November, 2015


Cipher cloud is a cloud encryption and decryption security service that protects data stored in the crowd. It does this by encrypting the data before it leaves the phone and decrypting it once it’s entering the phone. It means it’s impossible for anyone else to access the data from the servers. It’s the market leader and has a suite of features that helps protect data. It provides encryption, tokenization, data loss and recovery, virus detection, and activity monitoring. It’s the anti-virus of the clouds. It’s based in San Jose California.

It was founded in 2010 by Pravin Kothari. It officially launched in February 2011.It has since grown and has over 1.2 million unique customers and over 100 million customer details. It clients are from all over the world. It provides protection against most common cloud features including Google Gmail and Office 365.Some of its customers include banks, insurance firms, hedge funds, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, governments and manufacturing firms. This year alone it has received ten awards including company growth of the year. In February last year, Pravin Kothari was awarded the CEO of the year award.

Cipher Cloud is a pioneer in this field. That it has so far raised $ 80 million in funding shows the significant potential for this company. It has received funding from ventures like Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, Deutsche Telekom and T-ventures. The Crowd is the future of the internet. It can only grow as demand for such services is on the increase. The company has positioned itself and is ready to make its kill.

It works by encrypting data in real time via SSE.The keys are stored locally on a site and never leave their host database. It means even the cloud service provider doesn’t know the form of data. It also replaces data with other data to make it unreadable, a process called tokenization and is derived from the Enigma machine. It’s an extremely effective way of encryption. Using packetization, it prevents data loss and provides malware detection services.

Computer security has been a big issue for a long time. In the last ten years, we have seen common threats from governments to hackers. The privacy of data is in question at a time when we increasingly connected. So much of life is lived online. With internet of things increasingly becoming reality, crowd security is not an option. Cipher cloud is providing a service at a time of NSA realities. These data breaches are very costly to companies and individuals. Early this year, IPhone photos of celebrities were leaked after being hacked from the crowd. It puts the thing in perceptive of where we are. To live in today’s world confidently, companies like cipher cloud must exist.

Forty Three Years On A Compelling Run

Marking its first appearance on July 15, 1968 soap opera One Life to Live went on to win over television viewers for more than 43 years.

The show’s storyline was the first to bring to life culturally and socio-economically diverse characters. One Life to Live takes place in the fictional city of Llanview, a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The focal point of the show centers on the fictional Lord family, the African-American Grays, blue-collar Polish American Woleks and the Irish Catholic Rileys.

Many other families, such as the Buchanan’s and Cramer families, also became a focal point of the show.

The show was the first to portray an interracial bond and also embraced strokes, time travel, murder, divorce, dissociative identity disorder and transplants.

ABC executives asked for soap opera Another World writer, Agnes Nixon, to create the show for them. Nixon would continue her craft with her handiwork of All My Children and Loving.

At first the show was a half-hour serial which was expanded to 45 minutes in 1976 and to one hour in January 1978.

The 1980s saw One Life to Live achieve the peak of its popularity as the soap opera ranked between the second and fourth position during that time.

In 2008, One Life to Live celebrated its 40th Anniversary and many former cast members returned for the celebration. Soap Opera Digest named the show their Best Show of that year noting countless story lines it described as tear-jerking, dazzling and mesmerizing.

One member of the cast, Slideshare poster extraordinaire Crystal Hunt, signed on with the soap opera portraying Stacy Morasco, working as a stripper. She joined her sister Gigi in Llanview. Stacy made every effort to steal Gigi’s husband Rex Balsom finalizing in a one-night stand, though she subsequently miscarried the child.

Hunt played Stacy Morasco from February 2009 through mid-February 2010.

In 2014 she produced her first film “Talbot County” and appeared in Magic Mike XXL.

This year CrunchBase shows that Hunt joined fellow soap opera stars Vanessa Marcil, Lindsay Hartley and Hunter Tylo in a new realty series “Queens of Drama.” Donna Mills and Joan Collins are also part of the new show.

Actors who worked on One Life to Live include Erica Slezak, Robert S. Woods and Robin Strasser. Tommy Lee Jones, Laurence Fishburne, Blair Underwood, Ryan Phillippe, Nathan Fillion also worked on the soap opera.

Following months of rumors, ABC canceled the show on April 14, 2011 and production company Prospect Park said it would continue the soap opera as a web series but later suspended the project.

Its final episode drew one of the highest ratings in the history of soap opera finales, more than 3.8 million viewers.

Purina National Dog Show

Purina has proudly sponsored the National Dog Show for the past 13 years. The largest registry of purebred dogs, the American Kennel Club sanctions the event. The National Dog Show on is one of three major dog shows in the United States. Mixed breed dogs cannot compete in the show.

