Investing with Jacob Gottlieb

Jacob Gottlieb will be working with his once business partner Stuart Weisbrod. Both men know the healthcare field and they will be working together once again. They have worked with each other in the past at the Merlin BioMed Group and will now be working on new projects.

Jacob Gottlieb worked in the pharmaceutical field since 2000. He has experience as a portfolio manager and has been in charge of working with pension funds and managing these funds for his clients. After leaving this firm, Gottlieb went out on his own, still working in the financial sector. He founded the Visium Asset Management and the company made several billion dollars. He was even able to survive the financial crisis of 2008 and his company has over 200 employees. Even though the company was a success it did close down. Now Jacob Gottlieb is looking forward to working with his once partner.

Jacob Gottlieb is excited to get into the next adventure which is Altium Capital. This company is a hedge fund that is about to start up. Gottlieb has enjoyed success in healthcare before and is looking to do the same thing with this company. This company will be investing in new technology in health care including oral insulin capsules that will be able to replace the insulin injections. Until now this technology has not been possible and is one of the things that Altium will be investing in.

This company is also looking to develop new technology for people with diabetes. Gottlieb is investing in this field and is looking to help clients invest in this new technology as well. while there are medications that are looking for approval by the FDA, as soon as this approval comes, they will be able to help people and make investors a lot of money as well.

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