How William Skelley Made it to the List of Future Real Estate Gurus

Many corporate leaders aim at building a name for themselves in their respective trades. Being mentioned as decisive figures in the corporate world not only spurs these executives to work hard but also helps build their personal brand. iFunding’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, William Skelley was recently mentioned amongst other industry bigwigs as the future of the real estate business. Skelley’s inclusion in this list is the highlight of his successful career the property market.

A ceremonial meal will be held at New York’s Columbus Citizens Foundation in honor of those named. These are extraordinary men and women who are experts in the property market. The gurus work at global companies including the Carlyle Group, Cushman and Wakefield, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, CIT and Kushner Companies. The invite-only dinner is the brainchild of Michael Stoler, who is Madison Realty Capital’s Managing Director.

Mr. Stoler is a renowned figure in the property market and is credited with pioneering property shows on television. He hosts “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report”. This primetime TV program airs weekly and is devoted to underlining business developments in the real estate scene. To date, it has been aired uninterrupted for 15 episodes. The 16th episode is currently under production. Mr. Skelley will make his debut television in the episode together with Regional Capital Group’s president, Paul Braungart. Mr. Braungart played an important role in the establishment of iFunding. He is among sponsors who oversaw the development of the upstart into an industry giant. The duo will sit on a panel, which will concentrate on the progression of commercial real estate.

William Skelley’s Résumé

He came up with the idea of real estate crowdfunding after discovering than many people were struggling to gain ownership of property. Crowdfunder shows this led to the formation of iFunding in 2012. The firm is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life to pool their funds with the sole purpose of buying property. This was a groundbreaking idea, and has formed the background of the company’s growth strategy. By virtue of being iFunding’s CEO, Skelley oversees its business development. His humble demeanor has made him to be described as a hands-on manager. He personally advises the firm’s customers about venturing into the real estate market. Besides this, the Harvard Business School and Hobart College graduate is a public speaker. He mostly addresses forums concerned with real estate funding. He has formerly worked at Bain Capital and Rose Park Advisors among other prominent corporations.  Follow Skelley on Twitter for further updates.

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