a chore, and they should never put it on to look like anyone else. They should take the items that are available to them from Lime Crime and they should put on a bold and unique look that makes them feel good about themselves. Makeup can do a lot for them if they are just to find the right items and put them on.
There is so much fun to be had with all of the different makeup items that are available from Lime Crime, and everyone who wants to do something that is a bit different with their makeup is going to want to look into this brand. They just might find all that they need to have a look that is all them when they start shopping from this brand.

Phatsima Diamond’s Director Frans Schoeman Is Taking Advantage Of South Africa’s Emerging Market Status

South Africa is a member of the BRICS alliance. BRICS is a five-nation alliance that advanced markets turn to when they need commodities that are not available in their market. The BRICS countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, have been the catalyst for global growth the last four years. Companies in those countries have done an excellent job exporting their precious commodities to each other as well as to advanced markets like the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany. South Africa was the last country to join BRICS, and when it is compared to the other BRICS countries it has the smallest economy. But South Africa is a hot spot for investors, especially investors that are interested in the diamond industry.

South Africa is well-known for its diamond mining capabilities. Most of the diamonds sold around the world come from South Africa, and one company, Phatsima Diamond, is well-known in the diamond business. Phatsima Diamond is under the direction of Frans Schoeman, a South African attorney, and businessman. Under Schoeman’s direction, Phatsima Diamond has built a reputation for being one of the largest mining companies in the country. The diamonds mined by Phatsima Diamond are considered some of the most exquisite rocks in the world.

He built a reputation as a dedicated lawyer that put the needs of clients first. Mr. Schoeman follows the same strategy in the diamond business. He puts clients first, and it has paid off. In an industry that is filled with all kinds of tricks when it comes to grading diamonds, Schoeman has eliminated the tricks and focuses on identifying the true value of the diamonds mined by Phatsima Diamond.

Phatsima Diamond is taking advantage of South Africa’s alliance with the other four emerging markets. The South African presence in that alliance has helped Schoeman develop an export strategy that compliments their mining operation. Finding the right buyers at the right time is always a challenge in the diamond business especially when the country is on the verge of entering a recession. It’s not just South Africa that is in recession mode, however. There are other countries around the world in recession mode, and that limits the number of imports they buy.

Frans Schoeman of CMT-Artists is focusing on The Eurozone, which has always been a big importer of South African diamonds. Thanks to Mr. Schoeman relationship with European buyers, Phatsima Diamond’s European business is still very good. Phatsima Diamond also has a relationship with U.S. because of Mr. Schoeman connections in the United States. It’s safe to say Frans Schoeman has kept Phatsima Diamond out of the grasp of the pending recession because of his astute salesmanship and industry contacts.

Economists aren’t sure if there will be a global recession in 2016, but as long as Frans Schoeman is doing what he does best, Phatsima Diamond will continue to increase the amount of diamonds they export to the world.

Visual Recognition Search Apps Will Change Online Shopping Forever

The way people shop is about to change in a big way. Image recognition software is being employed to make searching for merchandise a lot easier. Retail sites are loaded with all kinds of different types of merchandise. People may not be able to describe or categorize what they are seeking. With a visual (aka product recognition) search app, they have an easier way to do things

So, how does the app actually work?

Once downloaded on a smartphone, the app is integrated with the camera on the device. Upon coming across merchandise of interest, a quick picture can be snapped. The captured image may then be run to locate a similar product in the online catalog. Once the product is found, a decision about purchasing can be made. Hopefully, the search will be a quick one and the price of the merchandise is fair.

The fastest growing app in the visual recognition world is Slyce. Slyce is well on the way to changing the way the multi-billion dollar internet commerce world works. The company, based out of Toronto, Canada, is looking to make product recognition software as commonplace as any other form of searching for products online. Amazon Flow, essentially, introduced the software. While fine, Amazon Flow is not all-inclusive in terms of how searches are done. Unless a photo of a logo or fully packaged item is used, then Flow cannot locate anything. There is another obvious problem here. Searches can only be performed on Amazon’s site. Slyce seeks to take the flow concept and bring it to the entire internet.

About $10.75 million in capital has been raised to help further the goals of Slyce. That is a lot of money to put into any company. Clearly, those infusing the funds see a tremendous amount of promise in the Slyce concept. Based on current growth figures, the radical new image recognition and search function is going to start aligning with a number of top retail companies. Currently, several major retailers in the top 20 of online sellers are working with Slyce. All shoppers have to do is download the app and put it to use.

The arrival of the visual search programs and apps really has the potential to make life easier and more convenient for shoppers. As long as a lot of innovative work goes into the expert design of the program, the popularity of the concept will grow.

Jaime Garcia Dias, the Newest Darling of Brazil


The newest bright light of writing has come to Brazil. His name is Jaime Garcia Dias. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Dias was born to an author father and an architect mother, Arnaldo and Dulce. From the beginning he already had the predisposition to be a creatively minded person, it would seem. Dias says his father encouraged him to write from a young age. One of his favorite books, inspired by his father, also inspired his own writing, namely The Devil to Pay In the Backlands, by João Guimarães Rosa.

Dias’ Beginnings

Dias started working as professor of literature, teaching teenagers, in 1995. All the students loved his enthusiasm, so much so that he soon became the vice president of the Carioca Literature Academy, in 1997.

To say there was a beginning to Dias is actually a bit of a misnomer; the fact is that he wrote ten books by the age of thirty, by far one of the most prolific Brazilian authors to date. In 2001 all of his work paid off, for he won the White Crane literary award.

