Cipher cloud is a cloud encryption and decryption security service that protects data stored in the crowd. It does this by encrypting the data before it leaves the phone and decrypting it once it’s entering the phone. It means it’s impossible for anyone else to access the data from the servers. It’s the market leader and has a suite of features that helps protect data. It provides encryption, tokenization, data loss and recovery, virus detection, and activity monitoring. It’s the anti-virus of the clouds. It’s based in San Jose California.

It was founded in 2010 by Pravin Kothari. It officially launched in February 2011.It has since grown and has over 1.2 million unique customers and over 100 million customer details. It clients are from all over the world. It provides protection against most common cloud features including Google Gmail and Office 365.Some of its customers include banks, insurance firms, hedge funds, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, governments and manufacturing firms. This year alone it has received ten awards including company growth of the year. In February last year, Pravin Kothari was awarded the CEO of the year award.

Cipher Cloud is a pioneer in this field. That it has so far raised $ 80 million in funding shows the significant potential for this company. It has received funding from ventures like Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, Deutsche Telekom and T-ventures. The Crowd is the future of the internet. It can only grow as demand for such services is on the increase. The company has positioned itself and is ready to make its kill.

It works by encrypting data in real time via SSE.The keys are stored locally on a site and never leave their host database. It means even the cloud service provider doesn’t know the form of data. It also replaces data with other data to make it unreadable, a process called tokenization and is derived from the Enigma machine. It’s an extremely effective way of encryption. Using packetization, it prevents data loss and provides malware detection services.

Computer security has been a big issue for a long time. In the last ten years, we have seen common threats from governments to hackers. The privacy of data is in question at a time when we increasingly connected. So much of life is lived online. With internet of things increasingly becoming reality, crowd security is not an option. Cipher cloud is providing a service at a time of NSA realities. These data breaches are very costly to companies and individuals. Early this year, IPhone photos of celebrities were leaked after being hacked from the crowd. It puts the thing in perceptive of where we are. To live in today’s world confidently, companies like cipher cloud must exist.

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