January, 2016


Some of you might have heard of the Real Estate Mavericks. Some of you might already know who Greg Hague is. It’s those that are not familiar that I am speaking with today.

Greg is the leader and founder of the Real Estate Mavericks. Greg found this group in hopes of achieving one goal. Greg is looking to change the way people look at real estate. We recently sat down with Greg to ask him a few questions. It’s through these questions and answers we hope to shed some new light on the real estate market and what it actually means for people.

“The real estate market has always been something of a fickle creature. We have people who are interested in buying, yet don’t have the courage to follow through. We have people who are looking to buy, but do not really know if they should. This is exactly why I set up this group.”

What is the one main point you want people to take away from your Real Estate Mavericks?

“Well, I am hoping people take away a few points. Real estate is not just a game that people play. There are those looking to make a sound investment for years to come. The issue lies in how the agents handle their clients.”

“Some agents like to nail it all down right away. Others like to play it safe and see what happens. It’s those agents who do the later that I am looking to train more. These agents have so much potential. The trick is getting them to handle the housing market the same way. These agents need to “sell” right away, if they are going to get a close. Some agents have become lax in this department. This is why the Real Estate Mavericks were formed.”

Do you think there is a shyness with buyers and sellers? Do you feel that some are not willing to take the gamble?

“Yes. This is exactly why our team needs to really step up to the plate. This is why our team needs to be the best it can be. Houses can’t sell themselves, they need help. This is why we have our team. If a house is not going to be sold right away, it will sit there. This is the worst case scenario, a scenario that happens all too often. This is also a scenario that needs to change.”

Greg Hague feels that by putting this training in place, agents can become efficient in their jobs. Agents can get more from their work and their clients. Through this training clients will either walk away interested or not. There will not be anymore in-between.

You can find out more about Greg Hague and his Mavericks at this link right here. If you are interested in joining his team and being part of something really big and special, you can visit the same link.


Helane Morrison’s Success in Corporate Compliance

What is a Compliance Officer?

Companies are in desperate need of a position most people did not even know existed. Compliance Officers. A compliance officer makes sure all the codes and ordinances are met by the company and if the regulations are not met they will create a system of regulations inside the company to correct the mishaps. The compliance officer’s job is to formulate a system of checks and balances within a company so that they can met SEC regulations. Having this key missing piece in a company. They can prevent a company from getting sanctioned and sued for not following the rules.

A good compliance officer cares about the customers the company serves just as much as they care about the company. The role of compliance officer is not that old, it has been around for under 20 years.

Helane Morrison As a Corporate Compliance Officer

Compliance officers like Helane Morrison are usually attorneys. Being an attorney helps Helane be the best compliance officer she can be because she is used to paying attention to detail. Helane Morrison is the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners, LLP. She was a great choice for the job because she headed the SEC in San Francisco, California. Before her time at the SEC, she was an associate at a San Francisco law firm in 1989, until she was promoted to partner in a short two years in 1991. She earned a J.D from the University of California at Berkeley School of Law. She is also the editor in chief of the California Law Review. She is well trained and highly experienced and does an awesome job at this new position. If you are considering a compliance officer job, you should study the career of Helane . 

Discover the Achievements of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an American executive consultant, and she is from Pittsburgh, which is located in Pennsylvania. She is famous for the role she plays as the chairperson of the American Eagle Outfitters, and also she is also the chief executive of the Wet Seals Company. Previously, she worked at the Allegheny Conference as the director in charge of the community development. Susan McGalla got her education at the Mount Union College where she studied hard and managed to finish with a degree in marketing and business. After her education, she got employment at the Joseph Home Company where she performed her duties as the manager of the company for eight years. She left and joined the American Eagle Outfitters Company, which specializes in merchandising of women clothing. Her performance at the company was exemplary, something that made her get promoted to the position of the chief merchandising officer. She worked hard to become the president of the same company. Her good supervisory skills made the company rake in great profits from the brands she had launched. After some years at the American Eagle Company, she resigned to become a consultant specializing in the financial investment and retail business. Her performance made her get an appointment of serving as among the board of directors of HFF Company. Eventually, she was able to succeed Ed Thomas in the company as the chief executive officer. This was after she had served as the board of director in the firm for just two years. In July 2012, she left the company to establish her firm, which she named P3 Executive Consulting. Susan McGalla is also serving in the Steelers as the director who is in charge of strategic planning and growth. Susan McGalla is known as an honest person who keeps her word. This is the main character trait that has catapulted her to the height of success. Her long career is mainly characterized by hard work and immense dedication in her job. Her main areas of interest have been business management, retail positioning, and fashion branding. Her other skills include sales, digital marketing, brand development, store operations, and strategic planning.

