Nathaniel Ru and His Belief in Better Food

Healthy eating is not a new concept. People wanted to eat healthy before the craze hit but many struggle places to find to eat out. There is a pre-conceived notion that healthy food is boring and bland. It is slowly getting better as there are now more vegetarian and vegan restaurants about than ever before. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

But it is not easy to prove to people that it is not just about eating salads. It doesn’t even have to be salads all the time, and there is a wide variety of foods people can eat and still stay healthy. It is more about the message than it is about anything else. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Nathaniel Ru and his friends had the same problem. When he was studying at the Georgetown University, he wanted places to have fun, eat healthily and just enjoy his time. But there were not that many fun and simple places around so they thought that something should be done about it. The solution came about six years after when they started their own business.

It is now a farm to table type of restaurant. They found the perfect space and even knew the landlord, but at first, it seemed that the project was never going to happen. However, the three friends did not give up, and eventually, they started the work on their place.

They now have more than one spot, and Nathaniel Ru is proud to say that the produce comes from local farms and purveyors and is still fresh and fun.

They are still as passionate about the business as they were when it first started. Nathaniel Ru knows that the message the company conveys to their customers is more important than the food they sell. It is important to show clients what the company believes in and hold onto that line. They offer fresh and vibrant food, have a music festival and have a fabulous range of juices people can drink in or take away.

People are interested in different values that go together with their own. That goes hand in hand with excellent customer service in that is a winning combination.

Nathaniel Ru believes that everything they achieve should outlive them and it shows his spirit and determination to succeed. He is talented and full of energy which works well since he is now a CEO and an entrepreneur. He wouldn’t change this kind of experience for the world.

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