June, 2016

Wen Cleansing Conditioner, The Ultimate Hair Antidote!

WEN by Chaz Dean is a hair care line infomercial that we obviously have all seen. These infomercials on YouTube contain gorgeous ladies showing off their hair and claiming that the cleansing conditioner is magical. As a curious hair care fan, I couldn’t wait to confirm this, so I tried WEN cleansing conditioner to see how much luscious my thin hair could get.

WEN cleansing conditioner products are all primarily contained in one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment, which are said to work well for any hair type. I chose the Fig version. In disregard to the recent reports about the side effects from using this product, I consciously took chances since am well aware of the probable outcomes of using new products. The product worked perfectly fine.

After a long day, I needed a wash and as well try my Wen cleansing conditioner. I was so keen on the brand usage recommendations which were, 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24pumps for medium and 24-32 for long hair, which seemed too much for my fine hair. I got into the shower and pumped a generous serving of the product and spread in my hair. I rubbed it into my scalp and rinsed my hair after letting it soak for a short time. While massaging, I noticed that my hair felt thicker and more and, fewer strands were falling out! I after that blow-dried my hair. It was shiny and bouncy; WEN by Chaz Dean [http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html] is great.
Next morning, I unexpectedly woke up with greasy roots. I ran my usual errands and showered first thing on return. I underwent the whole routine and afterward, my hair was shiny and voluminous as day 1!
On day 3, my hair wasn’t as greasy as day 2, but oilier. I hopped into the shower and did my routine. My hair was lovely again. I missed a shower on the 4th morning but went to a salon, that didn’t do my hair any good, on day 5 I had the usual morning shower and my hair resumed its great look! I showered on day 6, and 7 with WEN cleansing conditioner, and I must say that it’s a great product for fine hair to be washed and styled every morning. Wen is available on Amazon.

First-Rate Brazilian Investor Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a famed investor who hails from Brazil. Although he’s been highly active in the banking world in the past, he’s retired from it at the moment. He retired back in 2010. Cornelsen presently is an employee of the Bainbridge Group Inc., which is located in the Bahamas. Cornelsen resides in the United States now but had a strong career while he still lived and worked in Brazil, too. When he worked in Brazil, he was a major force in banking. He was even in charge of a variety of extremely notable global banking institutions.

Cornelsen is equipped with extensive investment knowledge. He understands company investments incredibly well. He understands commodity investments incredibly well, too. His impressive expertise is the direct result of his background in the industry. Igor Cornelsen has aided many investors who were in need of sound advice. His suggestions empowered these investors to make smart long-term investment choices. Cornelsen also dissuaded investors who were on the verge of completing investments in damaged businesses. He encouraged them to concentrate on stocks that were damaged as a better alternative. Damaged stocks are inexpensive to purchase. They can often be good for investors who are willing to exercise patience and wait for financial rewards down the road.

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Whether you’re investing in commodities or foreign exchange…

The Career Life of Igor Cornelsen

Since Cornelsen has significant wisdom regarding the investment universe, he’s often keen to talk about it. He regularly offers investment advice to major news publications, for example. In 2014, he talked to iReport on CNN.com and told them all about his effective portfolio management techniques.

Many massive companies in the United States have depended on Cornelsen for his rare financial expertise. One example is Burger King, a fast food establishment that’s well-known all around the world.

Cornelsen serves as the Bainbridge Group Inc.’s proprietor. He lives in sun-kissed South Florida. Investment is a pastime for him. Investment, however, isn’t the only thing that keeps Cornelsen going every day. He also has another big love that has absolutely nothing to do with investing or banking. That love is golfing. Cornelsen adores making the most of the many A+ golf courses that are so easy to find close to his Boca Raton, South Florida residence.