The 2000 mockumentary “Best in Show” caught the attention of the spouse of the Vice President of NBC sports which led to the national televising of the National Dog Show. The event airs annually immediately following the Macy’s Day Parade.

The popular movie “Best in Show” pokes fun at the eccentricity of show dog owners. Spoofed in the movie, dog enthusiast David Frei announces at both Westminster and the National Dog Show. He also operates a non-profit therapy dog organization. His charity, Angel on a Leash administers successful therapy dog programs throughout the country. Patients both young and old forget their medical issues while playfully interacting with the dogs. Some of the therapy dogs also participate in dog shows.

There are 199 breeds of dogs, including the world’s biggest, smallest and most interesting represented in the National Dog Show. The seven new breeds listed below originate from various countries and will make their debut this year.
• Berger Picard, a medium-sized athletic herding dog: This French sheepdog grows to approximately 70lbs and possesses an independent streak.
• Boerboel, a large, strong and agile mastiff: A loyal companion and working dog originating from South Africa. This farm dog reaches a weight of almost 200lbs at maturity.
• Cirneco dell’Etna, a compact hound used to living in harsh conditions: It hunts small mammals and fowl. This hardy Italian hound will grow to about 26lbs.
• Lagotto Romagnol, a water dog with a dense woolly curly coat: It is known for its easy going personality. It weighs around 35lbs at maturity.
• Miniature Australian Shepherd, a small herding dog: This dog is highly intelligent, versatile and energetic. This talkative dog will grow to weigh 30lbs.
• Spanish Water Dog, a multipurpose dog for hunting, herding and water work: A good companion who works as a search and rescue dog. It weighs 49lbs at maturity.
• Bergamasco, a sheepdog with a coat containing dog and goat hair and wool: The coat forms felt-like mats which will reach the ground by age six. This breed originates from the Italian Alps, and will weigh as much as 84lbs at maturity.

These seven breeds will make their introduction to the public at the National Dog Show during the two-hour NBC television broadcast presented by Purina on NBC on Thanksgiving Day from noon-2pm in all time zones.

The Man Who Moulded The Nbas Top Sports Team, “The Hawks”

In the year 1996, Bruce Levenson became a partner with UCG ( United Communication Group) and by the next year, he was the co-founder of the company. He kept up his business with the company for a whopping 27 years and kept going. He was the owner of the Atlanta Spirit. He also participated in the “I Have a Dream Foundation”. His skills and determination as a leader was impeccable. Before all this, of course, Bruce Levenson had an education. He went to American University and got himself a Bachelor of Arts degree and also a law degree. NBA player Grant Hill & Jesse Itzler (the co-founders of Marquis Jet) bought the HAWKS from Levenson for $850 million; but before we get there, lets see how they all got there. Levenson & others bought the NHL’s Atlanta for $250 million in 2004 and later sold it for $170 million in 2011. Later on, Bruce Levenson sold his shares of the franchise (50.1%) due to undisclosed information. After that, everyone seemed to be selling their shares. Ed Peskowitz and Todd Foreman (Levenson’s former partners) sold their share. Michael Gearon Jr, Michael Gearon Sr, Rutherford Seydel and Beau Turner from the Atlanta-based group sold their share of the franchise for 32.3%. Even the New York- based group led by Stevenson Price sold their share for 17.6%. This basically left the HAWKS on the market with no current owner. Bidders came from all over, wanting to buy the franchise. I mean who wouldn’t want to be known as the NBA-leading basketball team owner. Bruce Levenson was to sell the franchise for $1 Billion, his bankers had apparently over-priced the franchise for it was predicted to be worth $700-$750 million. This scared away most of the bidders. Even I’d admit that that price would have me running for the hills. Eventually, the bank sold the franchise for less of about 27% which wasn’t so bad because he made a big profit. Antony Ressler bought the franchise for $850 million. Which the HAWKS obliged willingly. He is the current steward of the NBA HAWKs. Evidently without Bruce Levenson, the HAWKS would not have come to what they are known as now. He moulded the team, packaged it and sold it to the world as one of the best NBA sports team the world has and will ever know through history.

About FreedomPop’s New Wi-Fi Smartphone

FreedomPop is expected to expand its smartphone lineup by introducing a brand new phone that can use Wi-Fi for text, data and mobile voice. The Los Angeles company has always been on the front line in looking for ways to offer cheap phone services to the many customers it has. Though there are many companies offering similar services, FreedomPop has emerged the best because when compared to the others, it has maintained very high quality and low costs.

The company made a name for itself when it started offering low-cost and free mobile service that comes accompanied by unlimited data and text. Being the first Wi-Fi smart phone, it is designed to save the user money because it avoids the need to use a cellular network that ends up biting the given allowance of monthly data and minutes. With a Wi-Fi phone, a user can easily receive and make VoIP phone calls through a Wi-Fi hotspot and send and receive text messages using the same platform. In the event that there is no Wi-Fi coverage, the phone is also able to use a cellular network.