Kyle Bass Is Calling For The Of US Economic Progress Again

Kyle Bass has the distinction of being one a handful of people who were exactly right about the decline of the US housing market before it tanked. The global financial crisis was caused when the loan market in America died a very quick death, and Kyle made himself a very rich man because he bet against the market. Kyle Bass’ 15 minutes of fame should have ended long ago with what UsefulStooges uncovered, but he has continued to enjoy his fame long after the crisis ended. This article explains how Kyle wants to retain his fame while living in a post-recession world.

#1: Kyle Wants To Maintain His Fame

Kyle has been working quite hard to maintain his fame over the years, but he maintains his fame at the expense of his own company. Hayman Capital has been suffering for eons since Kyle became a public figure, and the company has no good prospects for the future. The people who believe everything Kyle says will invest with Hayman, but the company as a whole is not doing well. Appearing on TV and radio all the time leaves very little room for Kyle to manage his business.

#2: His Newest Prediction

Kyle’s newest prediction pertains to the overall US market in the new year. He believes that the market could be down between 10 and 20 percent over the course of the year, and he is quite vociferous in his viewpoint. There is nothing to suggest that the US economy will drop up to 20 percent in the new year, and it is more likely that the economy might improve during the new year.

#3: People Believe Him

Kyle is an expert in creating panic among investors, but that panic does not last long. Analysts who are experts in the industry believe that 2016 will be a better year for everyone, but Kyle insists that that will not be the case. The voices of people with level heads will continue to speak out long after Kyle is done talking, and the markets will begin to recover after a troubling 2015.

#4: Kyle Will Not Stop

The unfortunate reality in all of this is that Kyle will not stop talking about predictions that are far beyond what any reasonable person would believe. There are many people who read what Kyle says with a grain of salt, but there are many others who may be hurt by his wild prognostications. Anyone who believes what Kyle has to say could be in for a difficult year on the stock market.

Kyle Bass’ most recent prediction will cause people to lose money as they bet against a market that is prepared to rebound. 2016 should be a good year for investors, but Kyle does not believe so.

Woke Twitter Calls Out Racism (And Brenda Wardle Does, Too!)

In a world where more and more people are communicating through social media channels like Twitter, it’s not surprising that anti-racist organizations are interested in learning what type of racial discourse transpires through these settings. And that’s exactly what the representatives of Woke Twitter do. This organization is designed to raise consciousness regarding the reality and scope of racism in our contemporary world. The representatives of the organization are passionate in their rejection of the “Rainbow Nation” construction of the American racial reality. Specifically, Woke Twitter representatives disagree with the notion that the country welcomes people of all colors with open arms. Instead, Woke Twitter supporters argue that the nation is profoundly racist, and they also draw attention to racism transpiring outside the country. For example, WT supporters point out the racist comments of Penny Sparrow, who equated black people in South Africa to apes.

Brenda Wardle’s Take On Penny Sparrow’s Racist Comment

Many people have drawn attention to the despicable nature of Penny Sparrow’s racist comment, including Brenda Wardle. In assessing Sparrow’s assertion that black South Africans are monkeys, Wardle notes that the comment does deep damage to the dignity of these people. She also points out that the racist comment was intentionally racist, a statement which stands in distinction from Sparrow’s apology. In the apology for the original comment, Sparrow stated that she had not intended to insult anyone on purpose.

Brenda Wardle: A Short Bio

People who want to know more about Brenda Wardle’s background and interest in Sparrow’s racist statement should know that Wardle is a legal analyst. Law is a subject that she finds profoundly fascinating, and she is currently extending her knowledge of the field by completing studies at the University of South Africa. In addition to studying law, Wardle is the writer of To Kill A Fragile Rose. In this work, Wardle delineates and analyzes the case of Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius.

What’s Next?

Now that 2016 has become the sphere of open and honest dialogue regarding race, Woke Twitter supporters will continue their work of drawing attention to the reality of racism in America and other countries around the world. The organization will also discuss the significance and scope of sex and gender-based oppression, suppression, and discrimination.

