Personalized Learning experience at Rocketship Education

For the past one decade Rocketship School has brought about tremendous educational changes in the community. This non-profit charter school still continues to offer better services to its students, staff, and parents with the main goal of unleashing the potential of its students.

Rocketship School is widely recognized for its pioneering role in offering personalized study experience. The school is also committed to integrate technology into its teaching curriculum to meet unique learning interests of various students. The home visit learning model used at Rocketship has proved effective in promoting personalized learning. Home visits by teachers foster stronger academic relationships and enabled the school to customize education experience for each rocketeer.

The main focus of Rocketship is elementary education. Several parents, partners and funders are pushing for a k-12 system to accommodate even more students. The school is highly concerned with the academic welfare of 5th grade students who graduate from the school. It is clear that Rocketship is keen to restore the value of public education system by running their parallel program. Besides, Rocketship is mainly committed to encourage equity in public education.

By getting the parents involved through the leadership program, Rocketship will gradually meet high quality of education. The model advocates for accountability of politicians, staff, parents and other stakeholders in improving quality of education. Further, Rocketship has created a favorable environment for all children to study regardless of the ethnicity, class, gender and race. The school advocates for diversity at its best of interest.

The level of inclusion practiced at Rocketship is impressive and leaves more desired. The school’s inclusion model emphasizes on academic compliance and diversity. The school recently launched a Flex model to create a dynamic learning environment. This model has highly promoted the academic standards in the school.

Rocketship School programs promote the culture of learning in students. This is particularly important for children in their later academic endeavors and success. Learners are constantly equipped with skills to solve new challenges with creativity. Rocketship School is a vibrant network of high performance elementary schools serving excellent education to marginalized communities. The schools are found in different parts of the country including Nashville, Milwaukee, Washington D.C., and Bay Area among others.

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