December, 2015

Beneful Dog Food Is My Choice Of Premium Food

It may be news to some people in the world that premium dog food is available at local Purina stores, and it will help your dog live a longer and more fulfilling life. Take the time to research on Twitter how the food is made and what it is made of, then you will know right where to look for the perfect dog food. I buy Beneful for my dogs because it provides a balance of nutrients that support my dog’s life. Having dogs in your life is a big responsibility, so you need to provide for them in a big way.

Providing The Best Dog Foods For Your Dog

Dog food that is packed with nutrients and real ingredients is always the best choice. That dog food will depend upon how active your dog is in his or her daily life. I have two dogs. One of them is lazy. The other one is always jumping off of the walls at every moment of the day. I give the hyper one more food. I also put the lazier dog on Beneful Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food to help restrict his calorie intake. I want them both to remain in a healthy weight range. Luckily, Beneful provides so many options. There are 20 different kinds of Beneful Chopped Blends to choose from, so your dog will never get tired of the taste of this premium dog food. There was an article that expressed many of the ideas here. It was published by The Daily Herald. In the article, one of the employees, a manager, actually tastes some dog food. This may not come to sound like a surprise to many of your because most dog food companies have taste testers when they care about the quality of their food. Premium dog food means that they use premium ingredients to make their food, so your dog will be eating what he or she deserves.

Giving back without giving in | A day in the life of Jon Urbana

From aviation to music and lacrosse to photography, Jon Urbana is involved with many things. He loves filling his days with the things he loves. However, these hobbies do not take him away from his love for others and giving back to the charities he is passionate about.

Urbana flies airplanes, dabbles in photography, is an awesome electronic musician, and has a few business ventures as well. If I had half the things going on in my life that Jon has I could never get half of them done. But I am not Jon Urbana.

You would think that a life this full of activity would not leave time for giving back, however, Jon makes time for it just the same. Jon has funded several charities from environmental causes to stray animals.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon’s photographs are amazing as well. If you have time check this one out at:

Can a man create a lacrosse camp, fly an airplane, make a music video, support a local charity, run 2 businesses and still have time for an evening meal? If your name is Jon Urbana then the obvious answer to that question is yes!

To find out more about the happenings in the life of Jon Urbana, check out his Facebook page,

Ricardo Guimarães of BMG aims to double it’s payroll with new venture


Diario do comercio.
After forming a joint venture with Itaú Unibanco to act in the payroll loans, the Bank BMG started a process which will make its management more professionalized, with the hiring of executives in the industry. From now on, the family Pentagna Guimarães, which always controlled the company, will join the Board of shareholders of the Group and make room for the entry of market professionals. The institution aims to double the payroll and eliminate credit card products that have no added value to the business of the Bank.

Following this principle, the Chair of the Board of Directors, today occupied by the owner of the Bank, Flávio Guimarães, Pentagna will be passed to the command of Alcides Lopes Tápias, who has starred in Itaú Unibanco and Bradesco Bank, in addition to being President of the Brazilian Federation of banks (Febraban) and Minister of industry and Foreign Trade Development.

The Executive Presidency, currently under the responsibility of Ricardo Annes Guimarães, heir and business partner, will pass into the hands of Antonio Hermann. Among other functions, the Executive has held the Presidency of the Brazilian Association of banks (ABBC) and Director of the National Association of credit, financing and investment (Acrefi) and Febraban.

“The BMG has a beautiful trajectory over the 80 years. It is the market leader in the field of payroll loans and I think the trend going forward is to maintain that position, “says Hermann when being asked about the major changes that should occur in the Bank after the inauguration. The two executives have yet to have their names approved by the Board of shareholders and by the Central Bank, for this reason there is a definition of date to take the chairs.

Strategy – one of the strategies taken by the new Chief Executive is the quest for a bigger wallet to payroll loans. The goal is to get more space on the market, since it will now act as well through the joint venture, banco Itaú BMG Recorded, which aims to supply, distribution and marketing of credits stated. As the BMG’s main product the payroll loans, the idea is to grow by investing in this type of operation.

For Hermann, the new financial institution will not reflect negatively on the results of the BMG, even a “competitor” with regard to payroll loans. The Executive argues that the partnership must be advantageous to the Bank. This is because it is expected that the profit achieved with the 30% belonging to the mining Bank on joint venture are greater than the registered by payroll operations of BMG. “The Bank will help manage the joint venture’s portfolio and continue with their R$ 27.42 billion credit in your own portfolio. But in another company, the cost of capture will be smaller, as they will be divided with the Ita, “he says.

