Purina National Dog Show

Purina has proudly sponsored the National Dog Show for the past 13 years. The largest registry of purebred dogs, the American Kennel Club sanctions the event. The National Dog Show on newscenter.purina.com is one of three major dog shows in the United States. Mixed breed dogs cannot compete in the show.

The 2000 mockumentary “Best in Show” caught the attention of the spouse of the Vice President of NBC sports which led to the national televising of the National Dog Show. The event airs annually immediately following the Macy’s Day Parade.

The popular movie “Best in Show” pokes fun at the eccentricity of show dog owners. Spoofed in the movie, dog enthusiast David Frei announces at both Westminster and the National Dog Show. He also operates a non-profit therapy dog organization. His charity, Angel on a Leash administers successful therapy dog programs throughout the country. Patients both young and old forget their medical issues while playfully interacting with the dogs. Some of the therapy dogs also participate in dog shows.

There are 199 breeds of dogs, including the world’s biggest, smallest and most interesting represented in the National Dog Show. The seven new breeds listed below originate from various countries and will make their debut this year.
• Berger Picard, a medium-sized athletic herding dog: This French sheepdog grows to approximately 70lbs and possesses an independent streak.
• Boerboel, a large, strong and agile mastiff: A loyal companion and working dog originating from South Africa. This farm dog reaches a weight of almost 200lbs at maturity.
• Cirneco dell’Etna, a compact hound used to living in harsh conditions: It hunts small mammals and fowl. This hardy Italian hound will grow to about 26lbs.
• Lagotto Romagnol, a water dog with a dense woolly curly coat: It is known for its easy going personality. It weighs around 35lbs at maturity.
• Miniature Australian Shepherd, a small herding dog: This dog is highly intelligent, versatile and energetic. This talkative dog will grow to weigh 30lbs.
• Spanish Water Dog, a multipurpose dog for hunting, herding and water work: A good companion who works as a search and rescue dog. It weighs 49lbs at maturity.
• Bergamasco, a sheepdog with a coat containing dog and goat hair and wool: The coat forms felt-like mats which will reach the ground by age six. This breed originates from the Italian Alps, and will weigh as much as 84lbs at maturity.

These seven breeds will make their introduction to the public at the National Dog Show during the two-hour NBC television broadcast presented by Purina on NBC on Thanksgiving Day from noon-2pm in all time zones.

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