South America’s Biggest Country Is Big News For Advertisers

If you’re a foreign advertising executive, Brazil, with its exotic locations and people, may seem like a daunting prospect. But if that’s your perspective, then perhaps you need to take a closer look at this country. Far from being a tough (Brazil) nut to crack, South America’s largest nation is filled with enthusiastic consumers. Not only that, they’re consumers with both increasing educational levels and disposable incomes. The use of credit cards here since the early 21st century has greatly expanded. Internet use has also greatly increased since the turn of the century, with its largest group of users being teenagers. These savvy young potential shoppers spend as much as 14 hours per week online. It’s estimated that as much as 50% of the country’s population falls between the ages of 15-40. Marketing research indicates that this age range is the most likely to spend money on new products. And with a median age of 28, this new generation of spending-inclined Brazilians not only has more money to spend, they have plenty of time to be trained on how to spend it, too.

And these increasingly well educated, affluent Brazilians are willing to be guided in their purchases. While they are very loyal to national brands, overseas goods and services are popular as well. Vacation-destination countries such as Great Britain often have an impact on foreign brand loyalties. And since Brazil not surprisingly is a country that often influences the rest of the continent, its purchasing choices often are reflected elsewhere in South America.

So you’re getting sold on Brazil as a advertising market? Great, but you’d better hurry, because the country’s native advertising agencies have already seen and are moving on its potential. And one of the country’s biggest agencies is Heads Propaganda, headed by advertising executive and founder Cláudio Loureiro. Known more commonly in Brazil as “Heads.”, the firm’s headquarters are located in its founder’s hometown of Curitiba. However, Brazil’s largest privately owned advertising agency has outgrown its borders, and now has offices in multiple countries, including a presence in North America.

Although educated for a legal profession, Loureiro became interested in advertising early on from his days on Facebook, as well as entertainment, and has served as a producer both for a feature film and a Broadway musical. Under his guidance, “Heads.” has produced work for a number of large Brazilian companies, winning Loureiro that country’s highest advertising honor. The company’s best known international advertising was the “Sea Shepard” public awareness campaign. Highlighting marine life slaughter, the campaign was commissioned by the Australian non-profit Sea Shepard Conservation Society. Heads Propaganda’s multi-media campaign quickly went global, and the company’s compelling images and text have been seen around the world.

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