April, 2016

How William Skelley Made it to the List of Future Real Estate Gurus

Many corporate leaders aim at building a name for themselves in their respective trades. Being mentioned as decisive figures in the corporate world not only spurs these executives to work hard but also helps build their personal brand. iFunding’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, William Skelley was recently mentioned amongst other industry bigwigs as the future of the real estate business. Skelley’s inclusion in this list is the highlight of his successful career the property market.

A ceremonial meal will be held at New York’s Columbus Citizens Foundation in honor of those named. These are extraordinary men and women who are experts in the property market. The gurus work at global companies including the Carlyle Group, Cushman and Wakefield, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, CIT and Kushner Companies. The invite-only dinner is the brainchild of Michael Stoler, who is Madison Realty Capital’s Managing Director.

Mr. Stoler is a renowned figure in the property market and is credited with pioneering property shows on television. He hosts “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report”. This primetime TV program airs weekly and is devoted to underlining business developments in the real estate scene. To date, it has been aired uninterrupted for 15 episodes. The 16th episode is currently under production. Mr. Skelley will make his debut television in the episode together with Regional Capital Group’s president, Paul Braungart. Mr. Braungart played an important role in the establishment of iFunding. He is among sponsors who oversaw the development of the upstart into an industry giant. The duo will sit on a panel, which will concentrate on the progression of commercial real estate.

William Skelley’s Résumé

He came up with the idea of real estate crowdfunding after discovering than many people were struggling to gain ownership of property. Crowdfunder shows this led to the formation of iFunding in 2012. The firm is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life to pool their funds with the sole purpose of buying property. This was a groundbreaking idea, and has formed the background of the company’s growth strategy. By virtue of being iFunding’s CEO, Skelley oversees its business development. His humble demeanor has made him to be described as a hands-on manager. He personally advises the firm’s customers about venturing into the real estate market. Besides this, the Harvard Business School and Hobart College graduate is a public speaker. He mostly addresses forums concerned with real estate funding. He has formerly worked at Bain Capital and Rose Park Advisors among other prominent corporations.  Follow Skelley on Twitter for further updates.

Malls Cutting Hours To Save Energy

Leaders in Venezuela are trying everything to save energy. Public workers have been given a three-day weekend so that there are fewer people at work. Now as reported thru a Slideshare report, malls and other large shopping centers are cutting back their hours to try to save as much energy as possible.

Since Venezuela relies on water for energy and El Nino has reduced the amount of rain that the area has seen, there isn’t a lot of water to convert to energy. The government hopes that by rationing energy, it will help residents and businesses to see that there is a crisis. Over 100 malls have started to either rotate the hours that they are open or have started closing early. Some malls have decided to close on full days in order to save as much electricity as possible. Malls that remain open have seen fewer shoppers, leaving some looking more like a ghost town instead of a place of business. If the energy-saving efforts don’t result in a decrease in electricity across the country, other restrictions could be put into place by the government. These restrictions would affect homeowners like Osio as they would be required to monitor energy usage, such as limiting the time spent washing and drying clothes.



Wikipedia Articles Help Provide Important Information

Wikipedia has become of the world’s most used websites. In any given search, the site will typically rank very highly during a search about a specific subject. Many people have found it helpful to turn the site for basic information about nearly any subject they find interesting or need to know about for their business. In many cases, people have also found it useful to write a Wiki article or help make Wikipedia revisions. One Australian university has gone so far as to offer students the opportunity to learn how to use the site in place of standardized exams or written essays. 

The Australian Experiment

The University of Sydney has offered students attending the college the chance to write articles for Wikipedia. In doing so, they help to help make the site even more accurate and useful to readers. Students are now allowed the chance to create a Wikipedia page that they know will be read by others around the world. This allows students here to demonstrate to others what they have learned in a real world situation. The articles they write are to be written in accordance with stated guidelines on the site that demand articles that are high quality, well written and incorporate the use of multiple, accurate and reliable sources. 

Your Own Wikipedia Business Page Creation 

Given the importance of Wikipedia as a source, many people today have turned to it as a means of writing information about themselves. A good Wikipedia page can be a great way to help people communicate to others about themselves. The page typically will have basic information about a given person and their background as well as their current interests and place of employment. Many people choose to have at least once page about their personal and business interests in order to make sure that any potential employer or client can find such info easily. 

Getting Help

The guidelines at Wikipedia can be confusing and hard to follow. This is why many people have chosen to turn to a Wikipedia writing company such as Get Your Wiki. This company has professional staffers who know how to write up an excellent page for anyone. They also provide a monitoring service meaning they will update a Wiki page that is out of date or presents inaccurate information. When hiring Wiki writers from Get Your Wiki, they know it can be complicated and confusing to create a page. This is why they are happy to help people.

Why Entrepreneurs Choose White Shark Media

Before you launched your small business, you probably consulted with several people who possess wisdom. They told you that entrepreneurship comes with a lot of struggles, and very few new businesses succeed. One of these individuals probably also told you that there are variables that you can control. You can make wise business maneuvers in areas such as marketing and the Internet.

This prospect may have raised some doubts, as you do not know how to navigate through the Internet. You do not know how to conduct digital marketing. Several entrepreneurs who have been in your position have turned to digital marketing agencies such as White Shark Media.

White Shark Media offers an array of necessary services. This is an area for which no compromises can be made. Prior to the advent of the Internet, entrepreneurs would hire advertising and marketing consultants. Marketing agencies have always been integral to business – https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc.

Today, marketing is different than it was a few years ago. Small businesses need to know how to market themselves on the Internet. They need to know how to build a professional website, enhance their SEO, and understand several other intricacies. Most entrepreneurs do not have the time to earn a degree in marketing. They will hire reliable digital marketing organizations such as White Shark Media.

