August, 2016

Keith Mann’s Philanthropic Undertakings to Help the New Generation Leaders

Keith Mann, who is the proprietor of the Dynamic Search Partners, recently announced that he would be launching the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievements. This bursary will be an award that is dedicated to helping future generation leaders. Mr. Keith Mann and his wife Keely collaborated with the Uncommon Schools, which are headquartered in New York City, to ensure that the scholarship is successfully implemented. One student from the Brookline-based Uncommon Schools’ high schools will benefit from the bursary every year. Uncommon Schools is the founder and controller of various highly ranked chartered government schools that assist students from humble backgrounds in attending and graduating from college. The institution has about 44 charter schools under its management, and its services help close to 14000 students in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Individuals who would like to benefit from the scholarship should write a 1000-word essay that explains how acquiring a college degree will facilitate their career objectives. Students from poor backgrounds will take advantage of the bursary by attending college. Senior students who will be graduating from the Brooklyn-based Uncommon Schools are allowed to apply for the scholarship. The winner of the award is given 5000 dollars to be used as tuition fees.

Keith Mann is a thriving entrepreneur and a renowned philanthropist. He has been active in the executive search sector for about fifteen years and is committed to acknowledging the potential leaders of the next generation by empowering them to join organizations that can support their success. Mr. Mann has ample knowledge in reimbursement of hedge funds, contracting, and staffing strategies. He noted an unutilized gap in the fast-rising hedge fund market and in 2002, he founded the Alternative Investment Practice in Dynamics Executive Search.

In 2006, Keith joined the private equity sector. He then established the Search Partners (DSP) in 2009, and it is currently one of the top executive search companies. The operations of DSP majorly focus on alternative investment companies. Mr. Mann currently serves as the firm’s CEO, and he controls all its undertakings. DSP seals more than 200 orders from its customers each year, and it works with various businesses in the alternative investment sector in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Innovacare Leading Provider Of Medicare Advantage Plans

The Medicare Advantage plan is a program available through the Affordable Care Act that gives those seeking medical coverage a private option instead of using traditional medicare. The care that each version of Medicare covers is divided up into portions. Traditional Medicare covers Part and Part B. Medicare Advantage covers other things that are covered under Part A and Part B doesn’t cover like vision dental. The Advantage plan can also cover other wellness and therapy programs. It may also cover some prescription medicines that Medicare doesn’t cover.

It is important to note that Medicare Advantage (MA) is also required to cover all the things that are covered in parts A and B if Medicare coverage. While it was an option for coverage before Obamacare was enacted, the number of people are enrolled in Medicare C coverage has increased dramatically since it was passed. There are reportedly 5.6 million more people enrolled in MA coverage than there was before the Affordable Care Act. This is 31% of the total number of people that are enrolled in Medicare as a whole. The number of people enrolled in the Medicare Advantage plan has increased in recent years. Those that have the plan should be aware of some up and coming changes to the program, though.

The MA plan will be more available in 2016. There will be more plans overall in InnovaCare Health. There will also be more private companies supplying the plan. It is important to note that the plan is more available in urban areas than rural areas.

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There will also be a slight increase in the cost of the premium for those that want Medicare D coverage on InnovaCare Health. Less and less people are going to have access to Medicare part D coverage. The average deductible in 2016 is $116. There is still a large group of people will that have access to Medicare Part D coverage with not deductible.

One private company that provides Medicare Advantage coverage plans to its customers is InnovaCare Health under the direction of Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Shinto has over 20 years as a practicing physician. This is both in clinical and surgical services for his patients. Rick Shinto has also run a variety of different medical groups and medical manage companies.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administration Officer at InnovaCare. She has worked in various administrative and executive positions at the company for years. Her specialty is creating clinical programs. She is also very skilled in creating more efficient health care processes for clients.



Online Reputation Management, A Job You Might Want To Leave To The Professionals

It seems that everyone understands the value of keeping your reputation safe online and offline. Although the idea of protecting your online reputation might seem new, this concept has been around since the start of the internet. Mostly, online reputation management was used by huge corporations. In recent years it has become more and more important for everyone, from small business to large business and even an individual all need online reputation management.You might get the idea that you can protect your own reputation online and this is true, however, you might want to engage the service of an online reputation management service. Search Clean Up is an online reputation management service that is worth taking a look at. You can find them at: to get started on cleaning up negative news online.

Being proactive is a great idea when your reputation is being attacked. Once your reputation becomes out of control on the internet it can take months to fix all of the issues. It is for this reason you should search your name online and be proactive in your online reputation management. Once you find anything that needs to be fixed, or even if you don’t, call in the pros. One thing you can do is brand yourself on social media. Even if you don’t want to use the social media accounts, you should claim them under your business name just to protect it from. Once someone else registers your business name or your personal name online, there is little that you can do to reclaim it. Another great idea is to own as many domain names as you can. This will help with branding and give you a position to fall back on if something gets out of hand.

Keep in mind, when you use a service like Search Clean Up, things will never get out of hand because they will be hard at work to keep your online reputation looking great. Remember that you can check them out at:

Regardless of how hard you try to manage your own online reputation, it is always best to have a professional online reputation management service on your side and working for you. They can work around the clock to keep your good name in a positive light, while you concentrate on running your business.

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