As the Bank’s credit portfolio is limited, to increase the payroll, operations will be reduced or eliminated other products that do not have given back to the Bank. The direct consumer credit, as consumer finance and personal loan, is an example of an operation that will lose the emphasis on BMG. They gained more space last year, when the institution bought Banco Schahin, by value of 230 million R$, and GE Money in Brazil, which encompasses the GE Capital Bank s.a. and u.s. sales and service provider GE Promotions. This occurred because the acquired financial institutions acted more strongly in this business.

“We have to focus on the operations that give us better results and we know that consumer credit is not the focus of the company,” he says. In addition to recorded, financing the supply chain of larger companies and vehicle operations are also part of the bet of the company.

The success and growth of BMG could not have been possible without the knowledge and skill of Ricardo Annes Guimarães. Ricardo was given the title of President in 1998 and sense then have contributed to much of BMG’s success.

Yeonmi Park: From Tragedy To Triumph

Yeonmi Park is certainly one of the most vocal defectors to ever come out of North Korea. This soft-spoken young woman has done multiple speaking engagements and even written a book about all of her experiences. She’s definitely come a long way since she arrived in South Korea as a tired and broken refugee. Yeonmi possessed no basic computer skills and wasn’t even able to use an ATM card, let alone understand how a public transportation card functioned. As a North Korean refugee, she faced discrimination. Many in South Korea believed the North Koreans to be a lazy group who were reliant on their government for handouts. As Yeonmi worked to fit into her new culture, she marveled at her new surroundings, which seemed so rich and opulent. She simply couldn’t believe that toilet paper was printed with flowers on it and that bathrooms were built so beautifully. Once she started assimilating into her new country, however, Yeonmi found herself wanting to speak out on Youtube about the horrors she had faced as a North Korean—and as a refugee in China. When she first started talking about her experiences, people were shocked by her accounts of public executions, as well as her description of how many North Koreans were actually starving or malnourished. Of course, it’s easy to see from satellite imagery that there’s not much electricity in North Korea, but Yeonmi’s personal account put a human face on the horrific situation that so many citizens experienced under the Kim regime. The situation was so bad for Park and her family, in fact, that they escaped for a better life in China. Unfortunately, they were sold into human trafficking almost as soon as they arrived. It turned out that China didn’t welcome North Korean refugees with open arms. It wasn’t long before Yeonmi and her mother figured out a way to flee China as well. They followed the North Star through the treacherous Gobi Desert to finally reach Mongolia. It was a few months before they were sent to South Korea, but words could barely describe their joy when they finally made it.

The Success of Freedom Pop Company in the Provision of Mobile and Network Services

FreedomPop is a privately owned Company that offers the internet and mobile phones companies in the United States. The Los Angeles States headquarters the States. Freedom Pop technology was founded in the year 2011 by Cesar Steven and Stokols, who were co-workers.

FreedomPop serves esteemed customers who reside in the United States. The Company’s primary focus was extending and expanding the range of services offered to the United Kingdom. The company offers diverse mobile services that include free data packets and texts.

The Company also sells tablets and mobile phones that are compatible with their services. Mr. Stephen Stokols serves as the Chief executive officer of the Company. Mr. Sesar conducts all individual operations of this Company.

FreedomPop receives support from capital ventured companies such as Axiata Ventures and DCM financial institution. This Company has managed to raise a remarkable net worth of 59 million dollars since it starts its operations. For more information regarding the Freedom Pop operations, open the following link

Recently, FreedomPop Company launched discount deals to their esteemed customers. The deal included the promotion of selling tablets and mobile phones at a cheaper price and a serviced free month of usage.

The promotion, which is well known as Black Fridays, will attract a discount of 350 dollars to those who will buy Samsung Galaxy S4. The smartphone will be selling at 100 U.S Dollars. The devices are sold with unlimited voice calling and message texting services.

The Black Fridays deal will render the customers with an added five hundred text messages, five hundred free calling minutes and cellular data of five hundred Megabytes. Freedom Pop Company disclosed that it received funding from the Intel Capital. According to the Chief Operating Officer of Freedom \Pop, the company will use the funds to expand the smartphone department.