Soros Warns of a Financial Crash

George Soros has warned investors of an impending financial markets crash. According to TheStreet.com, he compared the current situation to the 2008 financial crisis, an epic event not seen since the 1929 Crash and subsequent depression.

The reasons for upcoming storm include an economic slowdown in China (and the recent stock market losses there), the massive government debt in the rich economies (United States, Western Europe, and Japan) as well as collapsing oil prices.

What’s more, the Greek debt crisis hasn’t been resolved. Soros made a similar prediction back in 2011 in the midst of a Greek crisis, which has been avoided (or, more likely, postponed) by more money from the European Union governments. Yet, as time is passing, it is becoming more apparent that Greece hasn’t truly resolved its economic and debt problems.

What Soros has to say is watched by many. While his political views and ideas (such as importing a million Middle Eastern migrants a year to Europe) have been severely criticized, he is considered to be a financial guru with a net worth of $27 billion.

The track record is undeniable. Soros’s funds have averaged 20% a year over several decades, performance most fund managers could only dream of. Back in 1990s, Soros even made a billion dollars in a single day by betting on a decline of a British Pound. Since then, he has been called “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

Many on Wall Street agree with Soros. Morgan Stanley, a well-known financial institution, advised its clients not to buy on dips anymore, especially when it comes to the Chinese stock market. Its analysts predict further drops in equity prices.


Coriant Appoints Shaygan Kheradpir As Chief Executive: A Fruitful Alliance Awaits

Shaygan Kheradpir recently joined Coriant succeeding Pat DiPietro as chairman and chief executive. Mr. DiPietro who’s been newly appointed as vice chairman will also resume his position as Marlin’s operating partner according to the FierceTelecom story right here! Marlin Equity Partners has cultivated a reputation as a mainstream investment manager. It’s a global financier providing exceptional liquidation and business expansion services to leading parent companies, investors, shareholders and controlling stakeholders.

Notably, Coriant markets an infinite selection of top-tier technology innovations and optical/data networking products. With Kheradpir on board, Coriant stands to enjoy immense production gains, especially with service creation, network architecture improvements and strengthening efficiency. Mainly, Coriant intends to accelerate programmability, service agility and reliability of all networking infrastructure. Kheradpir brings unmatched industry expertise and experience that’ll greatly transform Coriant. What’s more, he’d committed time at Marlin under the watchful eye of Coriant’s senior management. Today, Coriant operates in 100+ countries worldwide and it’s a growing business. Kheradpir promises to drive organic growth through strategic planning and expansion.

As Coriant strengthen this alliance for transitional change within the company’s core structure and product offerings; Kheradpir will become a pivotal force in bringing the vision to fruition. Coriant hyper-scale database, mobile backhaul units, cloud-based build outs and long-haul transfer deployments will all benefit from this upgrade. In fact, Coriant couldn’t have appointed a more worthy candidate than Kheradpir. He spent most of his childhood in Iran although he’s originally from London. He didn’t relocate to the U.S. until his senior year studying electrical engineering at the prestigious Cornell University.

Amazingly, Kheradpir was a distinguished scholar who earned a doctoral degree upon completing his studies at Cornell. The Cornell graduate is a doctor of engineering. Additionally, he served Cornell’s engineering council and the U.S. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) advisory board. With over twenty-eight years serving the technology and business sector, Kheradpir has held numerous positions across industries ranging from finance to telecom. While at the telecom giant GTE Corporation, Kheradpir quickly climbed the chain of command. He soon became the CIO (Chief Information Officer) and EVP (Executive Vice President) of Verizon.

Kheradpir played an instrumental role in driving product development, data systems modernization, innovation, and efficiency. In fact, he spearheaded the company’s largest telecom program FiOS, a $20 billion investment. At Barclays, Kheradpir operated in the capacity of CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and COO (Chief Operations Officer). He also held a seat among the bank’s appointed Executive Committee members. Among projects he’s successfully undertaken includes the TRANSFORM initiative. This restoration program preserved the bank’s heritage and secured its transition into the twenty-first century. Later, Kheradpir joined Juniper Networks where he served as CEO. He was responsible for the company’s Integrated Operation, executing High IQ Networking and Cloud Building solutions through strategic growth planning. In addition, Kheradpir briefly worked at Marlin as an OP (Operating Partner) focusing on strategic technology and telecom investments.

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