Securus Technologies: Expanding the Payment Business

Securus Technologies has been enjoying decades of success operating in the telecommunications industry. The company has been consistently named as one of the best communications providers in the United States, and they are known for their unique inventions that are helping humanity achieve better communications system. Securus Technologies invested so much in the correctional facilities, and their number one customers are the prisoners themselves. They are given products and services that are provided by Securus Technologies, and it includes several gadgets which can make video calls, voice calling devices, and so much more. The management at Securus Technologies, however, found out that their growth is stagnant, and for them to draw in more customers, a company overhaul must take place.



Securus Technologies decided to expand its business, no longer limiting themselves to serve the correctional facilities. They started to acquire smaller companies which they think would be beneficial to the society, and one of the latest acquisitions that Securus Technologies had was the million dollar deal to place GovPayNet into their hands. GovPayNet is a fantastic system that can accept the payments incurred during several violations. The payment system is also provided in about ¼ of all the present counties inside the United States. The system was developed by an unnamed sheriff 1997 who thought that it would be great if the payment for government offenses should be made using the existing system.



The partnership between Securus Technologies and GovPayNet can be one of the most important acquisitions ever. Since Securus Technologies took over, the employee at GovPayNet is happy with the decision of the company that they will be retaining them. Securus Technologies is very serious about protecting the rights of their customers. No wonder that they are the ones being sought after by people who wanted to do some business.



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