December, 2016

Fabletics And Kate Hudson Successfully Compete With Amazon

The entire country needs to move more, there is just about no doubt about this, and perhaps Kate Hudson thinks they will if only they had some cute gear to wear! If every time the average person was upset by the abysmal findings of whatever it is they were looking for, that they could then take that upset and build a company that would negate their dismay, maybe some would, but likely many would not. They would arbitrarily lament their lack of satisfactory options, and boo-hiss the industry at large, but not Kate Hudson.


She might well be one of the busiest celebrities in Hollywood, but that did not stop her from recognizing an opportunity. Disgusted with the workout clothing options she was finding, rather than pay some seamstress egregious amounts of money to quietly make her the best, one-of-a-kind workout gear, she let this galvanize her to help others, and built a business instead. The company is called “Fabletics.”


Kate Hudson did not grossly limit her ability by just getting involved in manufacturing a new spin on yoga pants, but rather built a clever subscription service into her website. There are a plethora of new metrics to focus on with the evolution of online buyers. Her brand, aside from their subscription service, focuses on things like “last-mile service,” brand recognition and the very important exclusive design. In addition, she joins a rather short list of wildly successful companies which started out only as an online retailer, and then proceeded to do the reverse of what almost every other company does. After creating a mega-hit brand through the online world, she has gone brick-and-mortar. Fabletics has launched stores in California, Hawaii, Illinois and Florida.


The recipe for success with Ms. Hudson’s thriving enterprise is that it is much easier to keep customers happy if you know what they want, rather than arbitrarily try to tell them what they want. Fabletics does something very few companies do, which is ask their customers what they like. There is the equivalent of a quiz for customers which they use to gauge their interests. The subscription service then capitalizes on what is learned using it to target-market to their subscription-based customers.


There might be nothing better than a company asking someone what they like, and then providing them with alerts when items they might be interested in are being offered. It seems so simple, and wildly efficacious, yet it is likely never done, or done in a disingenuous manner. Many companies might ask customers what they like, and then they just go on, ignoring what they have been told, and just proceed to use the information captured to market more stuff. Ms. Hudson sees consumers as not a means of growing her happiness, but more as a means of growing “their” happiness.


This focus on creating a better shopping experience has her celebrating a company that has grown just about exponentially in just 3 years time. The reason is simple: she listens, and then she makes a great product based on what she hears, which is perhaps better known as the best recipe for success ever.

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George Soros Headlines Democracy Alliance Meeting

Politico recently published an article about a meeting of a group of liberal financiers known as the Democracy Alliance, which was founded in 2004 after George Soros and other major Democratic Party and progressive donors were unsuccessful in helping to unseat George W. Bush. At the dawn of a Trump presidency, the membership of the club, 100 or so wealthy magnates and financiers, met to analyze their failure to ensure Hillary Clinton’s election.

Soros does not usually attend DA meetings, and it is even rarer for him to address the group directly, so his role as a keynote speaker at the event suggests his investment in preventing a second Trump term. After scaling down his financial commitment to progressive causes during the Obama years, George Soros has once again pledged his financial support by contributing $25 million to the Clinton campaign as well as other liberal organizations endorsed by the DA, such as Media Matters and the Center for American Progress. During primary season, George Soros famously likened Trump and fellow GOP candidate Tom Cruz to ISIS.

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Membership in Democracy Alliance requires payment of a $30,000 annual dues fee and a commitment to provide a minimum of $200,000 in financial support to organizations approved by the organization. This post-election DA event brought together members and Democratic congressional leaders, such as Nancy Pelossi and Elizabeth Warren, as well as major union leaders and leaders of other major progressive organization. Some attendees felt that a complete overhaul of liberal strategy was called for, given that this was an election Clinton was clearly capable of winning. They believe that the strategy of appealing mainly to the “rising electorate” of women and minority voters was flawed as Trump’s victory relied on white working class voters. Others point to the fact Clinton was able to secure a majority of the popular vote as proof that current approach is working, and it is simply a matter of increasing turnout among key liberal demographics.

At the meeting, George Soros tied in his personal experience as a Holocaust survivor and his experience living under communist rule with the prospect of a Trump presidency. Whether liberal donors decide to tweak their strategy or completely re-tool, it is clear that Soros considers the election of Trump to be extremely dangerous, and if his level of financial commitment in 2016 is any indication, he will likely continue to ramp up his support to ensure Democratic victory in the midterm elections and four years from now.

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Madison Street Capital – About Us

Madison Street Capital is an international banking firm that operates under a strict commitment to its clients. The attention given to those who come in search of our counsel and services is dependent upon a standard of excellence that is made possible by a leadership that guides its staff to maintain the integrity necessary to succeed in the world of financial investing. Both private and publicly held businesses can rely on our understanding of the dynamics of the respective markets they operate in.


Due to the intense speed at which the world of business moves, we at Madison Street Capital understand how to operate in a manner that delivers timely results to our clients in a manner that satisfies their needs without compromising the quality of the results. Making sense of what our clients need in order to meet their financial and business goals has defined how we go about tailoring our work, making use of the nuance in business in order to best represent our clients. This means that those who come to us receive the same level of care from our staff, all of whom have been tested in business and finance, applying their knowledge and experience to challenging tasks. This includes having arranging the structure of capital and parsing the financial needs of all parties in mediation to ensure those under our representation get the most out of what they seek.


With years in operation, Madison Street Capital has partnered with hundreds of clients and places the representation of their financial concerns at the forefront of all we do. This experience in corporate finance and business structuring has left us well versed in the demands placed on our business, and we have risen to the challenge and have become one of the premiere financial advising firms. With offices across North America, Africa and Asia, Madison Street Capital has applied these standards to a global presence that has made us influential partners regardless of industry or region.

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Kenneth Goodgame: The Most Ideal Person for The Post of Principal Executive At True Value Company

True Value Company has a rich history. Customers from all walks of life keep streaming in by the day for quality services and durable products for home improvement. Something that started as four hardware cooperatives and a hardware wholesaler would live long enough to be the day’s True Value Company.

ServiStar (an American hardware and supply), The Coast to Coast Cooperation, Midwest-based Hibbard Spencer Bartlett & Company, and Cotter and Company (True Value) came together through the tests of time to form True Value Company.

True Value Company believes that success in entrepreneurship is as a result of providing their member-owners with solid directions and verified programs that are tested and proven to drive retail sales higher by the day. The company also believes that her people are its greatest assets.

They are at the core of their brand and demonstrate the name of the enterprise. Informed and experienced leadership is what it takes to grow the company to profitable heights.

At the heart of the True Value Company is The Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer known as Mr. Kenneth Goodgame. He is truly a marketing maestro. Every company wants him on board and behind the wheels. His impressive marketing skills ensure that customers buy from the stores without a second thought. He sets up promotions and the products in a manner likely to lure clients.

Goodgame has worked in several companies. He was the president of Ace Hardware Corporation, Oak Brook, IL from 2010 to 2013. Kenneth Goodgame also worked at Techtronic Industries and Newell Rubbermaid. He brought about growth and success in all the companies.

Mr. Kenneth values end caps in his work. He expresses that these places are readily noticeable by clients as they walk into the store and are suitable for ads and promotions. Customers can easily find what is being promoted in ads and circulars and should work on their relevance. Mr. Kenneth Goodgame is a graduate of the University of Tennessee. He holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Marketing.

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