Healthcare IT and Drew Madden

Healthcare is one of the most rapidly changing industries today. Changes to record-keeping, logistics and insurance rules have made new economies of scale possible. Because of this, mergers are becoming more common.

Non-medical companies like Amazon are delving into the medical space. The internet-based giant has taken steps like applying for pharmacy licenses in several states. Meanwhile, healthcare companies like CVS are finding new ways to expand their footprint. The pharmacy giant has taken over Target’s prescription business. They’ve also been in talks to buy struggling insurers like Aetna.

These moves by big companies are helping to streamline care in the medical industry. For example, if your insurer is the same company as your local pharmacy, you never have to worry about whether you’re covered. Amazon’s two-day Prime delivery revolutionized shopping. Their economies of scale and hard-won efficiencies could change the way filling prescriptions works, too.

Advances in technology have made it possible to have less friction in the healthcare space. Entrepreneurs like Drew Madden are a big part of that improved experience. His firm, Evergreen Partners, advises healthcare companies and helps them implement new solutions. A graduate of the University of Iowa College of Engineering, he studied Industrial Engineering with a focus in Medical Systems. Since then, he has been helping the industry transform.

At Nordic Consulting Partners, Madden grew the company from ten to 725 employees. They went from partnering with three clients to 150. Madden gets these results because his ideas work. As a consultant, he’s been able to find solutions that work for his clients and their end users. He takes pleasure in finding something that works for everyone. In fact, Drew Madden is clear that caring is what makes the difference at Evergreen. He knows that every patient is an individual with a family and community concerned about them.

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