How Dr. Clay Siegall Approaches Targeted Drug Therapies

Dr. Clay Siegall is one of the leaders in the biotechnology sector. As an entrepreneur he founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. He is his company’s CEO, President, and Chairman. The focus of his company is on providing targeted therapy drugs that effectively and safely treat cancer. Their primary line of research is on antibody drug conjugates. They have one FDA-approved drug on the market, Adcetris, and several others under development.

Dr. Clay Siegall attended the University of Maryland, which is where he earned his degree in zoology. He followed this by earning a genetics Ph.D. at George Washington University. At the start of his career he was in research and development. At the beginning he worked for the federal government, having a position with the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health. After working there for three years he joined the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Seattle, Washington.

It was while working for Bristol-Myers Squibb that Dr. Clay Siegall became disillusioned with working for others. He was creating many patents and new drugs but he wasn’t personally benefitting from it as all the money that was earned when to the corporation with him receiving no pay raises or bonuses for his work. It was at that point that he decided to start his own business where he could fairly benefit from his expertise in cancer research. His company started out with a skeleton crew but it now employs many people at its campus in Bothell, Washington.

Being a leader in the biotechnology industry, other companies are very interested in having in having access to his abilities and knowledge about biotechnology and effectively running a company. Due to this he is on the board of directors for other companies. Among these are Alder BioPharmaceuticals which is a privately held company. Another company he is on the board of directors for is Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which he joined in February 2014. This company, which is headquartered in Novato, California, focuses on developing targeted therapies for rare and ultra-rare diseases.

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