November, 2017

Personalized Learning experience at Rocketship Education

For the past one decade Rocketship School has brought about tremendous educational changes in the community. This non-profit charter school still continues to offer better services to its students, staff, and parents with the main goal of unleashing the potential of its students.

Rocketship School is widely recognized for its pioneering role in offering personalized study experience. The school is also committed to integrate technology into its teaching curriculum to meet unique learning interests of various students. The home visit learning model used at Rocketship has proved effective in promoting personalized learning. Home visits by teachers foster stronger academic relationships and enabled the school to customize education experience for each rocketeer.

The main focus of Rocketship is elementary education. Several parents, partners and funders are pushing for a k-12 system to accommodate even more students. The school is highly concerned with the academic welfare of 5th grade students who graduate from the school. It is clear that Rocketship is keen to restore the value of public education system by running their parallel program. Besides, Rocketship is mainly committed to encourage equity in public education.

By getting the parents involved through the leadership program, Rocketship will gradually meet high quality of education. The model advocates for accountability of politicians, staff, parents and other stakeholders in improving quality of education. Further, Rocketship has created a favorable environment for all children to study regardless of the ethnicity, class, gender and race. The school advocates for diversity at its best of interest.

The level of inclusion practiced at Rocketship is impressive and leaves more desired. The school’s inclusion model emphasizes on academic compliance and diversity. The school recently launched a Flex model to create a dynamic learning environment. This model has highly promoted the academic standards in the school.

Rocketship School programs promote the culture of learning in students. This is particularly important for children in their later academic endeavors and success. Learners are constantly equipped with skills to solve new challenges with creativity. Rocketship School is a vibrant network of high performance elementary schools serving excellent education to marginalized communities. The schools are found in different parts of the country including Nashville, Milwaukee, Washington D.C., and Bay Area among others.

Michael Lacey – A Brilliant Mind

Men and women who were considered mathematical geniuses have given great contributions to the world like Newton, Einstein, Archimedes, Hawkings, and now we add the name Michael Thoreau Lacy. Mr. Lacey’s first academia experience was his graduation from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in 1981. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Other higher learning institutions included graduating from the University of Illinois where he achieved a Ph.D., followed by attending the University of North Carolina, then the Louisiana State University. Dr. Lacy also served as Assistant Professor at the same educational institutions that he attended. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

From 1989 to 1996, Michael was on the faculty board at the Indiana University where he received a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation. He, along with fellow instructors and friends in the math field are responsible for solving many math theorems. Michael Lacey has mathematical emphasis in the fields of harmonic analysis and the theory of probability.

Lacey was also an invited visiting professor at prestigious foreign institutions and universities like the Helsinki University in Finland and the Wallenberg Fellow in Sweden. He also taught at the University of Crete, the University of British Columbia and held a position in the research department at the Schrodinger Institute in Austria.

Presently, Michael Lacy is a senior professor of Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology (‘Georgia Tech’) in Atlanta, Georgia. His Georgia Tech directory not only lists him as Professor Lacy but also as the Associate Chair for Faculty. He began is professorship at Georgia Tech in 1996.

His love of math and his work in the field has awarded him many accolades: a Guggenheim Fellowship, a fellow of the American Mathematical Society, and as an inclusive name in the Mathematics Genealogy Project, Salem Prize, and the Simons Fellow Award.

Dr. Lacey is the author of many acclaimed national and international publications, awarded academia and individual grants and funding, and as a key speaker at global academic colloquiums.

Michael T. Lacey is prominently known as an outstanding mentor to graduates and postdoctoral scholars who under his leadership have achieved much in the academic and industry fields, like his 2008 Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE (for promoting women in science and engineering).

Fabletics is Becoming the Money Maker that Kate Hudson Hoped It Would Be

Fabletics is a company that was founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. This company has become one of the most popular clothing companies for women that are looking for athletic clothing. There is a great amount of talk about how this company has grown tremendously within a 10-year span. It is no secret that Fabletics has been a company that has done well because it expanded outside of the United States.


