Betsy DeVos Meets Pitbull at His School

During her third visit to Florida to visit charter schools, Betsy DeVos hosted an event at a school in Miami alongside the rapper Pitbull who started his own charter school in the Florida area. At the event, Pitbull gave accolade to Betsy DeVos and her dedication to the policy of school of choice.


Before the event, DeVos visited a school in Washington with Melania Trump and the Queen of Jordan where she then spoke publicly of the school’s accomplishments and the empowerment parents have when give the choice of education for their children. Supporters of school of choice say the policy provides opportunities to low-income families, while critics say it allows private schools to receive public funding and experiment with educational practices which may not be beneficial to a student’s future.


DeVos, a billionaire from West Michigan, as used her power and wealth to advocate and set policies for education. Her opinions are controversial with opponents criticizing her lack of awareness with public school and adverse family conditions. DeVos often speaks and visits Florida schools which she claims the state is a national model of the voucher program and school of choice. Her family also has a home in Florida, and owns the Orlando Magic basketball team.


DeVos visited several facilities of higher education, including the CARE Elementary School which is an acronym for Christian Academy Reach Excellence. Similar to the voucher system, the school offer scholarships and tax incentives to corporations who provide or donate scholarships to families to cover tuition or other educational expenses. After, DeVos arrived at the SLAM charter school started by Pitbull. SLAM stands for sports leadership and management. The program enroll students ages sixth through twelfth. This is not the first charter school Pitbull has opened. It is one several, the first one was opened in his hometown of Miami. Since the opening, the charter school has averaged a C for its education effectiveness. Pitbull is not the only celebrity backer of charter schools. Puff Daddy and Andre Agassi have also been advocates of the educational institution. Although charter schools are on the rise in Florida, they are not doing as well other public schools, and the criticism in the state remains.


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