End Citizens United Celebrates Big Fundraising Quarter

From the outside looking in the United States government can appear to be working as intended. However, if you look a bit closer you will see that Washington D.C. has been overrun by the problem of dark money. Dark money, as it were, is money that comes into the government that influences politicians at every level. Imagine an oil company that doesn’t want a right wing politician to vote for restrictive legislation for the better of the environment. That oil company will throw $1 million in campaign contributions and suddenly the right wing politician votes in favor of the oil company. Dark money is a huge problem and it is one that the team at End Citizens United is going to be tackling.


End Citizens United is named after the 2010 Supreme Court case that saw a conservative, right wing group named Citizens United argue for looser campaign finance restrictions. Their reasoning was ostensibly for ‘freedom’ but really was just to allow millionaires and billionaires to start buying up politicians. After all, what politician wouldn’t want a giant hand out in order to change their vote? End Citizens United is led by President and CEO Tiffany Muller and it is their goal to introduce legislation that effectively overturns Citizens United, thus making their name a reality. However, the team at End Citizens United can’t do it all on their own and they’ve turned to the public to try and motivate them.


As it turns out, people have been motivated en masse ever since the election of Donald Trump as President. Through the first fundraising quarter of 2017 the team at End Citizens United saw 100,000 donations come pouring in. The majority of these donations were only worth $12 or fewer which shows that this is a true movement by the American people. The final numbers at the end of the first quarter for what End Citizens United managed to raise settled in around $4 million, an impressive number. End Citizens United is focused on the 2018 Congressional Elections and they know they’ll need much more. As a result, the political action committee is looking to raise around $35 million to help prime their candidates for a few big runs at Congressional seats.


Campaign finance reform at a local and state level is one thing, but End Citizens United has their eyes set on the federal government. This, as it turns out, will be much more difficult to pass. Getting campaign finance reform on the ticket at the federal level will require some portion of bipartisan voting, something that hasn’t really happened in years and appears to be getting more and more rare. Still, End Citizens United is focused on making a change and we are behind them 100%.


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