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Achievement Made By Michael Likey in Mathematics

Michael Lacey is a well know American mathematician. He is famous for his mathematical thesis in the area of probability in branch space. Michael was born on September 26, 1959. He pursued his Ph.D. in the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

In his years of study, he continuously touched in the field of probability ergodic theory, probability and most importantly in harmonic analysis. He also succeeded in solving problems relating to the law of iterated logarithm for characteristic empirical functions.

It is in the University of North Carolina (UNC) and Louisiana State University where he first had his first postdoctoral position. When still in the UNC, Michael and his colleague, Walter Philips presented prove on the almost sure central limit theorem. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

In 1989 to 1996, he held office at Indiana University. When he was there, he started studying on the bilinear Hilbert transformation.

He was also given a National science foundation postdoctoral fellowship. In 1996, Michael together with Christophe There solved the problem of Conjecture by Alberto Calderon, which saw them win the Salem Prize.

In 1996, Michael joined the Georgia Institute of Technology where he was actively involved in different tasks within and outside the institution. During this tenure, he received several awards such as Guggenheim and Simons foundations.

He has supported many students with training grants such as vertical integration of education research (VIGRE) and math scholars program (MCTP). He has also mentored many postgraduate students who have gone ahead academic, and others got involved in various industries. Lacey has also mentored at least ten postdocs.

In 2002, he joined XIanchun li where he became a member of American Mathematical Society. It won’t go without mentioning that Michael Lacey played important roles in mathematics

Fortress Investment Group

It is quite frustrating to commute between Miami and Lauderdale. Due to this fact, most Florida residents drive. During the rush hour, a drive that would usually take 30 minutes with little or no traffic could easily take an hour. SoftBank to Buy Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 Billion. It is even worse where there are instances that involve a car accident, or any type of traffic disruption. Such a disturbance could last for a few hours. However, Fortress Investment Group has come to rescue the situation.

To the rescue of precious time lost in traffic, Fortress Investment Group’s Brightline train has been established to provide a faster and more convenient option for those who are travelling between the two major South Florida cities. Brightline services in Miami was first rolled out on the 19th of May, 2018. Brightline has established routes between Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach since the beginning of the year.

Having services expanded on to the Magic City is a substantial step in reducing traffic and providing better and eco-friendly solutions to commuters. These trains come with a lot of goodies for commuters including fast Wi-Fi, leather seats, USB ports and wide aisles not to mention the amazing food service and lounges.

Fortress Investment Group, which owns Brightline, is inspired to implement this type of rail service across multiple cities in the US. Fortress Investment Group’s co-founder and co-chief executive officer, Wes Edens, says that he has plans to extend the West Palm Beach- Miami route, 235 miles out to Orlando. The train could reduce the travel time between the two cities down to less than two hours with projected speeds of up to 125 miles an hour in a few years.

Wes Edens is also interested in connecting Houston and Dallas with a Brightline route and is even considering other routes like Atlanta to Charlotte and Chicago to St. Louis. There were also rumors that Wes Edens would consider connecting Chicago and Milwaukee. This route is, however, unlikely because additional train services are much more needed elsewhere.

Brightline’s endeavours and future strategies are also anticipated to escalate real estate prices in areas served by the train stations. As the service continues to become more popular among customers, residential apartments in interconnected cities will also become more attractive.

DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties in 2002 and remains its majority shareholder and chairman. The company is the top luxury real estate developer in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. It is famous worldwide for developing some of the most beautiful buildings and properties in the world.

Sajwani was born in either 1952 or 1953. He entered adult life by attending and graduating from the University of Washington with a B.A. in engineering and economics. In 1981 he worked in the area of finances at Abu Dabi Gas. In 1982, he started a catering business. Today it is one of the biggest catering businesses in Dubai. It currently manages over 200 projects worldwide and serves more than 150,000 meals a day to groups in a wide array of industries.

The Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, entered the real estate industry. In the mid-90s, he built a number of hotels in Dubai. His real estate endeavors went to well and were so successful that in 2002 he founded DAMAC Properties.

Over the years Sajwani has garnered a vast amount of experience and knowledge in Marketing, sales, legalities, finance, and administration. DAMAC employs around 2,000 people and has shares traded on the Dubai Financial Market. Throughout its history, it has also partnered with many of the top fashion and lifestyle brands in the Dubai area. Some of their most lucrative projects have included a golf course designed by Tiger Woods, various luxury apartments (over 19,000 since inception), luxury villas, and some of the top hotels in the world.

It is estimated to be worth about $2.9 billion. Forbes stated that Sajwani is currently the 4th richest Arab, with a net worth estimated at $4.1 billion. He has also been listed by Gulf Business as one of the 100 most globally influential Arabs. In 2017 DAMAC began sponsoring the Dubai Future Foundation’s One Million Arab Coders Initiative which seeks to provide free software development training to 1,000,000 young Arabs.

