Phatsima Diamond’s Director Frans Schoeman Is Taking Advantage Of South Africa’s Emerging Market Status

South Africa is a member of the BRICS alliance. BRICS is a five-nation alliance that advanced markets turn to when they need commodities that are not available in their market. The BRICS countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, have been the catalyst for global growth the last four years. Companies in those countries have done an excellent job exporting their precious commodities to each other as well as to advanced markets like the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany. South Africa was the last country to join BRICS, and when it is compared to the other BRICS countries it has the smallest economy. But South Africa is a hot spot for investors, especially investors that are interested in the diamond industry.

South Africa is well-known for its diamond mining capabilities. Most of the diamonds sold around the world come from South Africa, and one company, Phatsima Diamond, is well-known in the diamond business. Phatsima Diamond is under the direction of Frans Schoeman, a South African attorney, and businessman. Under Schoeman’s direction, Phatsima Diamond has built a reputation for being one of the largest mining companies in the country. The diamonds mined by Phatsima Diamond are considered some of the most exquisite rocks in the world.

He built a reputation as a dedicated lawyer that put the needs of clients first. Mr. Schoeman follows the same strategy in the diamond business. He puts clients first, and it has paid off. In an industry that is filled with all kinds of tricks when it comes to grading diamonds, Schoeman has eliminated the tricks and focuses on identifying the true value of the diamonds mined by Phatsima Diamond.

Phatsima Diamond is taking advantage of South Africa’s alliance with the other four emerging markets. The South African presence in that alliance has helped Schoeman develop an export strategy that compliments their mining operation. Finding the right buyers at the right time is always a challenge in the diamond business especially when the country is on the verge of entering a recession. It’s not just South Africa that is in recession mode, however. There are other countries around the world in recession mode, and that limits the number of imports they buy.

Frans Schoeman of CMT-Artists is focusing on The Eurozone, which has always been a big importer of South African diamonds. Thanks to Mr. Schoeman relationship with European buyers, Phatsima Diamond’s European business is still very good. Phatsima Diamond also has a relationship with U.S. because of Mr. Schoeman connections in the United States. It’s safe to say Frans Schoeman has kept Phatsima Diamond out of the grasp of the pending recession because of his astute salesmanship and industry contacts.

Economists aren’t sure if there will be a global recession in 2016, but as long as Frans Schoeman is doing what he does best, Phatsima Diamond will continue to increase the amount of diamonds they export to the world.

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