Rumors John Kasich Supported By George Soros False

There is a crazy conspiracy theory going around that liberal billionaire hedge fund magnate and political activist George Soros on politifact is secretly bankrolling conservative presidential candidate John Kasich. This wrong theory may have been started by the unethical television ad produced by the super PAC Trusted Leadership, Ted Cruz’s main support. The ad shows pictures of both John Kasich and George Soros, floating together on the screen. A narrator falsely explains that George Soros and other rich liberals are contributing dollars to Kasich’s campaign in the hundreds of thousands.

John Kasich is the Ohio governor running for the GOP presidential nomination on The truth is that in fact, George Soros has not made any donations to Kasich or his New Day For America super PAC organization. These ads, which ran on television in Wisconsin right before the April 5th primary, are being investigated for a possible libel lawsuit. The very idea that anyone would use clandestine means to make a super PAC donation is ludicrous. This is because it would be a blatant breaking of national campaign finance law, according to political science professor Tom Sutton from Baldwin Wallace University. All such donations are made public and there is not rule about a limit for donations to super PACs.

Sutton points out that there would be no reason motivating George Soros to hide any such donations. Besides, he says, a look at what other donors have given shows many companies dissociated with Soros giving New Day For America much more money. The only shred of evidence for such a crazy conspiracy theory is that two donors who did give money to the super PAC in question who were formerly associated with Soros: Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller.

Bessent gave 200 grand to New Day For America and another $2,700 directly to Kasich. He is known to have contributed to both conservatives and liberals in the past, including 25 grand to Hillary Clinton’s super PAC: Ready For Hillary. Druckenmiller gave 450 grand to New Day For America last year.

After an investigation on of the false attack ad was started, some Wisconsin television stations stopped running the ads. Kasich’s campaign has filed records that show expenses at $14 million, but only about $10 million in contributions. This story first broke on PolitiFact Ohio.

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