Discover the Achievements of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an American executive consultant, and she is from Pittsburgh, which is located in Pennsylvania. She is famous for the role she plays as the chairperson of the American Eagle Outfitters, and also she is also the chief executive of the Wet Seals Company. Previously, she worked at the Allegheny Conference as the director in charge of the community development. Susan McGalla got her education at the Mount Union College where she studied hard and managed to finish with a degree in marketing and business. After her education, she got employment at the Joseph Home Company where she performed her duties as the manager of the company for eight years. She left and joined the American Eagle Outfitters Company, which specializes in merchandising of women clothing. Her performance at the company was exemplary, something that made her get promoted to the position of the chief merchandising officer. She worked hard to become the president of the same company. Her good supervisory skills made the company rake in great profits from the brands she had launched. After some years at the American Eagle Company, she resigned to become a consultant specializing in the financial investment and retail business. Her performance made her get an appointment of serving as among the board of directors of HFF Company. Eventually, she was able to succeed Ed Thomas in the company as the chief executive officer. This was after she had served as the board of director in the firm for just two years. In July 2012, she left the company to establish her firm, which she named P3 Executive Consulting. Susan McGalla is also serving in the Steelers as the director who is in charge of strategic planning and growth. Susan McGalla is known as an honest person who keeps her word. This is the main character trait that has catapulted her to the height of success. Her long career is mainly characterized by hard work and immense dedication in her job. Her main areas of interest have been business management, retail positioning, and fashion branding. Her other skills include sales, digital marketing, brand development, store operations, and strategic planning.

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