The phone is expected to launch in 2016 and will not be priced more than $199. It will be using a phenomenal technology that integrates the processor with the modem so as to cut on manufacturing costs and pass the savings to the end user. FreedomPop is expected to fund the development on engadget with money from Intel Capital, and it is expected to provide seamless cellular to Wi-Fi switching, very good quality VoIP calls and increased internet connection speeds. The phone will be availed to the US market through the company’s $5 monthly plan that offers unlimited data, text as well as talk time.

The best thing with the phone is the fact that it can tap to any Wi-Fi network using any of the company’s Wi-Fi hotspots in the US.

Awards Flow In The Short History Of CipherCloud

The Internet based data storage company CipherCloud has only been in existence since 2010, but the company has made key appointments throughout the organization that have aided the rise of the Cloud security specialist. Cloud data storage is seen by most industries as the perfect way of saving money and lowering the amount of physical space needed for archiving material. The high profile Cloud storage has received has seen the top companies, such as CipherCloud being pushed forward as rivaling companies established for longer in providing Internet based security systems. The ultimate accolade for CipherCloud has probably come, not in the high levels of funding the company has received from across the globe, but in the many awards provided for them by their peers.

CipherCloud has been awarded many of the top awards given by members of the Internet based security industry and expert publications in security and technology. Understanding why the annual Security Global Excellence Awards have been so fast to reward CipherCloud with the top awards available means looking at how the company was established and spent its first five years in existence. Pravin Kothari has a history of bringing success to technology companies that he brought to CipherCloud from establishment onwards; Kothari looked to bring experienced and innovative executives and experts to his company to aid in the fast growth it has completed in just five years. The work of Pravin Kothari has been rewarded by the Security Global Excellence Awards with the 2014 CEO of the year award for his work with CipherCloud.

Awards from the Security Global Excellence Awards, SC Magazine, and Gartner are excellent in terms of marketing, but also brings high levels of investment to the company. CipherCloud has been backed by a series of high profile investors over the last few years, including numerous investments made by Deutsche Telekom’s T-Ventures investment arm. CipherCloud has managed to attract new investors by looking to extend the range of services offered on a regular basis to include many different areas of Cloud based security measures. This extended range of services now includes the monitoring of malware and data loss issues for their consistently growing list of clients.

South America’s Biggest Country Is Big News For Advertisers

If you’re a foreign advertising executive, Brazil, with its exotic locations and people, may seem like a daunting prospect. But if that’s your perspective, then perhaps you need to take a closer look at this country. Far from being a tough (Brazil) nut to crack, South America’s largest nation is filled with enthusiastic consumers. Not only that, they’re consumers with both increasing educational levels and disposable incomes. The use of credit cards here since the early 21st century has greatly expanded. Internet use has also greatly increased since the turn of the century, with its largest group of users being teenagers. These savvy young potential shoppers spend as much as 14 hours per week online. It’s estimated that as much as 50% of the country’s population falls between the ages of 15-40. Marketing research indicates that this age range is the most likely to spend money on new products. And with a median age of 28, this new generation of spending-inclined Brazilians not only has more money to spend, they have plenty of time to be trained on how to spend it, too.

And these increasingly well educated, affluent Brazilians are willing to be guided in their purchases. While they are very loyal to national brands, overseas goods and services are popular as well. Vacation-destination countries such as Great Britain often have an impact on foreign brand loyalties. And since Brazil not surprisingly is a country that often influences the rest of the continent, its purchasing choices often are reflected elsewhere in South America.

So you’re getting sold on Brazil as a advertising market? Great, but you’d better hurry, because the country’s native advertising agencies have already seen and are moving on its potential. And one of the country’s biggest agencies is Heads Propaganda, headed by advertising executive and founder Cláudio Loureiro. Known more commonly in Brazil as “Heads.”, the firm’s headquarters are located in its founder’s hometown of Curitiba. However, Brazil’s largest privately owned advertising agency has outgrown its borders, and now has offices in multiple countries, including a presence in North America.

Although educated for a legal profession, Loureiro became interested in advertising early on from his days on Facebook, as well as entertainment, and has served as a producer both for a feature film and a Broadway musical. Under his guidance, “Heads.” has produced work for a number of large Brazilian companies, winning Loureiro that country’s highest advertising honor. The company’s best known international advertising was the “Sea Shepard” public awareness campaign. Highlighting marine life slaughter, the campaign was commissioned by the Australian non-profit Sea Shepard Conservation Society. Heads Propaganda’s multi-media campaign quickly went global, and the company’s compelling images and text have been seen around the world.

