March, 2016

Book In Order To Live Details How Yeonmi Park Escaped North Korea

For several years, North Korea has been taking serious issue with Yeonmi Park’s statements on the reason in regard to her homeland. Park is a dissident, forced to flee North Korea in 2007 at age 13. Park has been telling her story since that time. Hers is not an isolated incident. There have been many other unsatisfied citizens who were forced to flee or suffer the wrathful consequences of Kim Jong-un.

The brutal regime of Kim Jong-un seeks to discredit not only Yeonmi Park but all the other miscreant dissenters who have told stories of torture and abuse. Often the accusers from the state offer a point by point list of minuscule details which negates dates, places, times, and people. It is a time-consuming and costly course of action for the North Korean government, and it often leads to violent acts of retaliation. The purpose they say is for the glory of the homeland.

In her Amazon released book, “In Order To Live”, subtitled “A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, Yeonmi Park tells of a humorless place for children to grow up. Everyone must follow the party line. Life is perfect in North Korea the children are taught, and there is no other way of life. Park tells of her slow realizations of repression with a thankful simplicity that she no longer lives that reality.

A human rights activist, Yeonmi Park asks for her audience to shine a light on the darkest place in the world, North Korea. Three generations of rule by the same dark family have taken its toll on the citizens of North Korea. “In Order To live” is published by Penguin Press.


Fox News, The Talk-over Network, Get Lesson From Founder Of Human Rights Foundation

Fox News is famous for being the “talk over” network. You can see it on shows like Bill O’Reilly, where the host talks over the interviewee when the two cannot agree. The network likes to use interviews to make a point to their viewership, whether or not that point is fair or balanced. But there’s a recent propaganda-like interview with Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen that seem to blow up in their face.

During a tense three minutes the hostess tries to get Thor Halvorssen to say that socialism is bad. Of course, the network is taking time to slam socialism because of the insurgent presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders who is a self-avowed democratic socialist. The hostess wastes no time in making her flawed point, asking Thor Halvorssen why socialism is a violation of basic human rights. A cool, calm, and collected Thor Halvorssen spends very little time being shocked or stunned and gets right to work qualifying that statement.

Socialism is not inherently evil, he says. In fact, countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden are shining examples of socialist governments where human rights violations do not occur. Socialism is a form of government that can do good or bad depending on who’s in charge. Separation of power with checks and balances leads to a government for the people and by the people, even if it is socialist. Unchecked unilateral power can allow a dictator to use socialism in order to exploit people. But the Fox News hostess does not want to get bogged down in details and continually tries to make Thor Halvorssen say something bad about socialism.

According to, Thor Halvorssen tries to explain the definition of socialism or socialist agendas, but he gets talked over. Frustration leads him to declare his support for Bernie Sanders. The shock hostess squeals, “Why!?” This reddit thread shows how Thor Halvorssen then explained that he does not care what side of the political spectrum you come from and that you have his support if you advocate human rights, unlike Hillary Clinton and the leading Republican candidates. It turns out that Fox News couldn’t even slam Bernie Sanders with a “talk over” interview. It blew up in their face.

The Success of Status Labs in Employee Retention

One of the greatest and most expensive struggles for small and large businesses can be employee turnover. There is too much money being spent in the corporate world on hiring new individuals to replace those who have already been trained. There are however ways to combat employee turnover. Applying these techniques in your business could help your organization to save tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years in employee training costs.

Creating great goals with even better incentives is a great way to keep your team feeling motivated and appreciated. Offering inexpensive prizes such as tickets to concerts or electronic devices can be a great way to keep your employees feeling appreciated for all the hard work they are putting in at your company. Keeping your employees in the loop is something that can help more than you might think. Employees want to feel as though they are more than just pawns on a chess board. Keeping them informed on all of the changes in your organization is a very important thing to do. Also, let your employees know that their voices are heard. Be an organization where employee ideas can really help to take your business to a whole new level.

Darius Fisher is an individual who has found a great deal of business success for his startup Status Labs. He uses many of these incentives when it comes to creating amazing team building experiences in his marketing firm. Fisher has turned Status Labs into an organization where employees feel like they are part of something bigger. The employees at Status Labs understand the great service that they are rendering for their clients. Thousands of companies and individuals have been helped due to the amazing services rendered at Status Labs. The future looks very bright for this online marketing firm. Find Darius on Facebook to see what he’s up to!

Kate Hudson Fabletics Brand May Come To A Store Near You

Fabletics active wear is just one brand of JustFab, Inc. It was founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. It started as an online subscription brand with many shoppers not realizing that the $49 a month fee included one outfit a month. Now, Fabletics has opened six stores with a seventh to open this spring. The first stores appeared in malls in Fall of 2015 in New Jersey, St. Louis, Woodland Hills, Cincinnati and Columbia. Since its launch in October 2013, it expanded to Europe including the United Kingdom, Germany and France, Canada and Australia. It is also expanding its line with the launch of FL2, a men’s line and is now in Spain and the Netherlands. Racked reported that Fabletics plans to open up to 100 stores in the next few years and one may be near you. If you are familiar with the brand and line and wanted a chance to try them on to see how they fit and feel before you buy, the opportunity may be just around the corner.

JustFab Inc fashion company offers personalized shopping to millions through by making shoes, handbags, jewelry and denim available to shoppers in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Spain and Germany. FabKids offers parents a way to shop for growing kids and stylish, ready to wear and affordable outfits. ShoeDazzle has exclusive labels and designer brand styles as well as great deals on shoes. Fabletics active wear was created to motivate and support women to lead a healthy lifestyle also offer inspiration through its blog The Core where readers will find post on fitness, style, nourishment, balance, and discovery with passion to be included soon among the topics. Through JustFab Inc, over 35 million members experience lifestyle fashion and brands personalized and curated with styling advice and outfit recommendation from experts and fashion consultants based on individual workout and lifestyle preferences. Fabletics offers high quality luxury brands at affordable prices for the active wearer, whether for fitness, preparing for competition or chasing after the little ones, with fashion and style in mind and the mantra of Live Your Passion everyday.

