Using Cryptocurrencies from Malcolm CasSelle’s Wax to Trade Goods Online

Malcolm CasSelle with his degrees from MIT and Stanford University in Computer Science used his education, entrepreneurial ability, and his leadership qualities to be a part of some massive online world-changing projects. Currently Malcolm is the president of Wax which stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange and is CIO of OPskins. Malcolm has worked on the early stages of companies such as Facebook, Zynga, and recently Bitcoin related companies. He has served as a CEO, done business ventures worldwide, and lead a multitude of startup companies that are within the online industry. But now with Wax Malcolm is currently working to transform the way we see online cryptocurrency.


In the cryptocurrency realm and online digital money there is something that is common to occur and that is fraud. Those individuals with technology capable of making a monetary exchange without losing any of their worth and gaining the worth and value of the one they were trading with. However, Malcolm CasSelle has developed something brand new that is resolving this issue. But before we get into that, let’s discuss how items are even traded through the company wax.


Wax uses what’s called Wax tokens. A Wax token is what’s given based on a community’s understanding of the value of an item online in the virtual world. The more Wax tokens something is worth the more that item can be traded for other items worth other Wax tokens online. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be used to purchase such tokens. Instead of using their hard-earned money and trying to use bank information and credit card which that can easily be taken, individuals are trading their virtual items online with other virtual items online using Wax tokens. These tokens make it much easier to trade online and are now less susceptible to fraud through What’s call Blockchain smart contracts.


These contracts specifically designed by Wax are aiding in Helping the virtual Video game asset trading market. This plans on making people hold up their end of their deal when making transactions within the virtual communities. Malcolm CasSelle will continue to help transform our perspective on the uses of cryptocurrencies.


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