David McDonald Role in the Growth of OSI Industries

The story of David McDonald is an interesting and inspiring account. He was born in Iowa and pursued his university degree at the Iowa State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Upon completing his university education, David began his industrious career. He worked at OSI Industries as a project manager and went on to earn a key position at the company as the president and the Chief Operating Officer. With exceptional knowledge and expertise he gathered from holding such position in OSI Group, David has gone on to serve in many other affiliated entities.

David MacDonald is also associated with North American Meat Institute where he serves as the chairman. At Marfrig Global Foods S.A he serves as an independent director after Mafrig Frigorificis was able to acquire OSI Industries operations in Brazil and Europe. Mr. MacDonald is also part of the board of directors who oversee the growth, development, management, and operations of OSI Group.

When David McDonald began his career at OSI Industries, he became a part of a company that embraced growth and innovation in its operations. He embraced its corporate culture and he has never looked back since then. McDonald attests that joining OSI Group was a dream come true and the company has an appetite for growth. This is a great pointer as to why McDonald and other board of directors have been able to steer the company through merger and acquisition strategies to the global platform.

David McDonald attests that it is the constant desire to improve and grow that has made OSI Industries a darling to a large number of customers out there. On behalf of OSI Group, McDonald has made it clear that the company offers managers of local businesses with the resources that they need to push the company to global platforms.

Besides spearheading OSI Group to the global markets, David McDonald has been involved in many charitable undertakings. He has in many occasions supported many scholars in need of scholarship funding. He has also gone on to support a fundraising campaign for the Iowa States Agriculture house. David is also part of the team running the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative in Iowa.



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