In addition to the 20 to 30 new offerings per month, shoppers can also choose from Kate’s picks. Visitors to the website can also read an interview published in Elle where Kate Hudson answers the question about balancing her life with an “I have no idea!” But she adds that mediation is the greatest thing and that she practices Kundalini, an active process that focuses on breath and breathing to push out and shift from anxiety. She also told of her love for the Fabletics website that allows her to take part in building communities of strong women. Branded as active wear, new designs and outfits are available on a monthly bases and even if you don’t want to buy a new outfit every month, you can appreciate being in the know about your options.

How Solo Capital Was Started.

Sanjay Shah is a famous British Billionaire, who is the founder of Solo Capital. He started this company few years ago, and through hard work, he has managed to expand it, making it a powerful emperor. The millionaire has managed to own other companies that are located in different parts of the world. His first company to start was Solo Capital, and this means that all his wealth was acquired from this company. Solo Capital is regulated by the United Kingdom, and it is based in London. The company has another branch too in Dubai. Solo capital is believed to have been incorporated in September, the year 2011, and since then, it has only managed to get success.

Recently, Shah was able to acquire a new company, and this was done under his company, Solo capital. The company that he acquired is known as Old Lane Park. The main reason the company was sold is because it was making losses every year since 2013, and the management wanted to bring in a different partner to help with the investment capital. After the takeover, Old Lane Park has managed to improve its performance, and in the recent past, things are falling into place.

Shah was born in Britain. His parents are Kenyans who had migrated from there to look for better lives. They were successful and when they arrived in the United Kingdom, the settled in Central London, a prestigious environment for their children. He went to school in the same neighborhood, and for college, he decided to study medicine. After several years in college, the millionaire decided that he was not comfortable with the career, so he decided to quit. He did not like the idea of treating patients and looking after them. He settled for another profession.

Shah went into the finance industry, settling for accounting. He was fortunate to get average jobs in this career, working as an accountant is several banks, all located in London. This did not last long as well. He was left without a job by the financial crisis that occurred in the year 2009.

He moved out of employment the same year, and he decided to become his boss. He started his own company. The first step he took was getting a tiny rented room to serve as the working station and office. The institution was operating a brokerage company. He searched for a few graduates to employ, and in a short time, the company grew significantly, becoming one of the most powerful companies in the United Kingdom. The company is known as Solo Capital, and it has spread to several parts of the nation. Thanks to this company, Sanjay owns over thirty-nine companies in the world today.

Getting Your Positive Image Out There

A lady by the name of Melissa Click was recently involved in a protest which saw her attack and verbally abuse a group of non violent student journalists who were trying to take pictures and gather information at the event. The scene was caught on camera and eventually led to her dismissal from the University of Missouri where she was employed at the time, even though it was only on a courtesy appointment. As well as being relieved of her job and facing further criminal charges she has had a difficult time getting others to see her in a positive light. She recently took to interviews with the help of Status Labs after not saying anything for 3 months. Status Labs is a company that specializes in online reputation management which is exactly what Melissa Click required at the time to get her life back as her reputation was further tarnished online. She was receiving multiple threats as well as insults. She has been a professor of communications for 12 years and so asked the public to forgive her for her actions. She was very embarrassed and did not want people to see this one incident over a decade and more of teaching which she had brought to students. She was able to avoid the third degree assault charges that were laid against her by staying out of trouble as well as doing active community service. The protests at the University of Missouri were part of a number of actions taken due to several incidents where black students were mistreated at the university. This actually saw the president and chancellor resign from office in light of these allegations.

Status Labs has tried to resolve all the negative information that has surfaced about Melissa Click online by implementing their proprietary technology. One of those technologies is search engine optimization which allows them to push down negative, inaccurate information and push up positive, accurate information. This sheds a better light on the individual as well as brands and companies alike. The growing company of Status Labs is based in Austin.

Choosing a Good Food for the Family Dog


For so many dog owners, they want to know that their dog is healthy, habit and eating a nutritious diet. Eating scraps from the dinner table and digging through dirt are all habits that a good majority of dogs have, but you might be concerned about the actual food that they are eating out of their bowl in the kitchen. Your dog’s food is very important to their health and can make a world of difference when they eat a healthy diet. This is why it is about time to look into making a switch to a better brand.

One brand that you may want to check out is Purinastore’s Beneful. You have probably both heard and seen Beneful before when visiting a pet supply store or your local pet food aisle. It is one of the most popular dog food brands out there because of the fact that they have some of the most wholesome ingredients in each product and do not charge a hefty price for what you get. Sure, you can find a lot of higher-end brands in the store, but these brands can often be quite expensive and may cause you to leave the store feeling frustrated that you had to pay so much just for quality ingredients.

Instead of being frustrated, it is time for you to think about going with Beneful. Beneful has been a brand that has been trusted for many years and continues to be a staple in many dog owner’s lives. The wide variety of different products and food options within the Beneful line make it quick and simple to find exactly what your dog is going to love for themselves. You do not need to worry about going with a different brand when there is Beneful there for you. They make wonderful products specifically for dogs of all kinds and sizes, so this is definitely something to think about and can make you feel confident in what you are giving to your dog and that they are eating on a routine basis from their own dog food bowl in the house.


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