October, 2016

Magnises Taking Fun Life to the Next Level

Magnises is a platform that acts as a personal assistant that ensures that no single party or a special event happening in the city passes you without your knowledge. Magnises takes your party life to the next level by making sure that you get the happenings and invitations without gate pass restrictions. Magnises offers various experiential and benefits to its members according to the available categories be it culture, sports, live concerts and nightlife. Being a Magnises member, you get enrolled to unlimited access to various clubs around the city and receive a VIP treatment wherever you go.

Being a nightlife person, you don’t have to hassle for gate passes. Magnises does it for you and you only need to provide the Magnises black card and access is granted. Magnises reserves a table for the “members only” ensuring the member enjoys to the fullest leaving others admire the type of service a Magnises member is offered. Magnises organizes special night events on businessinsider.com with secret performers in private places where a member is not worried about his privacy.As a Magnises member, you get an alert to attend and enjoy. In some instances, Magnises covers for the first few bottles of drinks or entitle you to a bonus of buying one and getting one free. With Magnises, in all night events, you are always a VIP.

Other than creating special events for its members, Magnises also does a complete analysis of other places where an event is getting down and recommends the member to attend. Magnises does the hassle and leaves the member to enjoy. With Magnises, members get free exclusive tickets and a special time to meet with professionals from different caliber who are also members of this great platform.

Magnises always creates exciting events and creates different platforms to bring together its members to share the fun together. For instance, Magnises threw an awesome party on vimeo.com to its members when celebrating its two years anniversary. Other than this, there have been many other events such as Magnises Thursday and July Penthouse party. Members’ satisfaction has been the driving force of Magnises and living life large is their goal.

To keep the communication simple and efficient, Magnises has established a mobile application where members can quickly log in and be informed of the next big event before hand. The app is fitted with various tabs giving suggestions on which night club is having the hottest jam and which clubs the members have reservations. To keep the connection going, Magnises has identified various hotspots in different cities where members, as well as their guests, can meet, drink and mingle freely with other members.

Magnises have created a community involving tastemakers, experience seekers and influencers from all across the country and provide each member with a Magnises card as an identification and payment tool to get access to the universal happiness in whatever city the member chooses. For only $257.55 you get an annual Magnises membership and unlimited offers that will turn around your fun life.

Keep The Business Breathing

There are a lot of differences between business success and business failure. One of the major differences between a successful business and a failed business is that it is constantly in motion. There is always some kind of update. For one thing, there is always some kind of update to keep the customer motivated. If there is nothing new coming from the business, then the customer will be less likely to visit the company. This is one of the very important aspects of marketing, and it is very important for onesonline reputation. Search engines love sites that are constantly updated. As a site keeps growing, it rises in the ranks of the search result. As a result, it will eventually reach the higher ranks in the search results.

Website onlinereputationreviews.com reveals that one of the most important things to do when it comes to search engines is try to write content that is optimized so that it will appear on the front page. When one becomes used to writing high ranking content, then he will be able to have greater control over the search results when his name pops up. That way, when people search for his name or the name of the business, then he will be willing to interact with the person or the business.

For many people, providing optimized content is going to be almost impossible. Therefore, one has the option of hiring people who can write content that is optimized so that he could take some time to focus on other issues that he has happening. There are a lot of things that one can do in order make sure that he is making his site popular in the search results. As one keeps providing updates, he will make sure that his business is still bringing in the sales and the income.

Lime Crime – Beauty at an Affordable Price


Whether you want to blend in, or stand out, Lime Crime has the makeup for you. Noted for its long-lasting, smudge-proof makeup; it gives you the ability to customize your appearance. Lime Crime is rapidly becoming a social media sensation … introducing new tones that both sparkle and glimmer. It is described on the company’s website as the Internet’s favorite indie makeup line


They are adding metallic colors to the already popular Velvetines, and introducing an all-new group of colors, called Superfoil Duos. These shimmering colors include: Crystal/Halo (silver and gold); Miami/Gator, (red gold and olive); Squad/Goals, (mauve with violet sparks and taupe with pink sparks); and Lucid/Dream, (golden mauve and cocoa brown).

Both the Superfoils and the Metallic Velvetines can be purchased on the Internet [DollsKill.com] and shipped worldwide. Within the Continental United States, free shipping is available on any order of $50 and up on Amazon. Committed to bringing innovation to the cosmetic market, Lime Crime cosmetics are certified both vegan and cruelty-free, and can be applied wet or dry.


For the folks at Lime Crime, makeup is a means of self-expression rather than just a way to hide blemishes. Their line of cosmetics, sometimes described as whimsical, is both playful and light-hearted; a kind of “laughter for the eyes.” Based in Los Angeles, the people at Lime Crime keep in mind that customer satisfaction, and repeat business, is essential to survival. Doe Deere, the company’s founder, says that getting Instagram photos from loyal customers is a favorite component of any new product launch.


It seems that, at least when comes to makeup, you can be whatever you want to be … and dreams can come true.  Read more at the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere, which can be found here: http://www.ilovelimecrime.com/

Brian Bonar Has Three Decades of Greatness

It is not every day that someone has been in the financial sector for three decades. Not only has Brian Bonar been in the financial sector for three decades, he has produced results. He has staying power and that is something that people look for when giving out awards.

When Brian Bonar received the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year award, which is only given out to two men and two women every year, it just proved what people already knew: Brian Bonar is a diamond in the rough. The thing about him is that he always keeps his head down, works hard, and just does his job. That is how he likes to work and that has been a successful process for him.

Because of his experience, he has been entrusted with a lot of responsibility. However, if there is ever a man or woman that is up for the job, it is Bonar. The three decades was mentioned earlier and that was for a reason. People are known to change jobs, get fired, quit, leave, or do something else with their lives.

With Brian Bonar, he has stuck it out and he does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. When giving out this award, the following link, http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/brian-bonar-receives-professional-networking-communitys-highest-honor-98913914.html, noted what they are looking for when they give out this award to two men and two women every year.

They look at education and education is very, very important in today’s day and age and it was important when Brian Bonar was starting out. He has a Ph.D., which shows he has the education to go along with the street smarts. A lot of people only have one, but when you find someone that has both, that is a winning formula for success. It showed he was willing to put in the time to get his degree, finish school, and do it right.

They also look for leadership abilities and he is always a leader at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He knows that, as a leader, people are relying on him to do the right thing. They look up to him. However, he has remained the same person as when he started out. That is what a true leader is. It is someone that has success and is a leader but they still can maintain that every-man quality that people truly respect.

In addition to that, he is also Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services. He likes to have a lot on his plate and keep his life busy. The last thing they look for his professional achievements. The fact he has been able to handle all of this and keep his cool and not get flustered is an achievement itself.

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