July, 2018

Guilherme Paulus And His Great Hotels

One of the most successful Brazilian guys on the planet Guilherme Paulus. In a country of about 207.7 million people where about 25% of the population is under the poverty line, he has risen to the top.

Guilherme Paulus made his riches by running a tour operator business. Him and a politically connected business partner established CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. in 1972. The business partner opted out of the company 4 years after its founding, though Guilherme Paulus stayed loyal to it for his entire life.

His loyalty and dedication paid off in the form of riches and a good reputation in the tourism industry. As a 69 year old entrepreneur, he is still on a roll in his career. Guilherme Paulus is still busy at work opening facilities and making business decisions. Two of his most recent openings were St. Andrew’s Mountain and Wish Natal.

Wish Natal is a dream come true for people who fantasize about being in a tropical setting and sitting among the palm trees. It stands along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This part of the ocean is not dark and bland like up north; it is a bright, crystal blue—pure paradise. Some people prefer to go into a pool instead of the open ocean. Wish Natal accommodates people with this preference by providing pool facilities. The outdoor pools of Wish Natal are arranged to look like calm ocean waters with tropical islands in them. The “islands” are small, concreted areas where there are palm trees.

St. Andrew’s Mountain is a great place to retreat back to for people who want more of a cozy experience where they are inundated with scenes of mountains and trees. It is pretty spacious, though it is not as spacious and modern-looking as Wish Natal.

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Available Jobs At Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare has great belief in the staff it employs as they are the reason for the excellent service the organization provides. The organization fully invests in its workforce so that they attain their full potential. Education and training form a considerable part regarding their quality strategy.

Employees at Sussex Healthcare are entitled to numerous benefits including pension, paid breaks, an in-house training academy with several courses, uniform, reduced rate accommodation, subsidiary meals and free staff bus. Besides, the organization has referred friend bonuses, mentoring schemes, a unique career progression opportunity and many other attractive benefits.

Here are the jobs available at Sussex Healthcare.

• Accounts Assistant-Sales Ledger. The Job’s location is in Horsham, West Sussex and the position closes on 08 August 2018. The accounts assistant is responsible for maintaining daily running of the sales ledger and credit control.
• Care Assistant, Horsham, West Sussex. The job opening closes on 7th August 2018. The position requires a warm and friendly disposition individual with a caring personality.
• Payroll Administrator-Warnham, Horsham, West Sussex; the position is open up to 02 August 2018.
• Activity Assistant – Orchard Lodge, Warnham; the position closes on 02 August 2018.
Registered Care Home Manager, Forest Lodge, Nutley, Uckfield. The position closes on 02 August 2018.
• Care Assistant, Rapkyns Village, Horsham. The position is open up to 02 August 2018.
• Support Worker, Rapkyns Village, Horsham. The position closes on 02 August 2018.
• Chef Manager, Horncastle House, East Grinstead.
• Activity Assistant, Clemsfold House, Clemsfold.
• Care Assistant/HCA/Support Worker – Nights – Forest Lodge. The job location is Uckfield, East Sussex.
Qualified Dental Nurse, Horsham, West Sussex.
• Regional Operations Director, West Sussex.

The above five positions are open up to 31 July 2018.

• House Keeper/Head of Domestic – House Keeper – East Grinstead; the open position closes on 30 July 2018.
• Domestic Assistant, The Granary, Horsham. The position is open to 30 July 2018.

Sussex Healthcare has several other open positions accompanying the high value they give to their employees. The entity offers excellent career prospects as well as effectively encourages progression within the firm’s operations.

Upwork Creating New Networks

For freelancers, Upwork is a paradise. A virtual marketplace for writers, graphic designers and web development, Upwork was formerly known as Elance-oDesk. The site allows businesses and individual professionals to interact and create networks through projects. With around 3 million jobs posted to 12 million registered freelancers, Upwork brings in approximately $1 billion annually through 5 million clients; this makes it one of the largest crowd-sourcing marketplaces.

Upwork profiles act as a résumé to draw prospective employers. The site operates on a trust basis, since everything is self-reported, being honest is key, failure to fulfil a job might lead to closure or suspension of your account. Upwork runs a blog that allows upcoming writers to showcase their works. Articles posted to talk about varying subjects that touch on everyday issues and have to be accepted by the developer.

Recently an article on preparing a to-do list drew attention as it spoke of the common errors made while creating a priority list for the various things that need handling. Time requirements for a to-do list are what trips most people up but nor just deadlines. The practical timing of how, when and when, to carry out different tasks is cited as the most fundamental aspect of creating the best lists.

Batching process that goes together and delegating tasks is also praised as a way to improve the viability of a to-do list. Instead of handling massive projects, breaking them up into smaller tasks is touted as a sure-fire way of avoiding stress and the risk of incompletion. Categorizing tasks according to context is another to ensure that tasks that can be accomplished together are grouped.

