How Nathaniel Ru has Led Sweetgreen to Success

An established entrepreneur, Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder of a restaurant chain known as Sweetgreen. He graduated from the Georgetown University –the McDonough School of Business in 2007. Nathaniel Ru is known as a hard working person, go getter and committed.

He co-founded Sweetgreen with Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman after they saw an opportunity in the healthy food industry. While still at the university, Nathaniel used to look for a good place to eat healthy, fresh food at no vain. After realizing this gap, the three friends made a decision to start a restaurant that will serve all people with fresh and healthy foods straight from the farms. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Apart from offering healthy and delicious food, Sweetgreen is also a place that has a highly entertainment environment. At first, the restaurant was known as Sweetlife but was later changed to Sweetgreen. It offers healthy foods which come at a very affordable price.

Sweetgreen has managed to achieve a lot of success and popularity since it was founded and is now a modern day fascination due to its use of green infrastructure. Nathaniel Ru and his partners at Sweetgreen have committed themselves to ensuring that they leave no carbon footprint behind in the preparation of all meals at the restaurants.

Sweetgreen started as a small restaurant located in the heart of Georgetown but has ever since expanded to open more than 27 branches across 6 states in the United States. Currently, the restaurant chain has over 1700 workers and chefs who are experienced and talented in preparing all types of healthy foods. The outstanding leadership of Nathaniel Ru is what has led to the success of Sweetgreen.

He holds the position of the restaurant’s Co-Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of all Sweetgreen’s restaurants. The fast food model by Sweetgreen has managed to take the world by surprise. This model has proved to very effective and many old food restaurants are now learning from it.

The Customers at Sweetgreen are offered a once in a lifetime choice when it comes to exciting their taste buds with their many different mouths watering salads. Sweetgreen has managed to attract numerous customers with their seasonal recipes that normally change five times each year.

All their meals are organic, healthy, local and fresh. The restaurant has also assisted the local community since all foods are bought from the local farmers and straight to the kitchen.

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