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Venezuela Takes Their Turn Offering Condolences to Orlando

When tragic events take place, most of the world stands with them. The recent attack on an Orlando, Florida nightclub has left the entire world in mourning, including Venezuela. Unfortunately, the country is currently experiencing some economic upsets that are thankfully beginning to stabilize, but that did not stop officials from releasing a heartfelt message pertaining to the tragic events.
“Venezuela condemns the attack that caused the death of more than 50 people in a nightclub in Florida,” said a top Diplomat on her My Space account after the event took place. From there, her and other country natives took the time out to offer their condolences to all of those involved, and used it as an opportunity to express Venezuela’s disgust and their zero tolerance for similar situations.

Expert Diaz Granados sees this events certainly surprised the world who believes that some countries are entirely too wrapped up in their own business to extend a helping hand, but Venezuela is truly exempt from that theory. Their loving tweets and kind words further validate that the world stands with victims of all backgrounds in solidarity, and that they always will.

Sanjay Shah Is Completely Devoted To Autism Speaks

Businessman and entrepreneur Sanjay Shah is doing a lot these days. Not only is he CEO of one of the largest hedge fund company in the U.K., he’s also spending a lot of time on autism research. In 2011, Shah’s youngest son, Nekhil, was diagnosed with the neurological disorder, autism. From that point on, Shah was devoted to helping scientists find a cure to this life-altering condition.

During an interview on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network Enterprise Radio, Shah discussed his life, business and his brainchild, Autism Rocks. Shah created the rock festival in 2014 as a means to raise money for autism research. “I know that Nekhil has the advantage of having a parent who is well off. I want to make sure individuals who don’t have the resources get help,” said Shah.

Shah says the minute his son was diagnosed, he went to work. He found the best teachers and therapists to help him. “He’s really doing well,” said Shah. He says while he’s devoting his time to research, he’s taken a leave of absence from his company, Solo Capital.

Shah built the company from scratch after learning the ropes from other companies. He went from nothing to building a company that is worth $400 million. In fact, is a former medical student that decided to change career paths after 2 years of medical school. “I was bored and simply wanted to do something else,” said Shah.

The upcoming Autism Rocks concert is scheduled for this May. Past guests include Prince, Drake, TI and Michael Buble. He say its a way to raise money and for autism sufferers and their families to mingle, network with other families and have fun.

Shah says he believes doctors may be close to a breakthrough. Maybe in the next 10 or 15 years, according to Shah. “Right now, this is my passion.”

When asked if he plans on going back to work at his company, Shah said never say never. “I’m in semi-retirement now. I’m in no big rush.” Besides, he say it gives him a lot of time to devote to his family.


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Great Advice for Small Business Owners Under An Online Siege

Negative content published online has the potential to do a lot of harm to a business. The content may be conceived in the minds of haters who want to do a lot of damage. Entrepreneur.com published a solid article on how to deal with bad reviews, rude commentary, and other assorted troubling material.


The worst way to deal with the problem is to ignore it. A reputation means a lot in the business world. Customer put credibility ahead of many other traits when wishing to choose a company to work with. No one likes to waste time and customers definitely do not want to waste money. Choosing to patronize a business that delivers poor service sets a customer on the path to wasting both. Checking out the internet to determine if a particular establishment is worth supporting is the first step many take. If the results of the search engines are loaded with negative text, the customers go elsewhere. Searchcleanup.com can remove negative reviews online.


They are likely going to go into the waiting arms of a competitor. Ironically, the competitor may be shady or offer subpar service but does not have the weight of bad online content dragging his/her enterprise down. That is just how the business world works sometimes.


Do not, however, start slinging mud with those who made the rude content. Avoid overreacting or appearing defensive. This might not help the cause. As Entrepreneur points out, getting into online jousts do little more than take a business owner off his or her game. Focusing on important things is the better approach. Looking at the motivations that led to starting the business helps feed more positive vibes.


Acknowledging certain controversies is helpful when customers start to second-guess a business’ commitments. Reassuring customers that all is well is wise. So is making special deals or discounts available to them to keep their patronage strong.