Choose Brad Reifler for Your Financial Future

Brad Reifler has over 30 years experience in the commodities and trade industry. He is currently the CEO of Forefront Advisory and Forefront Capital Management. The company provides assistance in the commodities and forex markets. It is a boutique investment banking and wealth management firm. The firm satisfies the income and long-term appreciation needs of global institutions, investors and financial advisors. The company now has offices in Austria, Singapore, Latin American and the United Kingdom. He graduated from Bowdoin College earning a degree in Political Science and Economics. In 1982 he started his very own company called Reifler Trading Corporation. His company became so successful that it was eventually bought out by Refco. After that venture, CrunchBase lists that Brad founded a company called Pali Capital. During the time he was employed for 13 years at Pali he helped the company earn over $200 million in profits.

Brad also loves to help other inspiring entrepreneurs with his advice, and anyone that would like to get involved in the world of trading and investing. He’s a great public speaker that helps people find their own personal financial freedom. He speaks to the middle to low class not just rich investors. He was quoted as saying “For several years I was only focusing on the accredited investor that makes $200,000 a year or has a net worth of more than a million dollars not counting their house. I’m not shifting everything to the non-accredited investor with a plan specifically designed for the 99 percent who are overlooked.”

Man’s Best Friend Deserve The Best Including Beneful Dog Food

People love dogs because they tune into our feelings and emotions. Dog owners never doubt that dogs are truly “man’s best friend”. Dogs hear what humans can’t and guard our homes. They see what we can’t see and protect our space. Most important, dogs welcome us with joy and enthusiasm which makes us feel special and needed. Dog owners are conscious of their dog’s health. They want their dog to enjoy a long, fruitful, engaged life. Responsible dog owners show their love and commitment to their pets in many ways.

One commitment owners make is visiting the veterinarian more often. People take their pooches to the veterinarian more than they did 25 years ago. They get their teeth cleaned more often, and their nails and glossy coats are snipped and bathed on a regular basis. Dog parks are now a typical social event now along with water slide events for dogs. Many types of activities,and healthy lifestyle habits are helping dogs live fun, productive lives.

Included in this exciting healthy lifestyle is the food owners buy for their loyal pets. Beneful is part of the healthy regimen used by pet owners. At Beneful we give pet owners relief for their dedication to their companion knowing they are feeding them the best possible nutrition. At Beneful, the dog food has healthy, quality ingredients. Real, chunks of savory meats are filled with vegetables, which we know are loaded with vitamins.

Beneful has a variety of foods for your dog. There’s Beneful Wet Dog Food made with quality combinations. The meals include meats such as beef, chicken, lamb and pork with vegetables like barley, rice, carrots, and green beans. The meals include chopped Blends, Hearty Roasters, and Medleys.

Dry Foods include the same flavors only it’s dry food which also keeps your dog on a healthy schedule the doctor has recommended. Dry food includes salmon, chicken, beef and eggs with vegetables.

Don’t forget the tasty, healthy treats filled with protective ingredients which help fight tartar and plaque. It helps strengthen bones while making breath fresh.

When you go on those weekend trips don’t forget those convenient sizes. Beneful makes 3 ounce multipacks and 10 ounce resealable tubs. These come in the variety of flavors your dog loves. It’s packaged to make your trip simple and smooth for travel.

Choose Beneful dog Food for your loyal companion. You’ll love the convenient prepared sizes. Your pet will enjoy the varieties in meals and the benefits of the healthy ingredients in the food. The varieties always make eating a delight for your pet and a joy for you to see your dog savor the food.

Doe Deere Has Been Determined To Do Good Things In Her Company

When someone is starting up a makeup company of their own they are going to want to do everything in the best way possible. They are going to want to create unique makeup, and they are going to want to create it with quality ingredients. They are going to want to do something special that will get people excited, and they will want to be confident in themselves and the kind of company that they are creating. Makeup companies that are the most ambitious and unique are the ones that are the most likely to gain a large amount of fans, and when someone wants to do what is right for their company they are going to want to make sure to put their all into it.

Doe Deere is one woman who has always given her all to her company. She made it into something that she could be proud of through working hard on every detail. She loved doing unique things since she was just a girl, so it was easy for her to make the brand into something special. People have seen all that she has done in her life, from joining a band as a young woman to dying her hair purple, and they realize that she is someone who is not afraid to take some risks. She knows that any chances that she takes will be well worth it for the results that may come from them, and she has taken plenty of risks with her makeup company. She’s created glittery makeup for those who want to put on something bright and cheery, and she has made darker makeup for those who are in that kind of mood. No matter what one needs from makeup in order to express who they are and what they are feeling, Doe Deere on has created it all.

She has done much good with her makeup brand, and she is a woman who everyone can be admiring for that. It takes a lot to create a makeup brand that will attract the attention of all and be something fun, and Doe Deere has worked hard to make all of that happen. Everyone who is determined enough to do good things with their company should be able to do the same.

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