Boraie offers an assortment of organizations focused on all areas of the urban real estate market, property management and development of real estate. Boraie’s crew is devoted to building incredible homes while imparting unheard of the carrier to our clients. Our strength has dependably been operating with the most reliable economic establishments, planners with vision and temporary workers that comprehend due dates to guarantee opportune finish and achievement of every one of our ventures.


Boraie improvement is dedicated to using the vision and reliability to everyday projects undertaking. The company development makes use of personal capital resources, which consist of large industrial banks as the leading investment source for tasks along with the use of our very own capital. They create projects which attract tenants, residents, and financial partners who recognize lengthy-term possession dedication. The organization also has offered over One hundred and fifty million dollars in commercial development & residential transactions. The income department integrates seamlessly with improvement and belongings control to higher understand critical industrial and home factors to determine intricacies. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Handling the houses is a crucial part of our overall strategy. It allows us to create extra value for our belongings over time. Boraie Development takes their residences with a remarkable element and undertakes physical upgrades on an on-going basis. Our property control capabilities include preservation, management, accounting, customer support, advertising, and leasing. Check out pressofatlanticcity to see more.



Former NBA star Shaquille together with Boraie on Tuesday afternoon announced that they would be working on a project towards the city of Newark. The 35 floor will be at the McCarter Highway at the center of Newark city. The residence will have over 350 units at the cost of seventy-nine million dollars. The Vice President Mr. Wasseem confirmed that the project has already begun and hope to complete the project by the year 2019.


The building is proposed to be an extravagance at moderate costs, Boraie stated, drawing from a gathering of experts and current city residents searching for a place they can approach to what the city brings to the table. During an interview, Shaquille talked about how he grew up in the town back in the year 1992, when the town used to be safe and beautiful.Another project in Newark called Project “IMPACT” is in motion between the two parties (O’Neal and Boraie) to help create jobs for the local people living nearby. Up until this point, 18 people have been put as trainees.



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