People in Canada and Australia know about this company because they can also buy clothes there. Kate Hudson, in the near future, may expand to even more countries. Right now her focus is on expanding in to physical brick-and-mortar stores. This is where a lot of her time has been spent.


Kate Hudson has been putting in a great amount of time to market the brand through traditional means now that she is going into more brick-and-mortar stores. People that may have never shopped on the website are now seeing television commercials. They are also seeing print ads in magazines. This shows that Kate Hudson is serious about getting the word out about Fabletics to a wide audience.


Many people may have never thought that the actress that was known for romantic comedies would become something of an entrepreneur that is now making millions in retail clothing. She is passionate about what she is doing, and people are recognizing that she is serious about this.


The thing that is allowed Fabletics to be as successful as it has become is the great amount of variety that is available. People can buy tights on this website. They can also acquire other garments like yoga pants and active wear. Kate Hudson even has her own active wear line. This has allowed her to develop products and work with designers to get specifically what she wanted to work out in. People that are interested in the workout regimen that Kate Harrison has will often buy the clothes that Kate has handpicked on the website.



It is this type of personal involvement that gives people a lot of respect for Kate Hudson and what she is doing. She is not just handing over every aspect of the company to someone else to develop. This is what has allowed Kate Hudson to become a leader in the world of athletic clothing. People are excited about what Kate Hudson has managed to do, and they are getting connected with this brand of athletic clothing because it speaks to a whole new generation. People that have never been part of the Fabletics brand before are now finding that this is the company that they want to use for all of their athletic clothing needs.


A large number of people are using Fabletics because this is the website that allows them to sign up for automated shipments. Customers can get these shipments without actually going to the site to shop. These are clothes that are automatically shipped each month when people become VIP members.

Why Randy Bryce Is The Perfect Choice For End Citizens United

End Citizens United or ECU is a renowned political action committee (PAC) committed to reforming campaign finance systems in the U.S. Randy Bryce, a Congress candidate, is the ideal candidate to fulfill ECU’s goal when he wins the elections. As a result, End Citizens United has declared its unwavering support for Randy Bryce. Randy faces stiff competition from his opponent, Paul Ryan.

About Randy Bryce

According to End Citizens United, Wisconsin’s congressional election could change the politic views of people. The election could also result in major impacts on social, legislative, and economic policy. Randy Bryce is popular because he has opposed the domineering system in Washington that supports the corporate greed rather than the citizens’ welfare. Randy has also shown bravery by speaking about the gap between the regular Americans and Washington.

An Overview of Paul Ryan

On the other hand, Paul Ryan has gained many awards and spent more time in the political sector. He has engaged in interacting with his fellow citizens. Ryan has also been involved with the special interest groups who have given him money to maintain his power. Unfortunately, Ryan lacks a deep connection with citizens. Moreover, he does not understand the daily struggles of people.

The Unique Distinction between Randy and Paul

Bryce may not be rich, but he has great support from people who believe that he will change their lives. Americans see him as a proactive and positive leader. He has pledged to more jobs and prosperity in Wisconsin to benefit the socioeconomic classes. Additionally, he has proclaimed his uttermost support of campaign finance reform.

Conversely, Paul Ryan has actively opposed constitutional amendments. The current constitution is meant to disclose campaign expenditure of a political candidate. Ryan is against any reforms because of his intent to benefit from rich donors without being questioned. End Citizens United is anticipating a change when Bryce wins the elections.

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End Citizens United

End Citizen United or ECU is a famed political action committee (PAC) that was started in, 1st March 2015. The organization was formed to oppose the decision of the Supreme Court in 2010, which allowed wealthy people to contribute money to the U.S. election. ECU is committed to eliminating the political funding groups who donate money with ulterior motives.

ECU is focused on creating a coalition that works towards reforming campaign finances. The organization is funded by local grassroots. Further, it supports Democrats who are leading in the battle against Citizen United and reforming of campaign finance systems. The organization endorsed the former Democratic candidates: Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and Wisconsin’s Sen. Russ Feingold. End Citizens United holds interactive conversations with its supporters on Twitter and Facebook. It also displays recent news and its activities on campaign finance reforms on the End Citizens United website.

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