FreedomPop and Free WhatsApp

FreedomPop is really aggressive when it comes to expansion. Among the activities that it is a=involved in is the incorporation of Facebook’s WhatsApp. If there is a good combination that people can experience, it is the combination of free phone service along with the free texting app. FreedonPop is offering its users WhatsApp usage at a zero rate. The only thing is that this is only available in Spain. It is worth noting that FreedomPop is using WhatsApp without a partnership. This is all done on FreedomPop’s own volition. This is part of FreedomPop’s plans for expansion in the year.

Among the plans that FreedomPop has for expansion include forming a partnership up with mobile carriers that are currently in business. This is in fact how FreedomPop got its start. It started out as a wholesale agreement under Sprint. It eventually grew into a partner of Sprint. It has also sought to take on other markets and looking for mobile carriers that are willing to partner with it. There are some cases where the mobile carrier plans to break into completely new markets and offer unique business models to people. Either way, FreedomPop’s expansion plans have turned out to be very successful.

FreedomPop is also on the verge of a significant change. Up until now, FreedomPop always used refurbished or used devices. Now, there is a new device in the works which is being developed by Intel for use with the mobile network. Since it is being developed by Intel, it is going to have a quick processor. Intel has had a hard time breaking into the mobile industry. FreedomPop has given it the opportunity to. This is going to be another significant step in the success of the freemium mobile carrier. Many people are going to be excited about the new phone for a multitude of reasons including the fast processor.

The original article was released onĀ Venturebeat.

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