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Irrespective of Hard Times, Mike Bagguley Still Stands Out

Mike Bagguley attended the University of Warwick where he graduated in the year 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. In that case, venturing into the financial sector does not come as a surprise as it is in line with his profession. Therefore, he happens to be the Chief Operating Officer of Investment at Barclays Bank where he has also assumed other positions in various departments. Having worked at the bank for more than fourteen years, it is evident that he has gained a lot of experience which he utilizes in whatever position that gets delegated. On his part, Mike Bagguley was precisely appointed to accelerate delivery of the approach that was in place which would ensure that costs were minimized while profits became increased considerably. The fact that he has a rich background in the financial sector and an education that is related to this position, he is strategically placed to assume that position and run the bank professionally. Other than working at the Barclays Bank, Mike also happens to be a shareholder representative director at LCH Group Holdings Limited and Clearnet Group Limited a position he took up from 2011.

The position that Mike Bagguley assumes in Barclays is one that irrespective of the achievements that may be realized, it comes with challenges that are inescapable. On his part, he found himself in trouble after some five former traders in the bank became involved with charges related to rigging of rates. Individually, he had nothing much to say as he denied having been aware of such activities in the bank. Being in a senior position, he had a hard time explaining how he never noticed any unusual activities and the fact that he took an interest in this issue when the bank started an internal inquiry made him look guilty. In that case, defending himself would take a lot of time and resources, and this affected his work as he would no longer relate with his colleagues and seniors in the same way as before the scandal. Either way, his good work would vouch for him as the bank has realized a lot of improvement since he became the COO and before them was a loyal employee in other departments of the bank.

DAMAC Owner Husain Sajwani, A Middle Eastern Phenomenon

Hussain Sajwani has accomplished what few individuals have been able to achieve. He is the founder of DAMAC Properties, Inc., a Dubai real estate development and management company in Dubai. DAMAC oversees the operation of properties from Paris and London, and throughout the Middle East.

Husain got his start as a schoolboy, working for his father in the family variety store where he put in exceptionally long hours. This caused him to state that he would never want to become a businessman, but that he would rather be a degreed professional so he would be able to work normal hours.

Even though he earned degrees in engineering and economics, Sajwani’s first real opportunity occurred during the Gulf War when he founded a catering company that sold meals to the United States Army. Since this venture was a huge success, becoming a professional was not going to happen. The catering company is still doing business today and is a part of Sanjawi’s business operations.

In 2002, the United Arab Emirates passed a law that allowed foreign nationals to purchase property in the Emirates and to emigrate there. Sajwani correctly predicted a real estate boom and he began to purchase property in and around Dubai. He formed DAMAC Properties, Inc., a real estate management and development company to handle the business.

His early efforts paid off, as he was a master promoter who what able to motivate potential buyers with his well-placed ads. For example, his slogan of “A New Bently With Each Luxury Apartment” was a real attention-getter.

DAMAC Owner Sajwani knew that many foreigners who would be purchasing property would be people with money so he geared his properties and promotional activities accordingly. His first project was completely sold out before any construction began. This became the norm rather than the exception and DAMAC enjoyed early success.

According to, Sajwani’s practices of paying cash for land, designating separate accounting and bank accounts for each property, and judicious attention to location paid off handsomely. This was especially true during an economic downturn a few years later.

Today, Sajwani is well sought-after for his advice and outlook in many subject areas. His properties, some of which include Donald Trump golf courses, continue to be in demand and there are always new projects on the drawing boards.

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Stream Energy and the Establishment of Stream Care Foundation

Unique and innovative nature is part of the Stream Energy, one of the leading direct selling and life Service Company. It offers energy, protection, wireless, and other home services to customers. The company was established in 2005. It has since generated revenues of more than $8 billion.

Looking to take down your energy bill? It’s easier than moving to a log cabin in the mountains. Swipe ➡️ for some tips to chip down your bill today, tomorrow, next month and all throughout the year! #EnergySavings

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Corporate philanthropy is part of the Stream Energy. Recently, the company launched its charitable foundation known as Stream Care. Its mission is to officiate the ongoing philanthropy in Texas and the entire country. Stream Care offers maximum support and resources to the local charity foundations, for example; the hope Supply Company, which is a nonprofit group committed to solving the basic needs of all homeless children.

According to Hurricane Harvey, the connected living company and the energy sales exhibited itself openly. Being a business company, launching philanthropy arm separately would be a new event offering double advantages. The Stream Energy not only empowers it employers, but is also dedicated to giving back to the community. It is continuously gaining loyalty and regards from regular clients as well as the public.

Statistics show that American corporation is unexceptionally generous and principled. In 2016, various businesses gave out a sum of $19 billion to charity organizations in America and other countries. This excludes the corporate sponsorships, marketing causes, and the donations of money time, and effort offered by employees. In the case of Dallas based stream, corporate leaders and employees also gave to the local areas. It has developed long-term relations with the Red Cross organization and the other human habitat coporations.

Stream model of business is easy. By direct selling, the company is able to pay its associates to come up with a network of faithful customers. Thus providing them with a variety of products and services based on mobile phones plan and fixed energy rate.

Since its establishment, the Stream Energy has greatly expanded. As one of the direct selling company, its unique model of business has widely employed and highly empowered associates in the market. This has indeed resulted to an increase in business opportunities and better earning.

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