While prioritising, the urgency of the tasks needs to be taken into consideration. This allows for the inclusion of unplanned contingencies. Interruptions that may delay the accomplishment of a task need to be handled instead of derailing the list, and it should be expected. Though procrastination is considered bad, sometimes it can be good especially when setting priorities. Things that can be put off for a while should rank low on a to-do list, but the constant review will determine where a task lies.

Learning International Relations With None Other Than Kamil Idris

Although various accounts differ, the most reputable of them – the United Nations – ascertains that there are 195 countries around the globe. Regardless of which particular account one chooses, there certainly isn’t a total of countries greater than 201 unique nations with their own sovereign governments.


In the United States, its 50 states never – or at least hardly ever – have any disagreements or fights with one another. However, states not falling under the umbrella of a federal government like the United States typically don’t get along with one another very well.


Kamil Idris, one of planet Earth’s leading references on international relations and their many intricacies, can attest to the true difficulty of trying to get nations to coexist alongside one another in peace.

Tune in to this rough-yet-accurate explanation of the problems with international relations in terms of the United States in 2018


Near the beginning of 2018, the United States decided to add relatively heavy tariffs on washing machines and solar panels – as weird or off-the-wall as that may sound – that came in from China. Keep in mind that the United States houses the most active, strongest economy across the globe and that China follows behind in a somewhat-close second.


When trade between the two countries is regulated – and especially when such regulations are heavy, whether one looks at it through a subjective or an objective lens – problems will certainly sprout up to accompany each of their woes.


Why did Trump kick tariffs into action?


Chinese companies, known for the world’s cheapest, strongest manufacturing, regularly required American companies to give over their intellectual property in an exchange to manufacture their products. Trump claims he simply wanted to get back at such wrongful treatments of American intellectual property.


Who is Kamil Idris?


Professor Kamil Idris is known around the world as the most recent Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, though he also ran as a presidential candidate for Sudan.

The Story Behind The Success Of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a well renowned firm that provides financial expertise and also services investment management. Fortress Investment Group is located in the New York City in United States. The company is a LLC in category and is globally recognized for its investment management services. They have planned strategy specially designed for providing solutions of all sorts of investment related problems. The firm is especially renowned for its services like managing assets, managing private equity, liquid hedging funds and managing credit funds for their clients. The firm was founded by the five top billionaires who are even featured in Forbes billionaires list. Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman are the three of the five founder of Fortress Investment Group and each one of the members are experienced in investment marketing.

Their vision was to form a firm that specializes and provides the best investment plans to the clients and their main method was to approach with an alternative asset technique feature to provide and manage the private equity more efficiently and further invest into high tech mechanism. The company is also praised for the way they handle acquisitions and mergers. Fortress was founded in January, 1998 categorized as a private equity firm. The major operations that the company is involved in regularly are its credit and private equity and the Capital vehicles division. Since then it has grown immensely in the marketplace and made its name as one of the leading investment houses and asset management firm.

The company has a board members committee and a team of management professionals and external and internal stakeholders. Fortress Investment Group can guide its clients to achieve the right amount of finance by investing from equity markets. It has built several ways of achieving their desired earnings value through intricate investment techniques. Credit sector of Fortress Investment Group was formed in the year 2002.The main job of the private equity sector of the company was to generate healthy and adequate cash flow from all the investments it made. The company was also further involved in the financing sector of the emerging real estate industry.

The New Business Relationship between Fortress Group and SoftBank

Recently, Fortress Investment Group sold its shares to Softbank Group. The management of the organization received a bid in the region of $3.3 billion, which was way above the market value. By accepting an acquisition bid, Fortress Investment Group is helping its customers to make critical decisions when opportunities arise. Despite the company being acquired, it will continue serving independently and be bearing its original name. The funds received will help in serving the customers better and accomplish other goals that required financial support. Finally, to achieve its multinational status and reputation it has right now, the company hired professionals and staff members who had previous experience in finance and investment.

Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger are some of the high ranking employees at Fortress Investment Group, who have played primary roles in the development and success of the asset manager. Peter Briger is a person with high reputation in debt management and investing in alternative assets. He is the one who implemented the process of buying undervalued assets at discounted rates and later selling them at higher profits. The steps taken by Fortress should be a clear demonstration that a visionary entity should develop a clear path to achieve its vision. One of the strongholds that Fortress Investment Group boasts of is possession of great leaders, among them, being one of the principals, Randal Nardone.

In his career, Randal Nardone was able to implement things that would be of value to every facet of Fortress, and also aiding people and companies from all over the country by offering his advice on financial issues, thereby helping them in an incredible amount. However, Randal Nordone seems to be very good in the field of finance, and he had also earned an undergraduate and master degree in the field of law. He was more interested in knowing how the financial field can be interlinked with the legal sector that led him to switch field and start to work in the financial industry. As we speak, Fortress Investment Group is managing a wealth of over $63 billion on behalf of its valued clients who are always happy to receive impressive investment returns from their investment manager.

