Andy Worth Pleased That Squaw Expansion Moves Forward

Andy Worth, the owner of the Squaw Valley Ski resort is pleased that he, the city council, and the concerned citizens were able to reach a compromise so that construction can move forward on the Squaw expansion. Concerns about the effect that additional traffic would have on the region were a major reason for the meeting.

Wirth is adamant that the traffic issues are not a result of the visitors to his resort, but he still has a proposal for a solution. Worth believes that the issues about traffic, which came up at the meeting, could be resolved by better public transportation in the region.

He and some of his staff have come up with a proposal for the public to vote on and he and his company are ready to provide a portion of the funding. He believes that this will be a great service for people in the region who do not have adequate transportation and that it will also help prevent further traffic congestion.

The new proposal for the Squaw Valley expansion includes more housing for guests and for workers in order to accommodate the growing number of people who visit the Lake Tahoe area resort each year.

According to CrowdRise, Andy Worth is the CEO of Squaw Valley. He and his team have worked hard to make the Lake Tahoe area resort one of the top vacation destinations in the country. In addition to working hard to create the best ski resort possible, worth is also passionate about improving the environment and the quality of life in the surrounding community.

His efforts to help reduce traffic by proposing a public transportation system are only one example of the work he has done.

Andy Wirth is also passionate about giving back. One cause he has supported is the United States military, particularly the Navy Seals. A near fatal skydiving accident caused him to reevaluate his life’s priorities and he has since founded an Ironman team that helps raise money for the Navy Seals Foundation.

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