Learning International Relations With None Other Than Kamil Idris

Although various accounts differ, the most reputable of them – the United Nations – ascertains that there are 195 countries around the globe. Regardless of which particular account one chooses, there certainly isn’t a total of countries greater than 201 unique nations with their own sovereign governments.


In the United States, its 50 states never – or at least hardly ever – have any disagreements or fights with one another. However, states not falling under the umbrella of a federal government like the United States typically don’t get along with one another very well.


Kamil Idris, one of planet Earth’s leading references on international relations and their many intricacies, can attest to the true difficulty of trying to get nations to coexist alongside one another in peace.

Tune in to this rough-yet-accurate explanation of the problems with international relations in terms of the United States in 2018


Near the beginning of 2018, the United States decided to add relatively heavy tariffs on washing machines and solar panels – as weird or off-the-wall as that may sound – that came in from China. Keep in mind that the United States houses the most active, strongest economy across the globe and that China follows behind in a somewhat-close second.


When trade between the two countries is regulated – and especially when such regulations are heavy, whether one looks at it through a subjective or an objective lens – problems will certainly sprout up to accompany each of their woes.


Why did Trump kick tariffs into action?


Chinese companies, known for the world’s cheapest, strongest manufacturing, regularly required American companies to give over their intellectual property in an exchange to manufacture their products. Trump claims he simply wanted to get back at such wrongful treatments of American intellectual property.


Who is Kamil Idris?


Professor Kamil Idris is known around the world as the most recent Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, though he also ran as a presidential candidate for Sudan.

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