The Freedom Pop Company is also planning on the launching of a wireless fixed network model based on Intel. According to Executive Stokols, the Company took the chance to make other business ventured opportunities to promote growth and potential expansion in the future.

  1. Stokols also disclosed out that the funding that helped in developing the Company came from the investment made at Axiata Group. The group offers services to more than two hundred and fifty million customers ranging from India to Singapore.

For more information regarding the operations of Freedom Pop Company, open the following link

In conclusion, the FreedomPop Company has been among the top leading Companies in the provision of quality network and mobile services. Freedom Pop Company has encountered many accomplishments due to the dedications and leadership of Stokols.

Diversifying YouTube: A Guide to the Stars

You’ve heard about becoming a YouTube sensation before, correct? No!? Well at YouTube new stars are born each day. Fame can come from producing a video that displays you doing all sorts of crazy things or just covering the lyrics to your favorite song. The fame pool runs deep and below is just a few of YouTube’s brightest stars and talents.
The talent pool is so thick that we find many YouTubers hailing from different countries and varying in race and ethnicity. Take Wendy Huang for example. Wendy is of Chinese decent and lives in Australia. Her YouTube fame came when she started doing make-up tutorials to help girls really bring out their feminine sides. With her unique hair styles and helpful tips that targeted all different kinds of females; viewers fell in love and the hit count added up along with her subscribers to her channel “The Wonderful World of Wengie.”
Wengie didn’t stop at beauty tips and she continued to produce all sorts of how-to videos and vlogs where she gives advice or answers the viewer’s burning questions. She covers topics ranging from how to get in shape for the summer to how to apply and own arm pit art. She is an innovator that people just cannot get enough of on YouTube. Her video count is well over 250 and she continues to add new and exciting videos all of the time. So check out Wengie on YouTube and learn more about the talented Australian.
Next meet the YouTuber that goes by the name of “mandersandpoopoo”. Amanda Hackey is another individual who has found fame on YouTube. She also breaks the mold as having a Native American background. Amanda is all about positivity and helping others cope with situations through deep, meaningful talks, or giving them a good laugh or two. Amanda admits to have struggled with her weight in that past, but that it will never stop her from becoming an amazing person filled with positive motives and thoughts. Her viewers really take what she has to heart and fall in love with her little comedy bits and funny reality videos. She has over 125,000 subscribers and that increases on a day-to-day basis. So if you are seeking out help or just need a good laugh, check some of Amanda’s videos out.
Those are just two examples of some of the young and raw talent you can find with a simple YouTube search. Both Amanda and Wendy started by making videos for fun and it brought them recognition neither of them could have ever fathomed. If you have a unique talent or want your voice to be heard, try posting a YouTube video about it. You might just become the next big thing!

New York Based Lawyer Sam Tabar

The world of law is one that is highly complex. Many people who find themselves confronting a legal issue will need to have someone on their side who can help them get the kind of results they want from any particular legal issue they may confront at some point in time. In such cases, it is vital to have someone during the person’s side at all times. Doing so can help make anyone be sure that a case will be resolved to their satisfaction in many cases. It will also help them worry less when confronting a members of the court at any point in time.

Lawyer Sam Tabar understands that his clients count on him to help provide them with the best possible legal counsel at all times. Tabar is a highly trained New York based attorney who knows a great deal about many areas of the law. He understands that his clients count on him to help them get access to skilled legal representation when they are facing any kind of legal issue. He also knows that his skills are vital when it comes to making sure that the legal system functions well and that someone is able to work within the confines of the law to get justice.

Tabar has an extensive educational background as CrunchBase clearly shows. His skills allowed him to graduate from Oxford University in the United Kingdom. After graduation, Tabar decided the that field of law was just right for his needs. He entered Columbia law school and graduated as the editor of the law review. since that time, Tabar has enjoyed a tremendous legal career where his focus has been on helping provide his clients with best possible legal counsel at all times. He has been involved in many areas of the law including working with one of the nation’s top law firms where his performance was highly praised.

He has also been involved in many charities of all kinds, as well as giving back to the community by sharing his vast investment knowledge. He believes that all people deserve access to a legal system that is right for their needs as well as the same chance at getting a good education that he has been able to greatly enjoy. As a result of this belief, Tabar has been active in supporting the rights of women to enjoy better education in the United States. He has also helped those who are living in Africa lobby for an improved educational system there, in addition to making investments to improve life for African women.

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