Rodrigo Terpins and his Performance in Off-road Rally Driving

The Sertoes Rally stretched over 2 600 km last year and had seven stages across two Brazilian states. It was the 22nd edition of the off-road rally race, and it is one of the most challenging ones in the country.



Among the top five teams were the Bull Sertoes Rally Team which comprises of retail businessman Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins. The two brothers have been taking part in the vent for many years. It is an annual competition, and both believe that the Sertoes Rally is the highlights of the year for any participant that can make it to the Sertoes Rally.



The Bull Sertoes Rally Team drive a T-Rex car developed and provided to them by one of their sponsors. Both participate in the category Prototype T, mostly for cars although Rodrigo Terpins greatly favors the motorcycle.The car that Rodrigo Terpins drives is with the number #326, and it has been tested successfully on the road.



Rodrigo Terins drive with navigator Fabricio Bianchini. The latter has had over twenty years of experience in the field and combined with the decades of experience that Rodrigo Terpins has achieved, the duo did exceptionally well and greatly contribute to the overall score of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team.



The other half of the team, Rodrigo Terpins also achieved great results with his navigator. They ended up among the seven fastest participants in the Sertoes Rally. The duo would have reached the finishing line much faster, but the T-Rex that Michel Terpins was driving started experiencing some mild technical difficulties. That caused Michel Terpins to slow down through 300 meters in order for the tech team to fix the issue.



The Terpins brothers have greatly taken after their father, Jack Terpins. He transitioned from playing basketball professionally to working in sports business and leading foundations and other companies. Jack Terpins strives to make conditions for athletes better across Brazi and to enhance the sports sector in the country. Rodrigo Terpins is also in business, working in retail. He is leading several groups and is on the board of many foundations in his line of work. You can visit for more details.



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