February, 2016

Doe Deere’s Intake On Fashion

Doe Deere is very proactive about the fact we do not always have to go with what the latest magazine is considering as fashion. For instance there are numerous times you may have heard that wearing too much bold makeup isn’t in your best favor. Doe suggests using eyeliner that has a blue tint and using a red velvet palette for the lips. This combination gives you a polished look for the bold girl at heart. Another beauty tip involves mixing and matching color. Doe feels you can’t go wrong with mixing and matching colors that coordinate or complement each. Some of her favorite recommended combinations include peach and periwinkle, hot pink and lavender, and pink and green. Doe also suggests when tackling patterns to wear patterns within the same color scheme. You can also make use of colorful socks by wearing them with heels that pair and coordinate together. She suggests that pastel looking colored hair goes great with airy and light toned colors. Also for hair color that is violet or teal wear reds or yellow to make it all come together. Doe expresses that age does not have to dictate what you wear. It’s all about staying true to your own fashion sense. She also suggests wearing formal dresses even when you’re out and about because it’s all about feeling good and glowing with happiness.

Doe’s creativity spark started at a very young age and only prospered onward. Doe recalls putting together so many colors with makeup and wardrobe. She felt doing this made her fashion instincts unique and true to her inner self. Makeup in general has many memorable moments which only deepened her desire to explore and step outside of the box. Experimenting with makeup through the years has given Doe’s website popularity.

Doe is a very enthusiastic and positive individual. She has become a very prosperous woman in the makeup business establishing her brand name Lime Crime. She has been named Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self Made. She is very thrilled about the positive journey she will continue to embark on as a successful business woman. Doe has mentioned several times that she loves that her brand is very much internet based. As of now she will continue to strive for prosperity and stay true to her own fashion as she continues getting admiration from her fans.

Yeonmi Park and Her Journey to Freedom

A Story About Defecting

The original story about Yeonmi Park and her journey to freedom can be found on Daily Mail.com This is an amazing story about her defection from North Korea. This book is called In Order to Live. This is a story that will tell about a young girl who dared to take a risk and walk her way out of North Korea. Her destination was China. This is a journey that is like no other. Yeonmi Park did not actually know what freedom was before she became a defector from North Korea. Yeonmi dared to imagine that a better future was awaiting her.

Surviving the Impossible Journey

The long and frightening journey required a firm and solid strength of her own character. This young and daring girl faced unbearable circumstances as she made the choice to step out of North Korea in March of 2007. These circumstances included living outside of the law, the reality of nearby suicide, starvation, and a constant threat of abuse. Her own father even crossed the border to meet her. He, unfortunately, died a few months later due to an untreated cancer.

Her Own Father Did Not Know About Democracy

When Yeonmi’s own father had died, he did so without the knowledge of democracy. Her father was unaware of the fact that democracy even existed in this world. He did not even know that there was so much food available. She and her family had lived in desperate circumstances.

A Tale About The Human Spirit

This is a fascinating story on The Reason that will show off strength. It is a powerful reminder just how strong the human spirit really is. This tale is one that travels. It is speaking to millions of people who are still living in darkness. This is a tale that does set a standard. It is about the strength of the human spirit.


Discovering Freedom: The Yeonmi Park Story

Freedom in North Korea is unknown, however, hunger and fear is commonplace, according to Yeonmi Park, a courageous North Korean defector. As told in a Reason.com article, Yeonmi’s tale is one of desperation, abuse and fraught with thoughts of suicide. It’s a story of a two-year journey that no one, especially a girl of thirteen, should have to make. Defectors from North Korea typically travel through China to reach South Korea, where they can live in freedom.

Park is a popular Youtube speaker, especially since the public rarely hears about what life is like inside secretive North Korea. She never misses an opportunity to speak about the brutal life, which she and her family endured, hoping to speak for all the people in North Korea who do not dare criticize the government.

While the NK News  government tries to discredit Park, it’s hard to imagine that she and her mother would undertake such a perilous journey, unless their lives were unbearable at home. Their time in China was terrible for both of the Park women; human traffickers prey on North Korean women, who cannot get help from the police since they are in the country illegally. Park’s father did manage to join his wife and daughter in China; unfortunately, he died there, before ever seeing his family find safety and freedom.

Yeonmi Park deserves a great deal of credit for telling her story on The Reason TV. She admits that she was hesitant to talk about being raped, both because in her culture, it was shameful and because she didn’t want to relive the nightmare. Nevertheless, Park realizes that what happened to her is happening to many other people, and it won’t stop unless someone speaks out.




Beneful is the 5 Star Food for your Dog

When it comes to the food you give your dog, it is not inconceivable to feed it a meal that you would consider to be edible yourself. That’s why when it comes to the Freshpet Incorporated factory, dog food has now become a quality to the level of something that may be served in your nearby restaurant. Freshpet Incorporated has introduced an eat like your owner quality dog food that many companies have sought to introduce into their production, including the Purina Beneful food product line. The Beneful brand has started to look towards organic food in its products that will promote a healthy balance in diet for its dog consumers. The secret is that these meals will now be required to stay refrigerated, which to some dog owners is not a tall order when it comes to serving their furry friends grade A quality meals. Purina Beneful like many other dog food products, are finding record sales with its eat like your owner quality dog food. While the high revenue may be partially due to selling a more expensive product, Beneful company is finding that owners do not mind paying the higher price on dog food, knowing that what they are serving their dogs is not significantly different to a meal that they would have on their plate. Like many people themselves, there is a new fab that focuses on health and wellness, and many dog owners will believe that their own dogs should also benefit from this new trend. So for the next time dog owners are at the grocery store buying dinner for their companions, keep in mind the latest trend in dog food quality. While it may sting the wallet, the best dog owners out there will know that feeding quality dog food to their pets is just as important as the meals they are putting on their own table.

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