Why Randy Bryce Is The Perfect Choice For End Citizens United

End Citizens United or ECU is a renowned political action committee (PAC) committed to reforming campaign finance systems in the U.S. Randy Bryce, a Congress candidate, is the ideal candidate to fulfill ECU’s goal when he wins the elections. As a result, End Citizens United has declared its unwavering support for Randy Bryce. Randy faces stiff competition from his opponent, Paul Ryan.

About Randy Bryce

According to End Citizens United, Wisconsin’s congressional election could change the politic views of people. The election could also result in major impacts on social, legislative, and economic policy. Randy Bryce is popular because he has opposed the domineering system in Washington that supports the corporate greed rather than the citizens’ welfare. Randy has also shown bravery by speaking about the gap between the regular Americans and Washington.

An Overview of Paul Ryan

On the other hand, Paul Ryan has gained many awards and spent more time in the political sector. He has engaged in interacting with his fellow citizens. Ryan has also been involved with the special interest groups who have given him money to maintain his power. Unfortunately, Ryan lacks a deep connection with citizens. Moreover, he does not understand the daily struggles of people.

The Unique Distinction between Randy and Paul

Bryce may not be rich, but he has great support from people who believe that he will change their lives. Americans see him as a proactive and positive leader. He has pledged to more jobs and prosperity in Wisconsin to benefit the socioeconomic classes. Additionally, he has proclaimed his uttermost support of campaign finance reform.

Conversely, Paul Ryan has actively opposed constitutional amendments. The current constitution is meant to disclose campaign expenditure of a political candidate. Ryan is against any reforms because of his intent to benefit from rich donors without being questioned. End Citizens United is anticipating a change when Bryce wins the elections.

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End Citizens United

End Citizen United or ECU is a famed political action committee (PAC) that was started in, 1st March 2015. The organization was formed to oppose the decision of the Supreme Court in 2010, which allowed wealthy people to contribute money to the U.S. election. ECU is committed to eliminating the political funding groups who donate money with ulterior motives.

ECU is focused on creating a coalition that works towards reforming campaign finances. The organization is funded by local grassroots. Further, it supports Democrats who are leading in the battle against Citizen United and reforming of campaign finance systems. The organization endorsed the former Democratic candidates: Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and Wisconsin’s Sen. Russ Feingold. End Citizens United holds interactive conversations with its supporters on Twitter and Facebook. It also displays recent news and its activities on campaign finance reforms on the End Citizens United website.

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