Getting Your Positive Image Out There

A lady by the name of Melissa Click was recently involved in a protest which saw her attack and verbally abuse a group of non violent student journalists who were trying to take pictures and gather information at the event. The scene was caught on camera and eventually led to her dismissal from the University of Missouri where she was employed at the time, even though it was only on a courtesy appointment. As well as being relieved of her job and facing further criminal charges she has had a difficult time getting others to see her in a positive light. She recently took to interviews with the help of Status Labs after not saying anything for 3 months. Status Labs is a company that specializes in online reputation management which is exactly what Melissa Click required at the time to get her life back as her reputation was further tarnished online. She was receiving multiple threats as well as insults. She has been a professor of communications for 12 years and so asked the public to forgive her for her actions. She was very embarrassed and did not want people to see this one incident over a decade and more of teaching which she had brought to students. She was able to avoid the third degree assault charges that were laid against her by staying out of trouble as well as doing active community service. The protests at the University of Missouri were part of a number of actions taken due to several incidents where black students were mistreated at the university. This actually saw the president and chancellor resign from office in light of these allegations.

Status Labs has tried to resolve all the negative information that has surfaced about Melissa Click online by implementing their proprietary technology. One of those technologies is search engine optimization which allows them to push down negative, inaccurate information and push up positive, accurate information. This sheds a better light on the individual as well as brands and companies alike. The growing company of Status Labs is based in Austin.

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