Woke Twitter Calls Out Racism (And Brenda Wardle Does, Too!)

In a world where more and more people are communicating through social media channels like Twitter, it’s not surprising that anti-racist organizations are interested in learning what type of racial discourse transpires through these settings. And that’s exactly what the representatives of Woke Twitter do. This organization is designed to raise consciousness regarding the reality and scope of racism in our contemporary world. The representatives of the organization are passionate in their rejection of the “Rainbow Nation” construction of the American racial reality. Specifically, Woke Twitter representatives disagree with the notion that the country welcomes people of all colors with open arms. Instead, Woke Twitter supporters argue that the nation is profoundly racist, and they also draw attention to racism transpiring outside the country. For example, WT supporters point out the racist comments of Penny Sparrow, who equated black people in South Africa to apes.

Brenda Wardle’s Take On Penny Sparrow’s Racist Comment

Many people have drawn attention to the despicable nature of Penny Sparrow’s racist comment, including Brenda Wardle. In assessing Sparrow’s assertion that black South Africans are monkeys, Wardle notes that the comment does deep damage to the dignity of these people. She also points out that the racist comment was intentionally racist, a statement which stands in distinction from Sparrow’s apology. In the apology for the original comment, Sparrow stated that she had not intended to insult anyone on purpose.

Brenda Wardle: A Short Bio

People who want to know more about Brenda Wardle’s background and interest in Sparrow’s racist statement should know that Wardle is a legal analyst. Law is a subject that she finds profoundly fascinating, and she is currently extending her knowledge of the field by completing studies at the University of South Africa. In addition to studying law, Wardle is the writer of To Kill A Fragile Rose. In this work, Wardle delineates and analyzes the case of Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius.

What’s Next?

Now that 2016 has become the sphere of open and honest dialogue regarding race, Woke Twitter supporters will continue their work of drawing attention to the reality of racism in America and other countries around the world. The organization will also discuss the significance and scope of sex and gender-based oppression, suppression, and discrimination.

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