Diehl Discusses The World of Gold on EPN

Financial news podcasts are worth listening to when they feature topical content and an interesting guest. EPN’s Enterprise Radio featured both in a solid interview with Philip N. Diehl. The former Director of the U.S. Mint and current President of U.S. Money Reserve spoke about the current state of the gold investing market. He also revealed interesting insights about why gold coins are in demand and will always continue to be in demand.

Diehl discussed the many reasons why people are interested in buying gold. He provided numerous credible reason. Gold has thousands of years as being a valuable asset that rises in price when demand is strong. Concerns over the monetary policy in the United States has led many to worry about currency devaluation. Such devaluation could lead to an increase in the price of gold. Hence, buying gold makes sense to a number of investors.

Private investors are not the only ones who have a sincere interest in purchasing gold. Foreign governments have been buying up large amounts of gold. They do this to hedge their economies in the same way people want to hedge their portfolios.

Diehl points out that investing in gold should not be something intended solely for the short-term. Long-term investing rather than trading is likely to yield the best results. Also, Diehl suggests – strongly – people buy the right gold assets from a reliable distributor. Read more:

Gold coins, particularly ones minted by the United States government, are suggested as preferred assets. Such coins are legitimate currency backed by the economy of the U.S.A. These should absolutely be confidence-boosting traits in any precious metal asset.

U.S. Money Reserve has a large inventory of U.S. Mint-produced coins for sale. The company has distributed millions of dollars in precious metals to buyers throughout the United States. Under Diehl’s leadership, U.S. Money Reserve started to offer innovative options such as a special precious metals IRA and more. Those interested in learning more about the company should visit the new e-commerce site that was recently launched.

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