First-Rate Brazilian Investor Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a famed investor who hails from Brazil. Although he’s been highly active in the banking world in the past, he’s retired from it at the moment. He retired back in 2010. Cornelsen presently is an employee of the Bainbridge Group Inc., which is located in the Bahamas. Cornelsen resides in the United States now but had a strong career while he still lived and worked in Brazil, too. When he worked in Brazil, he was a major force in banking. He was even in charge of a variety of extremely notable global banking institutions.

Cornelsen is equipped with extensive investment knowledge. He understands company investments incredibly well. He understands commodity investments incredibly well, too. His impressive expertise is the direct result of his background in the industry. Igor Cornelsen has aided many investors who were in need of sound advice. His suggestions empowered these investors to make smart long-term investment choices. Cornelsen also dissuaded investors who were on the verge of completing investments in damaged businesses. He encouraged them to concentrate on stocks that were damaged as a better alternative. Damaged stocks are inexpensive to purchase. They can often be good for investors who are willing to exercise patience and wait for financial rewards down the road.

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The Career Life of Igor Cornelsen

Since Cornelsen has significant wisdom regarding the investment universe, he’s often keen to talk about it. He regularly offers investment advice to major news publications, for example. In 2014, he talked to iReport on and told them all about his effective portfolio management techniques.

Many massive companies in the United States have depended on Cornelsen for his rare financial expertise. One example is Burger King, a fast food establishment that’s well-known all around the world.

Cornelsen serves as the Bainbridge Group Inc.’s proprietor. He lives in sun-kissed South Florida. Investment is a pastime for him. Investment, however, isn’t the only thing that keeps Cornelsen going every day. He also has another big love that has absolutely nothing to do with investing or banking. That love is golfing. Cornelsen adores making the most of the many A+ golf courses that are so easy to find close to his Boca Raton, South Florida residence.

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