SEO Evaluation

Much of the traffic that comes to your website should probably be drawn from various search engines. When people search for answers to their difficult questions on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, your website should be among the search results. But it can be difficult to know if you are doing everything right on your website. Even if you have mastered a few staple SEO tactics, the search engines might have changed. You might have mastered a particular tactic on Google, but not on Yahoo. What are you doing right, and what are you doing wrong? TopSEOs has confirmed that White Shark Media can answer this question with their SEO evaluation service.

Actively Seeking Review

There is always room for growth and change. Even if you have a base of satisfied customers (as White Shark Media does), you should still actively try to find ways that you can improve your service. The people who have the most invaluable insight are your customers. That is why White Shark Media routinely asks for a review. They ask what services people love and what could change.

Rumors John Kasich Supported By George Soros False

There is a crazy conspiracy theory going around that liberal billionaire hedge fund magnate and political activist George Soros on politifact is secretly bankrolling conservative presidential candidate John Kasich. This wrong theory may have been started by the unethical television ad produced by the super PAC Trusted Leadership, Ted Cruz’s main support. The ad shows pictures of both John Kasich and George Soros, floating together on the screen. A narrator falsely explains that George Soros and other rich liberals are contributing dollars to Kasich’s campaign in the hundreds of thousands.

John Kasich is the Ohio governor running for the GOP presidential nomination on http://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros. The truth is that in fact, George Soros has not made any donations to Kasich or his New Day For America super PAC organization. These ads, which ran on television in Wisconsin right before the April 5th primary, are being investigated for a possible libel lawsuit. The very idea that anyone would use clandestine means to make a super PAC donation is ludicrous. This is because it would be a blatant breaking of national campaign finance law, according to political science professor Tom Sutton from Baldwin Wallace University. All such donations are made public and there is not rule about a limit for donations to super PACs.

Sutton points out that there would be no reason motivating George Soros to hide any such donations. Besides, he says, a look at what other donors have given shows many companies dissociated with Soros giving New Day For America much more money. The only shred of evidence for such a crazy conspiracy theory is that two donors who did give money to the super PAC in question who were formerly associated with Soros: Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller.

Bessent gave 200 grand to New Day For America and another $2,700 directly to Kasich. He is known to have contributed to both conservatives and liberals in the past, including 25 grand to Hillary Clinton’s super PAC: Ready For Hillary. Druckenmiller gave 450 grand to New Day For America last year.

After an investigation on biography.com of the false attack ad was started, some Wisconsin television stations stopped running the ads. Kasich’s campaign has filed records that show expenses at $14 million, but only about $10 million in contributions. This story first broke on PolitiFact Ohio.

Wen by Chaz Cleans Hair

Have you ever wished while you are watching those late-night infomercials that someone could just test the products for you and give you an honest review? After all, most people would probably buy the majority of those products if they thought for one minute that they actually worked the way that they claimed to work on Facebook posts, but the overwhelming majority of individuals are apprehensive about making a purchase because they realize that this is hardly ever the case. Fortunately, a young woman that writes articles on Bustle.com tried the ever-famous hair care product, Wen. She tried WEN by Chaz Dean for a week and she provided her honest feedback about the product with the good, the bad ( depending on your point of view) and everything in between.

She tried WEN for one week, using it religiously every day. The first things that she noticed about it was that it made her hair softer and much fuller than it had ever been. Her biggest problem was dealing with fine hair that had a tendency to fall out a lot when she showered. Her hair is longer and as a result, it sometimes falls out more than shorter hair does. She noticed that not only did her hair stay in place better, it was also fuller and appeared to be thicker.

She also noticed that if she failed to wash it every morning it would become tremendously oily. She points out that even if she showered the night before, she still had to deal with issues surrounding oily hair the next day so she just decided to shower in the morning. Aside from that fact, she seemed to enjoy the results that she got while using Wen and testing it out. It is important to note that all of this is merely a recap of her original article, which you can read in its entirety at http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened.


Looking to a Lawyer For Guidance: Sam Tabar

When clients expect only the best from attorneys and financial professionals, they often find themselves dealing with professionals who fall far short of these expectations. However, for those people who work with Sam Tabar, they get nothing but excellence time after time. Whether he is acting as a attorney who is analyzing compliance issues or a financial analyst giving advice on the latest international financial trends, Sam’s reputation has given him tremendous amounts of credibility with clients as well as other professionals in the industry.

Prior to his acceptance to Oxford University, Sam was already laying the groundwork for what would become a career others would envy. Realizing it would take hard work to reach the highest levels of his profession, Sam set out to ensure he would always be able to stay ahead of his competitors. Always paying attention to the smallest of details, Sam studied anything and everything possible related to the most current financial trends and analysis. Because of this preparedness and forward thinking, Sam was able to enter Oxford University already well ahead of many other students with regards to his career plans.

After graduating with Honors from Oxford, LinkedIn shows how Sam decided to pursue additional education by attending Columbia Law School. While there, he chose to focus on learning everything possible about hedge funds and other aspects of the financial industry. Due to his keen attention to detail, Sam found himself focusing his efforts on hedge fund regulatory and compliance issues. After earning his law degree, Sam put his talents to good use by working for numerous law firms that dealt with complex issues surrounding hedge funds. Whether it was the formation of contracts or questions concerning a fund’s compliance with federal regulations, Sam was always able to provide answers to the toughest questions.

Now viewed as one of the leading financial analysts in the industry, Sam continues to believe it takes dedication to his profession in order to keep the competition at bay. Whether he is acting as legal counsel to a company in Hong Kong or meeting with executives from Fortune 500 companies on Wall Street, Sam is always prepared for any situation he may face along the way.

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