Susan McGalla Is Breaking the Glass Ceiling For Other Women

Not many may have heard of Susan McGalla, but she is a woman who believes nothing is impossible no matter the gender and refuses to let anything stop her from reaching her goals. Born in East Liverpool, Ohio. She grew up with two brothers and a father who coached football. Her father taught her, she stated in the article she did for that she needed to work hard for what she wanted. She did not receive any breaks because of her gender.

Susan McGalla received a BA in Business and Marketing before her career at American Eagle Outfitters began. Susan worked her way up to become President and Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitters. She contributed to the $3 billion growth in revenue and was a part of the “wear what we wear” campaign that encouraged fans of the Steelers to purchase merchandise.

Susan McGalla’s achievements are a step in the right direction for the women’s movement; however, according to the fight for gender equality is still wide. While a plethora of systems provides support to women leaders, allowing them to share information with one another, we still need women in Susan’s position to continue to knock down doors for the ones who are coming behind them. The problem as noted by is that not enough women fill the important senior roles in companies.

However, creating sponsorship opportunities may halt the gender inequality that we see in businesses today. A sponsor will work with women, and recommend women for the lead roles on assignments and projects. notes that mentorship and sponsorship can be what changes the fight in gender inequality.

Susan McGalla illustrious career leads her on to be the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Before she became President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at The Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC. Susan McGalla career proves she is someone who does not let anything stand in her way and maybe she can be that guiding light for other women as well.

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