Upwork Provides Excellent Advice For An Effective To Do List

Upwork has provided some excellent tips for getting through a to do list. The first is to write down everything. This enables the brain to forget about all the tasks and concentrate on one at a time. There is even software or mobile apps for this purpose to make it even easier. The list should be made in advance the night before. The most important tasks on the list should be done during the morning hours because this is when energy is highest. Even night owls can get a lot accomplished in the morning.

Many people scatter their lists between notes, software, apps, etc. This means there are too many places to look to figure out what needs to be done. Some tasks will be neglected and a lot of time is wasted. All tasks should be in one tool. A mobile app enables the user to add tasks anytime and from anywhere. This puts everything in one place while reducing stress. Upwork knows everyone has tasks that must be accomplished. The company connects independent professionals and businesses all the time so organization is a necessity.

Determine what time of the day the tasks on the list will be completed. This will provide a timeframe and a realistic view. Upwork is experienced in this area because they have registered five million clients and twelve million freelancers. Upwork knows the importance of priorities. When a priority is assigned to each task, it ensures the tasks will completed on time. Tasks without deadlines can always be completed later. Evaluating the to do list makes certain the user becomes aware of any tasks that need to be deleted.

Certain tasks can be delegated or assigned to someone else. This helps remove stress when there is too much work or too many tasks. Some tasks can be broken down into several smaller tasks to make them more manageable. Every time a task is completed, the momentum will increase. Tasks are also more efficient when done in groups. An example is if there are several phone calls to be made, it is always faster to make them sequentially.


Bruno Fagali and His Successful Law Career

Bruno Fagali is a well-known Brazilian lawyer and also the founder of Fagali Advocates which is a law firm. He has studied and acquired masters in law, and he mainly specializes in Administrative Law, and he has contributed a lot to the law industry where he has introduced the law in a new dimension.

Bruno has previously served in the Health Executive Council where he was a compliance officer with an advertising agency which has an excellent reputation within the country. Bruno Fagali ensured that there was transparency in the company as he worked there. His skills in Administrative Law have enabled him to earn recognition from other individuals in the law industry. He has been a dedicated lawyer from 2006 until he opened his law firm. Bruno works at Nova/SB as a corporate integrity manager.

Bruno also studied in The Pontifical Catholic University which is in Sao Paulo where he got his Bachelor’s degree in Law, and that is where he got the exposure to specialize in State law and Administrative Law. Bruno has been able to handle many cases where he becomes victorious, and this gained him recognition, and many individuals from Brazil would choose him to represent them especially in administrative affairs. He also focuses on compliance law, ethics, regulatory law, and urban law.

His long experience gives him skills to efficiently handle matters which are brought before him by his clients. Bruno Fagali has served in many organizations where he handled legal issues in a way that saw him rise through the ranks to become one of the most successful lawyers in Brazil. He has also been able to have a large number of clients because of his language skills. Bruno speaks French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Bruno Fagali also took time to do voluntary work while he was still studying. Bruno has also been on the forefront in fighting corruption in Brazil. He works with a highly skilled and competent team of lawyers who help him in the administration of his law firm and other legal activities. Bruno stands out as a very successful lawyer.

For details: www.poder360.com.br/tag/bruno-fagali/

OSI Industries Makes Food Industry News

OSI Industries, is a professional meat processing plant located in Aurora, Illinois. They proudly represent one of the largest meat facilities in North America. David McDonald, President of the premiere OSI Industry Group says, his goal is bringing more customers to the food processing industry than other networks. They have also been able to work alongside other popular international food plants to grow their international portfolio. Their acting COO, Sheldon Lavin, is also a strong part of their executive team. Today, they have a strong business relationship with the United States and China. Trust your diet to an OSI Industries processed meal.

Recent OSI News

In an effort to grow their global presence, they have been able to partner with some of the other biggest international food groups including the EU food industry. They have been able to acquire a merger with the popular Flagship Europe food group. OSI is responsible for operating their largest food facility to process their food condiments and frozen patties. Flagship Europe would agree the merger has been a success. OSI Industries has also been able to become a part of the Dutch industry by acquiring the popular Baho Food Group.

OSI Community Outreach

OSI Industries has been able to reach out to the exact communities they feed. Their community relief efforts included a bid for a Tyson food plant in Chicago. They were able to help thousands of workers keep their current position. OSI says, they will be able to process Tyson food products along with their signature content. They have also been able to lend time and resources to many global humanitarian causes for children, adults and refugees. Get the benefits of knowing you’re feeding your family a safe and affordable meal. Learn more about the popular OSI Industries Group by visiting their official website online. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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