June, 2018

Chris Burch’s Island Resort

Recently, Wings Journal published an article entitled, “The Rundown: Billionaire Chris Burch’s Sumba Island Overhaul”. The following is a recap of that aforementioned article.

Chris Burch is a billionaire and fashion mogul. So why is his name becoming synonymous with the island of Sumba? It’s because he created a five-star resort there in the year 2015. The name of the resort is Nihi and it is located in an extremely remote area without much inhabitation by humans. Sumba itself has very little contact with civilization outside of the island and most of it is undeveloped (http://nihi.com/our-story/).

In the article from Wings, its’ said that Nihi was once known by the name of Sandalwood Island.

Burch visited Nihi in 2012 when it was originally owned by Mr. James McBride, a hotelier. After purchasing the property, Chris Burch put over $30 million into upgrading and renovating it. Fortunately, the design of the resort itself is very low-impact on the environment around it, keeping the spirit of the island wild as it was intended to be. It is said in the Wings articles that visitors appreciate the untamed wilderness of Nihi and Sumba island as a whole and most enjoy exploring the undeveloped areas.

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is from New York City and is also known as an angel investor. He is also well known for being a co-creator of the luxury fashion line known as Tory Burch. Chris Burch is involved in a variety of businesses and investments spanning a variety of industries, see entrepreneur.com.

Louis Chenevert brought tremendous change during his tenure in United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is a renowned Canadian businessman and has held various prominent positions in his career lifetime. He worked at the United Technologies Corporation where he served as the president and the CEO. He was appointed as the CEO from 2008 and served all through till his retirement in 2014. Before he joined United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert served as the president of Pratt & Whitney.

The graduate from the Université de Montréal, École des Hautes études commerciales with Bachelors of Commerce, was awarded Honorary Doctorate in 2011 from the University of Montreal.

During an interview, Louis Chenevert says that the ideas in United Technologies were brought forward by significant executives who understood the needs of the clients and were passionate to deliver. The concepts of acquisition resulted in profound change and enhanced the company’s portfolio.

During his tenure in the company, he executed various ideas that changed the face of the organization entirely. Some of his ideas included the F135 engine sole source position which brought significant change in the military. Louis also came up with the GFT engine idea which was a major success due to its noise reduction, low fuel consumption and fewer parts. Louis Chenevert also oversaw the acquisition of Goodrich Aerospace which brought significant change to the company, and it was the largest acquisition ever.

Louis Chenevert says that while serving United Technologies Corporation, he mainly focused on operational skills and talents. He believed that engineering was the part that enhanced in bringing ideas to life. As a result, they produced products that met their customer satisfaction and collected revenue and profits. Being focused and having a clear vision as a leader with the crucial working tools and adequate funds results to a significant impact in an organization.

Louis Chenevert says to be a productive and a successful entrepreneur; he applied various tactics which include skills, passion, focus and being optimistic. He further states that empowering the key executives in their operations enables the team to deliver quality services. Louis emphasizes on getting the right team to work with. He says it is essential to appreciate the work of the team and inspire them and always reward risk taking.


Chris Burch and James McBride Turn Nihiwatu into a 5-Star Resort

Transforming Nihi into a 5-star Resort

Recently Chris Burch, known for his role in helping create a fashion brand with his wife, put his hands to re-inventing Nihi, a small island in Sumba, into a 5-star resort. Nihi is located in Indonesia. Chris Burch knows influential people, and when he decided to step in and transform Nihi, he contacted his friends who jumped on board. Nihi is a lesson in what the wealth of the wealthy can accomplish in a short amount of time. Nihi was at one time no more than a surf spot on the island of Sumba, Indonesia, but today, thanks to Chris Burch it has become a 5-star getaway for shakers and movers. For both years of 2016 and Travel and Leisure has voted Nihi the #1 Hotel in the World, (nihi.com). The transformation of Nihi is no small accomplishment.

Size and Location

Sumba is in comparison to square miles about the size of Connecticut or over 2,260,000 acres. Sumba is a little bigger than the Big Island of Hawaii.

Chris Burch and James McBride invested $30M in purchasing Nihiwatu Resort. Before the turn of the century, Sumba was still feeling the influence of headhunters and was not known for any large deposits of natural resources. Sumba is about 50 minute flight time from Bali.

Chris Burch, Investor

Chris Burch founded Burch Creative Capital. As the active CEO of Burch Creative Capital, he invests in numerous varieties of industries. Between 2011-2017 Chris Burch invested in 17 startup companies.

Chris Burch is also the co-founder of the Tory Burch fashion brand. Chris Burch has many years of experience in branding. Chris Burch’s main interest is in apparel, financial services, and consumer products; along with hospitality and technology he applies a keen sense of sales and marketing to the brands in which he invests, check inc.com.


Christopher Burch Triggers innovative Ideas in Investment Circles

Chris Burch is a thriving investor and financial advisor. The organization has adopted an investment philosophy that is anchored on the calm entrepreneur’s investment values. He has an eye for new market openings that can be exploited to generate fresh income. He is excited and more interested in realizing disruptive ways to push the markets to new horizons. He is known for using highly creative and innovative ways to push new projects to the market edge. Christopher Burch has always had a central objective of creating a lasting impact on the consumers of the products that his initiatives generate.

How to Push Success with Large Investments

Chris Burch was once a hedge fund manager. He has over 40 years experience in the field of financial services and investment consultancy. He is a renowned entrepreneur and investor. He has been the backbone of over 50 companies that are now standing on their own feet. He believes in combining the unique consumer habits with market skills to produce just what the markets will be abuzz with. He uses direct sourcing in combination with international supplier experience to run his many successful enterprises. He is known to be the invaluable link between innovation and effect.