After this, things started to really pick up for Dias. He got attention from Argentine writer Josué Gomez for his novel Fell From Heaven, which became a huge hit throughout all of South America.

Body of Work and Reception

There have been many famous works by Jaime Garcia Dias, among them Two Ways, Canal, Clouds, Tiny, and the more recent Chronicles That Made Me A Man. All of these works won awards. At age 50, Dias has already written twenty books. His awards include the ABC award.

Dino.com writes that from the very start Dias has gotten great reception for his books. His books are translated into English and are not just available in South America now. His writing is always well-received. In 2013 Dias wrote a collection of child memories for Jornal de Brazil, about his father, and it touched everyone’s hearts. They loved it all so much that Dias was invited to write weekly for the Jornal de Brazil.


There have been wonderful authors that Brazil has produced, such as Paulho Cuelho and Gabriela Mistral. They have won a lot of popularity by their books. But Dias seems especially unique in that he has won over the hearts of so many. The Carioca Literature Academy, which he put so much love into, recently awarded him the presidency in their 100th anniversary event. Dias’ vision, which he said was to make the Carioca Literature Academy a haven for writers, has truly come true, being led by such a heartfelt, talented soul. We hope that he will be one of those authors who writes into his elderly age, so that we can continue to benefit from his amazing written works.

Writing the Best Wikipedia Articles

While it might seem like just yesterday that Wikipedia came about, the truth is it has now been around for over a decade and a half. In that amount of time more and more people have come and gone from Wikipedia than can possibly be imagined, and Wikiepedia itself has grown from a simple website of aggregating information to a trustworthy source full of content.

Wikipedia not only allows individuals to have access to a plethora of information, it also allows the information to stay up to date constantly to make business Wiki pages. The way that Wikipedia works is by allowing users to go in and create content themselves. The problem is, once you even try to get your content up there, there isn’t a guarantee that it will stick or that it won’t be changed in the future. Unless you already are a Wikipedia pro, you might want to look into what Get Your Wiki can do for you. They are the most professional and experienced Wikipedia content site around and they can not only guide you through the process of being a better Wikipedia writer, they can also greatly improve your odds of putting up top content for whatever the occasion. Furthermore, they have the ability to add, edit or remove specific information about your specific subject.

The first thing to remember is that Wikipedia is about content, but the content must relevant. They don’t want to waste resources on just random information about casual people or events. If you can find a way to make your information pop and come to life then you stand a much better shot of getting it to stick for the long haul.

The next tip is to add facts that are detailed. No one is saying to list out dates and timelines, but the more resources you put into your Wikipedia creation, the more others can link to it. All of this is in addition to the fact that if your page has enough information and is interesting, others will like it as well.

Finally, you will want to have enough creativity and flash to draw viewers to read through your page. The most important thing about creating a Wikipedia page in the first place is to use it as a content spot where others can view and learn about your topic. You can’t just throw a few facts on there and expect it to be successful. Let the professionals at Get Your Wiki help you to accomplish all of these tasks to make a business Wiki page in no time at all. Contact them today to get what you want on Wikipedia with no hassle at all!

Bruce Levenson Sells Atlanta Hawks After Successful Ownership Run

The Atlanta Hawks are coming of off one of their most successful seasons of all time, and the brightest one under the helm of owner Bruce Levenson. Atlanta led the Eastern Conference in wins and made it to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in nearly half of a century. Atlanta fans are riding high off of the emotional season and they are looking toward the future for the wins to keep on coming. Owner Bruce Levenson won’t be with the Hawks anymore as the owner as sold the team to a group of buyers led by Antony Ressler, on the heels of his best year in the NBA.

Levenson purchased the Hawks back in 2004 as part of the Atlanta Spirit LLC. He and partner Ed Peskowitz became the majority owners of the Hawks. Under their ownership the Hawks would slowly, but surely, begin to flourish. Atlanta was coming off of a rough decade in the ’90s when their best wasn’t good enough to compete with the super teams in Chicago and Detroit. The Eastern Conference was dominated by Chicago and even when Atlanta won 50 games it was still for nothing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before LeBron James was drafted by the Cavs and the Eastern Conference was once again dominated by another generational talent.

Still, Levenson the founder of UCG helped to lead Atlanta forward into the future by making savvy business investments and strong draft choices. His biggest impact as an owner came in the wake of the 2013 free agency period, where Levenson opened up the wallet and spent big to get guys like Kyle Korver, Paul Millsap, and Jeff Teague into the rotation long term. However, before that point he had been instrumental in the drafting of Al Horford, Jeff Teague, and Josh Smith — all 3 of which would go on to become All Star level talents.

The Hawks are now under the control of billionaire Antony Ressler and it will be up to him to continue the new found tradition of winning. The Eastern Conference has gotten thicker and thicker of late with more teams growing and becoming ready to challenge the conference. The Cleveland Cavaliers are healthy and primed for another deep run, Chicago is picking the pieces back up, and squads like Toronto and Washington look truly threatening.

Already we’ve seen Ressler make some nice moves in order to help the Hawks out. His decision to keep Millsap may pay huge dividends as the year goes on. In trades, as well, the Hawks have fought to improve. Atlanta has added Tim Hardaway Jr from the Knicks and then they also grabbed Tiago Splitter from the San Antonio Spurs. With a deep well of veteran talent we could definitely see Atlanta once again battle for pole position atop the Eastern Conference. The question is: will coach Budenholzer be able to lead his roster past the more talented Cavaliers when it comes down to crunch time? That is the question to ask and one that won’t be easy to answer.

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