Solutions do exist for dealing with really situations. Working with a solid reputation management firm that knows how to diminish the presence of extremely troubling search engine results or related content would absolutely be a prudent move. (See http://searchcleanup.com/ for solutions). They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Venezuela Pleads for Help – Citizen Suffer Through Hunger, Blackouts and Government Shutdown

Caracas, Venezuela used to be booming with business, just like every other country’s capital. Now as reported by Open Corporates, the streets are silent except for protests. The courts are closed with no sign of reopening. The public defender’s office has been shut down and was set up as a food bank to help support government employees and their families. Due to the decisions made by the government, the country is shutting down piece by piece.
Venezuela has never been a wealthy country. They have had more than their fair share of shortages and corruption. They have been denied basic necessities on countless occasions. This time, the decisions of the government have brought the country to a new low they have never experienced before.

The government’s decisions may be to blame for the suffering of the people says expert Velasquez Figueroa, but they have tried to take some measures to preserve what little the country does have left. The government has mostly shut down all of its offices for the last two weeks; government offices have only been open for two hours per day on business days.

A more pressing issue is that the government has been forced to begin water and electricity rations. Some areas of the country do not have access to adequate amounts of either.

According to Dateas, protest that were once peaceful are now becoming violent, especially in areas where supermarket shelves are empty and plans have not been made to resupply them.

Kyle Bass On Recession and China’s Economy

As originally exposed in the article The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler, Kyle Bass is one of many financial workers talking about the world economies. Among the things that Kyle Bass believes is that China is not going to have a bounce back moment. Kyle Bass also believes that the world is headed for another recession. This belief is shared with other economists. One of the signs that he is looking at is the $7-8 trillion debt and the negative rates of trading. These models do not make any sense to Kyle Bass. He echos Donald Trump on the belief that the economy is headed for a recession. He doesn’t totally agree with Trump on why there is another recession coming.

Kyle Bass himself has become famous for his prediction of the 2008 recession. However, this has proven to be a fluke for Kyle Bass as he made bad call after bad call. He has made plenty of bad decisions in the public eye. He is often compared to Shyamalan. He has made a very good story, and then it was followed by many bad calls. He eventually lost credibility and became a laughing stock among public figures. As time went on, he dropped to new lows. He has even made some questionable allies.

One example of an ally that he has made that he shouldn’t have made is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. She has caused a lot of problems in the economy of her country. Kyle Bass insists on defending her in the face of all of the criticism. Afterwards, he has went on to make some thoughtless statements about some vehicles that have killed passengers because of faulty airbags. Kyle Bass has made some very interesting decisions. On top of that, he has made all of these bad calls after making the amazing prediction of the economic downfall of 2008. Now, many people watch him for little more than laughs.

Brad Reifler: A Trustworthy Financial Executive

Brad Reifler graduated with a degree in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College in 1981. His career began in earnest when he founded Reifler Trading Company the following year. After astounding growth and success, the company was acquired by Refco, where Reifler was a star trader. However, Brad was not yet done being an entrepreneur.

Reifler was a founding partner, chairman and chief executive officer of Pali Capital. Brad gained a stellar reputation along Wall Street thanks to his impressive work at Pali. The company became world-renowned under his leadership and gained revenues exceeding $200 million annually.

Brad struck success a third time as the CEO of Forefront Income Trust. Forefront is a unique firm that concentrates on the direct loan and speciality finance space of the market. Reifler’s originality has attracted an impressive group of board members that are dedicated to the financial betterment of the many, not just the few. The Forefront fund donates 3% to veterans and military families and does not take a cent until the investor makes 8%. Forefront works to truly minimize the risks to investors and works hand in hand with business leaders to ensure strong relationships throughout their network.

Brad is a strong proponent of expanding the investment market below the top 1% of earners in America. He has made several public appearances to discuss how low and middle-class individuals and families can save for their future. He has been featured in top financial outlets, including MarketWatch, Reuters, and Yahoo Finance. He is committed to enabling people from all walks of life to achieve financial stability and freedom.  Read more about what Brad is doing to help the middle class with his article found here: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/11/24/idUSnMKWR89fsa+1e0+MKW20141124

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