As an investor and an entrepreneur, each person has his or her line of interest. For Chris Burch, he has made investments in the fashion industry where his interests are. Through determination and grit, he has grown to be a great entrepreneur in the fashion industry. His start was small as he began selling clothes while still a student but later grew to sell beyond and his operation to selling clothes in stores.

The venture grew to the extent that he starts his own fashion company namely Christopher Capital in the early twenty-first century. Therefore, he has grown a fashion industry which over the years has gained a reputation in the United States and beyond. As a result, he has grown to be one of the great distributors of fashion to many.

The achievements he has gained opened doors for more channels in entrepreneurship. He has been able to conjoin with other investors for other opportunities. His partnership with other professionals such as with one of the known architect, has led to the venture in real estate. In real estate, he has managed to invest and do several projects which have paved the way for his growth in business. Through this venture, he has managed to bring a new face to the society by the building of new properties and even renovating of old ones.

Burch is a jack of all trades. He has ventured into many businesses which other than those of investments involving money and knowledge and skills, he expresses talents to. For several years, he has been a great producer in the filming industry. Through the investment in production, many have been able to unleash their acting skills and have had the opportunity to make their careers. He has also entertained the public through the movies he has produced which make the society livelier.

In conclusion, it is evident that Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has proved that small starts can result to great ends. He is an entrepreneur who has greatly impacted the economy of the United States through his businesses ( He has changed the lives of many both directly and indirectly. He has employed many people over the years bringing change to the community. His fashion industry and distribution have made many appearances in their best as he has ensured people wear their taste and the clothes are affordable to all classes of people. Therefore, he is an investor who brings a difference to the country at large.

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