Chris Burch’s Achievements and Portfolio

In 2015, Chris Burch, a fashion mogul, and billionaire investor reconditioned a surfing destination with a cult history to become a leading 5-star resort for visitors from across the globe. The resort is based on Sumba Island. Sumba is an uninhabited series of islands in Indonesia. Christopher Burch has had many major impact initiatives. He recently introduced ED by Hellen DeGeneres, Nihiwatu, Coccon9, TRADEMARK and Poppin. The companies are additions to his many established brands. He is also the owner of the Faena Hotel, Voss Water, and Jawbone. The investor encourages upcoming entrepreneurs to diversify their investments if they wish to stay on top of their game. Chris Burch is supporting a number of lifestyle and consumer market products. He has delved into the world of apparel fashion, hospitality, and home furnishing niches. He has also invested in technology entities such as BaubleBar, blink Health, Little Duck Organics Raw Fubbies and Soludos. Chris Burch is an outstanding investor with a strong focus on innovations, especially in the technology sector. He has demonstrated the value of the old adage of not keeping all eggs in one basket by successfully investing in over 50 companies that are posting impressive performance. He is noted for assisting startups, click on medium.com.

More on https://ideamensch.com/chris-burch/

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PSI-Pay Transforms the World into a Cashless Community

Studies by British Retail Consortium prove that most of the purchases conducted by British citizens are via credit cards. It was after the immediate launching of Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay, EcoPayz. The mode of payment is acceptable in all markets worldwide. It is contactless because it does not involve carrying of wallets or mastery of PIN numbers. The company that came up with the contactless payment, PSI-Pay is happy to promote durability and convenience using smart cards, debit and credit cards unlike using cash.

The other forms of this payment, Kerv rings are waterproof and customized for different genders and age groups concerning size. The contactless payments use the technique of RFID technology. They as well have ways of turning them off when not in use for safety measures. It ensures heightened security for consumers who only tap their cards at the cashiers when making their payments. To maximize safety, users can do their transactions only to a certain amount due to the expenditure limits by different banks.

PSI-Pay gets its regulations from the Financial Conduct Authority by the Republic of Britain. The company has competent staff who are skilled in banking for different market ranges. PSI-Pay ensures that it maintains transparency and convenience with its clients. Because of this, they have conquered almost all markets within the European Union which prefer electronic money to other modes of payment. These users can now operate their prepaid business transactions in more than 170 countries all over the world. One can also access MasterCard with these markets. Additionally, consumers can as well transact on online platforms using EcoPayz. Indeed, the world is soon transforming into a cashless community.

Due to the excellence in formulating security measures, the company is increasing its revenue earnings efficiently. They now make revenue profits of up to 45%. All these practices have led to stronger relationships between the company and its clients. The managing director of PSI-Pay, Phil Davies appreciates the efforts put in by all his teammates and colleagues in growing the firm. He is thrilled by the industry’s transformation into creating the payment cards and its affiliates such as Kerv ring. PSI-Pay will continue to maintain its working standards to ensure privacy and consistency for all their clients globally. The notable performance of the company brought it into the limelight as of 2011 when it got its licensing. It also earned them listings within MasterCard. With all this, the use of cash or notes will slowly become a foregone tale.

Legends: Fortress Investment Group

Everyone loves an Origin Story

Fortress Investment Group kicked off its campaign; in the year of 1998. Fortress Investment Group was the first of their kind, as they embarked on the quest to become the very first Investment Firm that deals with multiple opportunities for investment. So you don’t find yourself stuck with a limited amount of options; true pioneers in their world. Despite this huge risk of treading new waters; they led an impressive 10 year run of Non-Stop Improvement, and are still going strong today. Although they have been bought out by SoftBank for 3.3 billion USD: the SoftBank Group Corporation is a Japanese Multinational. Although this corporation bought Fortress, Fortress continues to operate as an independent entity and currently has headquarters in New York. Not only were they unique, but they were also the first alternative manager to go public. Fortress Investment Group continues in front of the alternative investment field. They managed to consistently stay in front year after year; after many other firms decided to follow the same footsteps.

Current Events

Currently, Fortress Investment Group is divided into three principal categories: credit, private equity, and the Permanent Capital Vehicles Division. With it’s Credit Division beginning in 2002, they are involved with numerous different funds. Investing is a universal language, which is why their business model was successful on a tremendous scale. The Private-Equity division focuses on cash flow generation from control-oriented investments in the Caribbean, North America, and Western Europe. The capital Vehicles Division is mainly made up of five publicly traded Permanent Capital Vehicles: New Residential Investment Corp., Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC, New Senior Investment Group, New Media Investment Group, and EuroCastle Investment Limited.


The story of FIG is inspiring, captivating, and educational. After learning more about the group; they have changed my perspective on investment drastically. I will start to make different decisions strategically when it comes to my finances, thus prospectively changing my point of view. Perspective is something that should be kept consistent, as our perspective changes daily. Over the years they evolved, also showing me the concept of breaking down one big goal into multiple small goals. With constant improvement and innovations; which (in my opinion) are representing their small breakdowns from the ultimate goal. Learning different strategies from people that have made massive success can be shown to help you. Taking these concepts further with additional investigation and research, we can achieve similar results to Fortress Investment Group bringing us abundance and wealth. Which will, of course, feel amazing.

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