Venezuela Takes Their Turn Offering Condolences to Orlando

When tragic events take place, most of the world stands with them. The recent attack on an Orlando, Florida nightclub has left the entire world in mourning, including Venezuela. Unfortunately, the country is currently experiencing some economic upsets that are thankfully beginning to stabilize, but that did not stop officials from releasing a heartfelt message pertaining to the tragic events.
“Venezuela condemns the attack that caused the death of more than 50 people in a nightclub in Florida,” said a top Diplomat on her My Space account after the event took place. From there, her and other country natives took the time out to offer their condolences to all of those involved, and used it as an opportunity to express Venezuela’s disgust and their zero tolerance for similar situations.

Expert Diaz Granados sees this events certainly surprised the world who believes that some countries are entirely too wrapped up in their own business to extend a helping hand, but Venezuela is truly exempt from that theory. Their loving tweets and kind words further validate that the world stands with victims of all backgrounds in solidarity, and that they always will.

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